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U.S. Losses In Iraq

The legacy of Emperor George II's war.
Photos Hidden By The Empire's Royal Media.

U.S. C-130 Shot Down By Missile.

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crashed c130 another story 15.Jan.2005 12:09

andrea pdx

i saw the picture of the crashed c130 posted on a russian iraq war site on January 9th with the following explanation (and a second website identifies the crash has occuring on December 29)


-130 Completely Destroyed on Landing
By: Unknown on: 09.01.2005 [07:45 ] (1339 reads)

(1125 bytes)

Here's what happens when you don't properly "NOTAM" (notice to airmen)
an airfield under construction. A lack of communication over in Iraq.

Last week, one C-23 Sherpa flew into a U.S. operated airfield in Iraq
during the day and saw there was construction equipment on the runway.
Yet there was no NOTAM. A trench was being dug in the runway, and it
was not marked. It's a long runway and they just landed beyond the
construction. They filed a safety hazard report that was immediately
forwarded to our higher headquarters and to the Air Force wing based

Well, it seems the construction continued and still was not marked or
NOTAM'ed or anything. A C-130 landed on the runway the night of the
29th and didn't see the construction. It wound up going through what is
now a large pit on the runway. A few pictures are attached. The C-130
was totaled.

There were several injuries to the crew and the few passengers that were
on board but luckily nobody was killed. Quite the set of failures
somewhere in the system regarding this improper construction and no
notifications about it.

the picture also appears on another web site called "GI Special" which seems to be a disident military site:

(you have to scroll down about a third of the way thru the web page to see it).


01/07/05 StrategyPage's Military Photos: C-130 Crackup

At an American military airfield in Iraq, work was being done on the runway, but no one had bothered to issue a NOTAM (notice to airmen). Aircraft landing during the day were able to avoid the work site, but a C-130 came in at night on December 29th, hit the work area, and was totalled. There were several injuries among the crew and passengers, but no fatalities. There will, however, be some fatal effects on the career prospects of one or more air force officers (the ones responsible for distributing NOTAM information.)

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