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J20 art party

There's an art party for the j20 protest and festivities at the Cascadia Rising Infoshop tomorrow (1/16) from 12-6.
Please bring any art supplies you have lying around the house and join us in making signs for the big day, which less then a week away! If you're unable to make it, or even if you are and want to share ideas, please list some ideas you may have for signs so that we can have a diverse collection. Thanks to all who share, the artists appreciate it very much.

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We've had a lot of fun 15.Jan.2005 16:29


at today (Saturday's) art party. Brilliant signs, good music and conversation. Other than the Sunday party mentioned above, we might hold another one later in the week, like tuesday. Sign up for email announcements on the website at:  http://j20pdx.net/signup.html if you want to be informed.
PS - as far as the legal training at 5pm, the trainers are planning to come, we'll see how many people brave the ice to see how the training goes...