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Why did our new Homeland Security Chief, Michael Chertoff, set 200 spies free who apparently had ties to September 11th? Why did he shield terrorists who sent money directly to Osama bin Laden?
Israeli-sponsored, American treason is still going on today as it has for
decades. We merely need to consider the Lavon Affair and the U.S.S. Liberty to
realize this.

Most recently, over the past three years, dutiful and courageous members of the
FBI, CIA, Secret Service and DEA cracked the largest foreign espionage ring ever
discovered in the United States. A huge spy ring of hundreds of Israelis worked
to penetrate the highest echelons of American intelligence agencies and the
American military. [1] About 200 Israeli agents were apprehended for attempting
to penetrate the Justice Department, U.S. judiciary, military bases, FBI, DEA,
INS and CIA. [2] And it was our new Homeland Security Chief, Michael Chertoff,
who set them free without being charged.


Some members of this Israeli spy ring had for many months shadowed half of the
9-11 hijackers as well as the hijacker leader, Mohammed Atta. Five of these
Israeli spies were so closely watching Mohammed Atta that they actually lived on
his same street in Hollywood, Florida.

We also know that Israeli intelligence had penetrated the entire telephone
system of the United States. In treason upon treason, an Israeli company was
given the contract to conduct official wiretaps of all U.S. government
surveillance. Yes, you heard me correctly.

An Israeli company with direct funding from the Israeli government and ties to
the Mossad was given the contract to provide all of the surveillance and
wiretaps conducted by the United States government! In other words, Israel had
the technical ability to wiretap almost any telephone line in the United States,
and that included tapping the lines of U.S. law enforcement personnel! This is
same Israeli government that so recently spied on us and damaged us by Jonathan
Pollard's espionage. In fact, the record shows that a powerful Israeli drug ring
in the United States escaped punishment because of this Israeli control over our
phone systems. This Israeli firm tapped the telephone communications of the law
enforcement personnel investigating this drug ring. [3]

I will now address the fact that the FBI and CIA have direct evidence of Israeli
complicity in the 911 attack. Let me recount some of it for you. In the first
few moments of the attack on the World Trade Center, five men were caught
filming and wildly celebrating this murderous carnage against America. They were
arrested with false passports, large sums of cash and a number of box cutters in
their van! They were apprehended by the FBI and discovered to be Israeli agents.
(After their release they later fled to Israel). The FBI held them for months
and they all failed lie detector tests. Why did these Israeli agents, during the
first few moments of the World Trade Center attack, cheer the horrendous murder
and carnage unless they knew who was responsible and who would be blamed? They
believed that the September 11 attack would be good for Israel. Apparently,
Micheal Chertoff thought the same thing. After all, Chretoff is a pronounced
Zionist; in other words, he places the interests of Israel before those of the
United States.

Although the President in his State of the Union Address of two years ago stated
that 130 Israelis died in the attack, you may be surprised to learn that not a
single Israeli citizen died in the World Trade Center. This is in spite of the
fact that the Jerusalem Post reported on the morning after the attack that 4,000
Israelis were believed to be in the area of the World Trade Center. [4] The New
York Times later reduced the 130 casualties to one, [5] and today, most news
media accounts of the victims by nation list no Israeli casualties at all. No
Israeli casualties in the WTC is simply a mathematical impossibility unless
there was Israeli prior warning to at least some of the Israelis at the WTC. Ten
days after Bush's State of the Union Speech, the FBI confirmed that warning
messages of the impending attack were received by an Israeli firm, Odigo, at its
offices in both Israel and in the World Trade Center. [6]

The evidence is clear that Israel knew the details of the World Trade Center
attack well in advance, and then purposely and treacherously warned some of its
nationals but did not warn us. By doing so, Israel is directly responsible for
the thousands of American deaths, deaths that could have easily been prevented.
You see, Israel wanted the 911 carnage to ensure American support for Ariel
Sharon's escalation of war agenda of the Palestinian people, and also to further
his war aims against Israel's most powerful enemies; Iraq and Iran. Israel seeks
to decimate any country that could challenge its supremacy in the Mideast, and
they are using our money, our weapons and the very lives of our young men to
achieve that supremacy.

Now, these Zionist traitors are trying to get us into a new and unjust war
against their enemies, just as they had attempted the same through terrorism in
1956 (The Lavon Affair) and 1967(The U. S .S Liberty). This time their target is
Iraq, the nation they fear can challenge their military power in the Mideast.
But the truth is, unlike Israel, the Iraqis have committed no terrorist acts
against the United States.

[1] Cameron, Carl. (2001) Brit Hume Show. Fox News Network. December 12.
[2] MSNBC. (2002). U.S. Busts Israeli Spy Ring. March 5.
[3] Cameron, Carl. (2001) Brit Hume Show. Fox News Network. December 12.
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Now, consider this astonishing article found at

Did Bush's New Homeland Chief Sheild Terror Ring in New Jersey?

Madcow | January 12, 2005

Bush Picks Judge Chertoff to Head Homeland Security Department Michael Chertoff,
appointed by President Bush to head the Homeland Security Department, may have
shielded from criminal prosecution a former client suspected by law enforcement
of having funneled millions of dollars directly to Osama Bin Laden while in
charge of the U.S. Government's 9.11 investigation.
Egyptian-born Dr. Magdy el-Amir, a prominent New Jersey neurologist, was at the
center of terrorist intrigue in Jersey City.

