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100,000 Dead and Counting, photo's from peace vigil

Olympia WA Protest at the Capitol
For a direct link to the organizers thoughts and motivations go to  http://www.100thousandandcounting.org/

Each person in these photo's represents more than 100 civilians killed by U.S. Aggression in Iraq.

As the force if the state continues to occupy Iraq, the U.S. government continues to force our family members, friends and lovers to stay in Iraq. As it is evident the war in Iraq has been lost, and should have never been started in the first place. The only option is to bring the U.S. soldiers home, because imperialist settlers have never and will never bring democracy anywhere.

I hope these photo's are inspiring to the american resistance.

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More 15.Jan.2005 20:27


Unfortuantely the 100,000 number is a gross exaggeration. People die in a war. Some are beheaded by cold blooded killers. Some are innnocent children and women blown up himicide bombers. Some are killed accidentally by bombs dropped by aircraft.

distortions 15.Jan.2005 23:48

consider going to iraq

Consider going to iraq. Yeah you figured it out.

100 thou is way under the real account. I know of soldiers that watched the bull dozing of many into mass graves. Burning those folks too. Its hard to get a count under our current dictatorship. You wont see the truth on the news. Many cities have less thanks to Sam.

The dogs of war have been unleashed. Many more are going to die. That you can count on.

A Gross Distortion? 16.Jan.2005 00:36

just a citizen

No, it's not a gross distortion. Since you offer nothing to back up your point, neither shall I. Great arguement, ain't it? NOT!

Tell ya what, just for the hell of it, I will use some facts to back myself up here.

In the October 29 2004 issue of Lancet, one of the world's most respected medical journals, appears the following information:

" Making conservative assumptions, we think that about 100000 excess deaths, or more have happened since the 2003 invasion of Iraq. "

What strikes me here is the phrase "Making conservative assumptions". Lancet is holding back when they state that figure, erring on the side of caution. Get it yet? I'll spell it out for you: YOUR STATEMENT is a gross distortion! (The rest of your comment is absolutely correct, but also without impact)


Folks like me have been telling folks like you for years now what the facts are, and we back it up with real information. You spout rhetoric and we counter with who, what, where, when and how, and sometimes even why. No wonder activists have to take so many breaks, y'all wear us out....

War? 16.Jan.2005 09:31

Den Mark, Vancouver

I reject the word "war" as used to describe what's going on in Iraq. From the Iraqi viewpoint, i suppose it's the right word. But from the usa viewpoint, the word is wrong. "Invasion" is correct. "Attack" is correct. "Occupation" is correct. "Atrocity" is def correct. "War" implies that we were attacked or under some kind of threat, which everybody by now, except idiots, knows was/is not the case. In "wars", mostly warriors die. In Iraq, mostly civilians die, in their own country, in their own towns, in their own neighborhoods, in their own homes, in their own beds. This government is not fighting a "war", God damn it!

It was cold 16.Jan.2005 20:19

Darkling Thrush AtticPress@hotmail.com

Like most people in the event, I dressed warmly. I am a bicycle commuter, and am used to braving the elements. I was comfortable for about 10 minutes, a little cool at 20, and my hands went numb at 30. We were asked to remain as motionless as possible for one hour while the photographers worked. It rained in my face and I noticed that I was unconciously flexing my left arm so that my numb hand hovered an inch or so off the wet ground. The organizers filled the time with excerpts from MLK's "Beyond Vietnam", and guest speakers from Veterans for Peace. The colder I got the more temptation there was to move just a little, just enough to get some blood flowing back to my extremities. But I thought about 22year-ole Saadam and the 99 other Iraqis I was representing, who would never move again. I thought about the other name tags I had helped pass out, many with ages 6 and 9 and 15. So I laid there, let the rain trickle through my beard and down my neck, and realized it was not so big a sacrifice.

Thanx, Jeremiah 03.Feb.2005 21:29

Deb Langhans

Thanx, Jeremiah, for including news of the "100 Thousand & Counting..." Campaign Death Tableau & Memorial event last January 15th on this webpage. My husband, Keith, & I conceived of this 3-phase Campaign last November; I was the primary organizer of the January 15th event. The Lancet study referenced by at least one of your readers is, indeed, a reputable source of information &, in fact, did not include the numbers from Falluja, which were 10 times higher than those found anywhere else. Les Roberts, co-author of the study, is an internationally renowned scientist with impeccable credibility; I've communicated with him personally & know he stands by the estimates meticulously documented.

But whether 100 thousand or 50 thousand or 5 thousand or 500, the killing of innocent civilians grossly violates national & international law. The Iraq war is an illegal & unjust war; for the sake of ALL concerned, including U.S. Troops & Coalition Forces, the occupation of Iraq must be stopped as quickly as possible.
Thank you for helping spread the word about this truth, however unpleasant it is to confront. And thanx also for sharing the "100 Thousand & Counting..." Campaign.

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