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Tualatin Valley Skins - Gabriel Park, January 15, 2004

Does anyone have any information about whether TVS showed up at Gabriel Park today or if they distributed flyers elsewhere? Did anyone show up?
I'm hoping that there is someone outthere who can report on what happened, if anything, with TVS today. I'm also interested in knowing if any one showed up to counter them. Thank you.

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correction 16.Jan.2005 01:36

a different human

2005. normal mistake. to show you how pathic I am I still write 19___ then have to correct it. I figure I will get the 20__ part in around 2050

No They Were all at the Fresh pot 16.Jan.2005 15:51

White Man In Hammersmith

Didn't see any, but I did see a lot of hipsters and wannabe's hanging out at the Fresh Pot up on North Missississpi. Probably having a cuppa joe before heading to one of the hip cafe's and then onto one of the hip new boutiques and finish the day at one of the hip new bars..But they will be their on the front lines fighting a couple of ignorant skins, while not doing anything about the destruction of the North Mississippi community by racist bankers and real estate developers ???? The racists on Mississippi don't wear boots and braces, they where suits and ties, and of couse white belts and patches...

activist seeking fame 17.Jan.2005 11:14

deaddy@hotmail.com deaddy@hotmail.com

I totally agree, there are to many wannabies fom anarchiest, to liberials. It seems that fame at a social realm is what people seek. I feel that there are so many "organizatons" that the most impotant, the most difficult party's to protest, seem to be idelled. they seem to fall short of success. So people started to organize smaller yet nescessary movements. putting a side the greater scales. what ever happen to the "W.T.O". seems people have gotten discouraged. As soon as people's freedom is stake or maybe even tier lives. they turn to smaller subjects. You can see on the news how all around the world anarchist, as activist's, journalist's are being murderd for the exposure of capitolist pigs. "THEY DON'T LOSE FOCUSE".

Try to focus on the real badguys, kid. 17.Jan.2005 12:05

No-Doz Bukowski

Oh, fuck you. I'm a young white person living near North Mississippi, and I DID go to fight the Skins at Gabriel Park, on the 8th. I've been fighting them all my life. I've also been dirt poor all my life, growing up in ghettos and housing projects, and on the street for that matter.

The idea that I'm some kind of racist exploiter of the poor just because I can't afford to live downtown is high school politics at its most pious and pointless. I'm sure you can take a quick glance around and find plenty of serious issues to confront instead of spray-painting the windows of small locally-owned businesses and homes that are just trying to make ends meet like everyone else.

As for this weekend - if the Tualatin Valley Skins managed to go leafletting in the middle of the deep freeze, then I for one am impressed. Does anyone who actually knows something about the topic of this thread want to comment - were they out this weekend?

5000. - N.

Anti-hatred rallies 1, Mother Nature 1, Skinheads 0 18.Jan.2005 08:37


My friend who lives next to the park reports seeing no activity of any kind on Saturday. Like everywhere else in Portland, the streets around Gabriel were sheets of ice.

Thank you to everyone who showed up for the counter-demonstration at the park on 1/8, and to the thousands who attended the Unity Rally. The neighbors of the park felt protected by the counter-demonstrators, and the wider community knit closer together at the Unity Rally. Both methods of opposition to the skinheads were effective and useful.

How's your history of North Mississippi No-Doz 19.Jan.2005 16:41

White Man In Hammersmith

In response to No-Doz Bukowski...

Do you need to see my battle skars from taking on Combat 18 ITA. Maybe we can get together and I can show you my missing front teeth from not backing down to 15 skins in London, took out 4 before a size 10 steel toe cap in the mouth knocked me out. But it didn't stop me for long. So you've seen the ghetto's, so have I, Ramala,belfast,glasgow,london,Bronx,Bedsty,East NY,Moscow,Vienna,Paris,Hamburg and on and on. And it leaves a skar inside. I have a question for you. Could you give me the Mississippi history for the last 30 years, you can keep it short. The history of the poor black and white in North/Northeast is very important to know, them maybe the folks pushing the white business agenda and the realestate agents that live up in the west hills and lake oswego might understand what is boiling up in the Boise neighborhood....Mississippi Burning

Be that as it may... 21.Jan.2005 16:44

No-Doz Bukowski

I know nothing about the history of this particular street in Portland for the past 30 years. I know that I live there, and that the reason I live there is that rent is low and I don't want to live out in the suburbs.

If what you're arguing is that White People should live and work in White Neighborhoods, while Black People should live in Black Neighborhoods, then you're not sounding like much of an anti-racist to me.

If what you're saying is that the residents of a Black Neighborhood wouldn't be interested in oil painting classes or a health food restaurant or a bike repair shop; then again, that sounds like very stereotypical and implicitly racist thinking to me. What would "serve the community", in your mind? A watermelon stand?

What is your vision for the Mississippi neighborhood? If you're so disturbed by the encroachment of business and residents who don't meet your standards for the kind of people who ought to be living on or near that street; let's hear the alternative. Unless your goal is just to cause trouble, I can guarantee you that spraypaint and window breaking won't get you there.

If your renting you'll be gone soon anyway,bye,bye 21.Jan.2005 18:02

White Man In Hammersmith

So you moved to the neighborhood because of the cheap rent ? what do you think is going to happen as the business makeup and ethnic makup of the neighbohood changes-do rents go down or stay the same ? No the rents will go up and up. House prices have gone up 12% in the bosie/elliott neighborhood compared to a 7 % rise in the rest of Portland,why do you think racial profiling has come to the forefront the past few years?, why did they pass a law making N.Mississippi a drug free zone ? sure wasn't to keep the white coke users who frequent the bars and restaurants out of the neighborhood?,why do you think the community board supported house buying over rental units ?,how many low income/section 8 units are being planned for the neighborhood ,that's right 0, but there are developers planning co-op apt buildings on Mississippi and Fremont with a low income unit going for 150,000,very affordable to everyone right? 5 years ago houses were going for that much, and the developer has already stated that he wants to bring customers for the new businesses into the neighborhood, what about the idea of bringing in businesses that serve the community that is struggling to stay in their homes ?
Your comment ,I can guarantee you that spraypaint and window breaking won't get you there. Sometimes these are the only tools open to the oppressed and are just one of many tools to keep in your tool kit.
When anti-aparthied activists set fire to the South African embassy in London, the media was forced to run the real stories of oppression and murders that were happening, the 15 year imprisonment of Nelson mandela etc.
I could give more examples, but I think Assata Shakur put it best, in response to a group of people criticizing the 60's black riots.she said, "what do you mean, they're burning down their houses ?. They don't own thos houses. They don't own those stores.I'm glad they burned them down those stores because those stores were robbing them in the first place".

Wonder if you know any history of inner city detroit ?

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