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Tech Solidarity Work Party: Help Make Computers For Bolivia and Venezuela

Portland activists and geeks are spending 6 days over the next 2 weeks assembling computers which will be send to community centers and schools in Bolivia and Venezuela. You can take part by lending a hand
building computers at Free Geek
building computers at Free Geek
marchers in Bolivia
marchers in Bolivia
Two projects organized by Indymedia activists are preparing to send shipments of computers to schools, community centers, and media centers in Bolivia and Venezuela.
Both Bolivia and Venezuela are in the very midst of big social and political upheavals as their people struggle for equality and liberty. Part of this struggle involves the closing of the "digital divide" and access to communication technology like computers that can help them tell their stories and stay in touch with activists elsewhere. To this end activists in the global north are engaged in what is known as "Tech Solidarity." Previous projects have sent computers to Ecuador in 2002 and Paraguay (by way of Argentina) in 2003.

We're having 6 days of work parties at Free Geek, at southeast 10th and Market Street, in Portland:
January 15-17 and January 22-24

The schedule:
Saturday 1/15: 6pm till midnight or so
Sunday 1/16: 11 am on through the day/night
Monday 1/17: 11 am on through the day/night

Saturday 1/22: 7pm till midnight or so
Sunday 1/23: 11 am on through the day/night
Monday 1/24: 11 am on through the day/night

We need volunteers to help assemble these computers from parts at Free Geek. Previous skill or geek knowledge is not neccessary! Putting these machines together is very easy. All are welcome. We also could use donations of food during these work times.

donations to help with shipping and related expenses are also much appreciated! You can also bring down and donate clothes that we can send along with the computers and fill up extra space in the container.

thanx in advance for your support!

contact: computers AT villaingenio.org

more info:
bolivia project:  http://villaingenio.org/computers/
venezuela project:  http://anarchogeek.com/venezuela/
freegeek:  http://freegeek.org

latest news from Bolivia: the people win the El Alto Water War:  http://www.narconews.com/Issue35/article1151.html
and Participatory Democracy in Venezuela:  http://www.zmag.org/content/showarticle.cfm...

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