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George II thinks 40 Million dolars isn't too much to celebrate democracy.

a quoate from a recent interview.
"The inauguration is a great festival of democracy," he said. "People are going to come from all over the country who are celebrating democracy and celebrating my victory, and I'm glad to celebrate with them."


This amount is about 10% of what king George wants to send to helps the Tsunami vicitms. A one time spectical as apposed to helping people in dire needs.

Good Christian King George.

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King George 15.Jan.2005 06:32

will try to tell the people what to think

Who's "celebrating" his victory? That tiny elite that managed to get him manipulated into office- well, they can celebrate all they want. For the rest of us- it is truly a national (wait, no- make that a GLOBAL) day of mourning.

Mourning for the death of democracy.

Days of grief for the end of fair elections in the US, and for the end of Social Security.

The end of protections for the Arctic Wildife Refuge.

The end of many more lives in Iraq and other countries that the US military has set it's sights on.

And the list of tragedies goes on and on.

Let's mark this day, and every day afterwards, as the beginning of a renewed, strong, vocal grassroots resistance movement. Let J20 be to Bush what Seattle was to the WTO.

We will not rest!!!!

There is no "victory" to celebrate. 15.Jan.2005 08:03

Tony Blair's dog

They are celebrating that the coup has gone so smooth this far.

And none of the senior editors in the corporate media
will question the crimes since they are part of the
whole deal.

Contact the "First Lady" 17.Jan.2005 11:22


Tell her what you think about all the effort and money that is being put into her wardrobe for the coranation of the emperor. Point out that there are more important things to worry about than her wardrobe. She won't see it, but maybe somone who works for her might have a soul...