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The Daily Poetry Movement

Homeland Security. Now more than ever we are rushing to buy duct tape. Peace in the middle east! With duct tape... Some stuff is so super stupid it makes you laugh. Somehow standing in que lines for 5 hours at governement offices you end up thinking about this and it seems like a private joke. Wishing it were. But some stupidity is deeply ingrained.
Homeland Security
By Timothy Bovee
Born 1946
In olden days when the cavalier clowns
Came rollicking bloodily into the towns,
My ancestor gathered his pigs and his kids
And fled helter skelter into the downs.
Poor peasant. He didn't have duct tape.

When Lee and his gang through Taneytown flew
My great-great-great-granny knew what to do.
She swept up her silver and folded her silks
And buried them 'neath the light morning dew.
Poor lass knew nothing of duct tape.

When daddy looked up at the dark clouds of war
And saw the Zeroes swoop down with a roar
He strapped on his helmet and dove to the ground,
Dodging the bullets with grace that is lore.
Poor GI. No ration of duct tape.

Now violence and fear stalk the days of our lives
With gut-wrenching terror that gives me the hives.
I scramble for shelter, I'm desperate to hide.
Then I take a deep breath and give a high five.
I'm safe. I've stocked up on duct tape.


If danger should threaten,
Pull out your tape.
Wrap yourself in it
From foot to the nape.
Seal up your windows.
Chink up your doors.
Put a good layer
On to your floors.

Safety is yours
For the price of a lunch.
A sticky gray miracle,
Don't look like much, but
I can't do without it
In these days of peril.
My friend, my protector,
My duct tape.

On February 1, 2003, the Department of Homeland Security recommended "Roll of duct tape and scissors." as preparation for a chemical or biological attack.

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makes ya wonder 15.Jan.2005 17:56


which multinational owns the duct tape companies

duct tape fiction 25.Jan.2005 10:40

kirsten anderberg

LMAO...yeah, the whole duct tape will save you fiction was a good one!