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Don't shop
Don't work
Don't go to school
Don't drive
Don't participate in anyway with this regime
Don't buy anything day is not enough to oppose this regime.

This is a call for a general strike. Complete nonparticipation. No work. No school. No shopping. Get in the streets - resist this government and its anti-poor anti-hope anti-peace anti-reason agenda.

For one day let's bring this economy to its knees. No work will be done and no commerce will occur. Take note of those businesses that don't participate in the general strike - they are collaborating with this government by propping it up and sustaining it. Then boycott those businesses each day. Maybe the strike will continue into the next day and the next. But first Strike!

Let's top this regime with the greatest power we have - our own will and strength to resist.


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Yeah, right 15.Jan.2005 13:14


I'm sure that my teacher will reschedule my midterm so I can go on strike. :(

It really could work 15.Jan.2005 13:35

One Person

Nothing scares the establishment like a general strike. The workers kicked ASS in the late 1800s, and even to some degree, in the early 1900s. From the rail roads to the coal mines, this was a tactic that shook the capitalists almost to their knees. (Which, for those who know history, is why every city now has an armory. They were created to "protect" the cities from the people. They were put up to keep the people down.)

So yes, a general strike is an excellent idea. But you can't just post it here. More work must be done. Are you willing to do the enormous amount of work necessary to make this happen? I think people are actually likely to support a general strike in this context. But they have to KNOW about it. Will you flyer? Will you contact people and organizations? Will you talk to other media outlets? I will help, and I think others will too, if they can be assured that you really mean this, and that you're willing to do the work.

I totally support this idea. I've heard murmurings about it by others. I think there's a lot of support for it. But people must be able to count on each other to stand together. I will neither go to work nor buy anything on J20. I will be in the streets. If you and I get word out to others that there IS something they can do, I think they will. What do you say? Are you ready to organize?

To One Person 15.Jan.2005 13:55

call to action

Yeah, I'm willing to work on this. It's kind of late to do the kind of organizing you suggest. But there are ways to get the word out.

I've posted on IMC Portland and IMC.org. Now I'll start hitting other IMC's. Do you have suggestions for other sites to post on?

I'll contact KBOO.

As far as contacting groups - I don't believe in them so I don't have strong contacts. Do you? I'd be willing to assist in making calls.

I'm willing to flyer. But creating flyers is not my thing. Maybe someone can create a download.

I've been spreading the word and my employer has agreed to close for that day. Others can do the same.

Too late 15.Jan.2005 14:36

but, it's a great idea

But, c'mon folks, announcements on KBOO and IMC? How "general" is that? The whole point is to get regular, everyday people, not just university students and lefties, to stop their work and to be part of the strike.
For most working class people, especially those with children- that takes a bit more planning than a mere few days. Why not give this idea a REAL chance? Let's plan it for later in the year? Meantime, we can give J20 some real street action, or any other thing that people can dream up.

It's not too late 15.Jan.2005 14:55


This is a great idea. Even if "lefties" are the only people who strike that's still 50% or more of the population. Let's get this together. It's the 15th and there's an organized anti-inaugural movemnet going on already. I'll participate and call out from work. We really can shut down Portland at least.

Then we should do it again on 3/20. That's enough time to get even more support for the strike. Let's just do it.

yes, it was awesome in the 1800's 15.Jan.2005 21:09

and it took years of organizing

Not to poop on your parade, but the successful general strikes that occurred in the past were the result of decades of organizing. I doubt whether you could do it in several days. Hitting the IMC's and KBOO is not going to get anyone but you and your friends to skip work/school.
A general strike is extremely effective when it works, but please don't wear out the name by using it on petty issues such as this.

Not too late 15.Jan.2005 21:22

One Person

All right, then, let's do this. I agree that, in order for this to be a "general" strike, we need to reach beyond the choir. There are many, many people out there who are not afililated with the radical community, who have never really been exposed to anything left of the democratic party, but who know a screwing when they see one. They, and we, are being screwed. If we stand together, we can fight back.

I think doing this later in the year is an excellent idea. I also think trying it on J20 is worth a shot. There are enough people out there as angry as we are. Let's reach them. Yes, we will need to reach far beyond indymedia. We will need to reach people who still believe NBC is telling them the truth. We will need to put aside our elitism and talk to people who drink Pepsi and eat at fast food restaurants, and we need to do it without looking down on them. People don't all start out seeing the big picture, so let's not write them off if they're still wearing Nikes or sporting brand-name logos on their t shirts. They can learn that stuff later.

If you are reading this, and you want to know what you can do to take a stand on J20, we need you. Make flyers and post them around your neighborhood, the place where you work, your community bulletin boards, every telephone pole. Talk to people. Spread the word. Let them know about "not a damn dime day," about the marches and vigils in this city and across the nation, and ask them to boycott work and capitalism for this one day.

Call to action, if you will contact KBOO and start flyering, I will start searching the net for groups and organizations to contact. And let us all send out email alerts to everyone we know and ask them to spread the word. Let's see if we can make a difference.

And let's be thinking about how to broaden this, how to really organize for a powerful strike later in the year.

You Know... 15.Jan.2005 21:34


It occurs to me that we could use some mutual aid. It so happens that we actually have some kick-ass organizers within our community who could probably help us a lot with this. Organizing is a unique skill that some people are really good at. Have you talked to anyone about this? I know I'm no organizer...but that's what friends are for. If we all use the skills we have, we become much stronger.

Who do you know who could help with this? Try talking with Jobs for Justice. They can be reached here:  http://www.jwj.org/LocalCoal/OR.htm or here:  http://www.jwjpdx.org/

I bet they'd have some ideas.

to "and it took years of organizing" 16.Jan.2005 10:20


"A general strike is extremely effective when it works, but please don't wear out the name by using it on petty issues such as this."

You're right that a general strike is effective. You are also right that organizing is important to do in order to pull off something like this. But you're amazingly wrong about the last part. "Petty issues"? More than 100,000 people have just died, for nothing. NOTHING. There's nothing petty about that. Four years ago, we did nothing about it when bushCo seized the throne. We should have known then what we were allowing to happen if we did not stop him, but we did nothing. And so the blood of thousands upon thousands of innocent people is on our hands as well. There's nothing petty about that. The last of our forests are being gutted out from under us because of the unending avarice unleashed in our nation, and we let it happen. There's nothing petty about that. We are no longer a free people because we let a fool and a dictator take over our country. There's nothing petty about that. The rest of the world is BEGGING us to stop this madness. Will we?

At least "call to action" is trying to do something to stop this. I, for on, will do what I can to support this. I will get up and FIGHT this time. Will you?

sadly. its a waste of time 17.Jan.2005 17:48


100 plus million votes were cast in 04.

if 1%(1million) or 6% participated , bush would yawn.

now 20 million would get their attention. but its not gonna happen.

its hard for me to get excited about well intentioned protests that don't accomplish a damn thing.

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