El-Amir gave money to a conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing Sheik
Omar Abdel Rahman. His brother in Cairo was caught on tape attempting to buy
weapons from an American undercover agent for Islamic militant groups.

Before being arrested in a terrorist deal involving oil and heroin for guns and
training, arms smuggler Diaa Mohsen was paid at least $5,000 by one of Dr. el
Amir's companies, NBC's Dateline reported. And his HMO was suspected by law enforcement
of being used to funnel money directly to Osama bin laden.

Wire Transfers to "Unknown Parties"

Chertoff's client "caused more than $5.7 million to be paid by wire transfers to
unknown parties," said the lawsuit filed shortly before the state took over his
failing HMO.
News accounts about el-Amir's legal difficulties contain unanswered questions
about undue political influence and its effect on national security.

For example, how did el-Amir, who only the month before had been granted a state
license to operate an HMO, finagle a lucrative contract from the state of New
Jersey in 1995?

"Why was this doctor allowed to start a health plan?" asked the October 25, 1999
issue of the medical trade journal Medical Economics.

"How could this medical entrepreneur, who had no experience running a
managed-care or health insurance company, receive a license for an HMO that now
provides care to 44,000 of New Jersey's most vulnerable citizens?" asked The
Bergen Record. "Moreover, how could the state pay such a novice $ 6 million a
month in taxpayers money to take on such a responsibility?"

Why did Michael Chertoff even take the case?

Skimming for Osama in New Jersey

Answers were slow in coming, until it was revealed that at the same time el-Amir
was pitching state business he had begun making generous contributions to the
governing Republican party, donating nearly $ 18,000 to various GOP candidates
in 1996.

And a foreign intelligence report made available to the Chairman of the House
International Committee alleged that an HMO owned by Dr. el Amir in New Jersey
was "funded by Ben Laden," and that in turn Dr. el Amir was skimming money from
the HMO to fund "terrorist activities."'...
Stuff like that doesn't happen, does it? In New Jersey?

Barely three years after enrolling its first patient, APPP lay in financial
ruins, its network doctors and hospitals were saddled with millions of dollars
in unpaid claims, and its founder had retained the services of Michael Chertoff.

Did Chertoff know where the stolen money was going?

"Frankly, we can't differentiate between terrorism and organized crime and drug
dealing," then-Asst Attorney General Michael Chertoff told the Senate Banking
Committee looking into the terrorists' money trail in the aftermath of 9.11.

"These groups don't hold themselves independently: They work with one another.
Terrorists get engaged in drug activity. They have relationships with organized
crime," Chertoff said.
Paging Tony Soprano

Chertoff was undoubtedly worth every penny Dr. Magdy paid him: though doctors
and hospitals calculated they were owed more than $45 million, Dr. ElAmir faced
no criminal charges.

When the MadCow Morning News first reported on Mob and terrorist connections to
"Magic Dutch Boy" Rudi Dekkers and the covert operations conducted at the Venice
Airport, Michael Chertoff was running the official U.S. investigation.
Dekkers remains free.

Magdy el-Amir continues to live and practice in New Jersey.

Now that Chertoff has been tapped to keep America safe, questions are sure to
resurface about whether he hadn't himself been instrumental in helping to make
America dangerous.

Documents in the el-Amir case remain under seal. Fortunately, the following
information does not. From the Bergen County Record (New Jersey) on January 24,

"For a while, Magdy Elamir looked like the Horatio Alger of managed care in New
Jersey. An Egyptian immigrant who parlayed a storefront medical practice in
Jersey City into a multimillion-dollar health-care empire that served thousands
of the state's poorest citizens, he lived in a Saddle River mansion and
contributed generously to candidates for political office"...

"His health maintenance organization, American Preferred Provider Plan Inc., is
about to be sold by state regulators to salvage some money for doctors and
hospitals who calculate they're owed more than $ 45 million."

In August 2002, NBC's Dateline reported on the el-Amir case:

"Last fall, DATELINE obtained information about this man, Magdy el Amir. He's a
prominent doctor, a neurologist with a practice in Jersey City. Born and
educated in Egypt, he moved to this country about 20 years ago and since then
has built a fortune"...

My brother likes tanks, is all.

"Well, take a look at this document obtained by DATELINE last fall. A foreign
intelligence report that makes a startling allegation about the doctor, that he
has had financial ties with Osama bin Laden for years. The report was given to a
senior member of Congress, Ben Gilman, back in 1998 when he was chairman of the
House International Relations Committee"...

"The report alleges that an HMO owned by Dr. el Amir in New Jersey was "funded
by Ben Laden," and that in turn Dr. el Amir was skimming money from the HMO to
fund "terrorist activities."'...

"Less than a year after the congressman says the FBI received the report, Dr. el
Amir's HMO was taken over by the state of New Jersey... according to sources close
to the investigation, more than $15 million is unaccounted for. Where did the
money go? DATELINE has reviewed documents that show at least some of it went
into hard-to-trace offshore bank accounts"...

"But the intelligence report suggests one thing that he doesn't deny, that he
has donated money to the mosque where the blind sheik once preached, Omar
Abdel-Rahman, who is now in prison for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center

"DATELINE has found another reason why federal investigators might want to pay
close attention to Dr. el Amir and his family. It's something we learned when we
interviewed Randy Glass, the con man-turned-undercover operative who helped the
government break up an illegal weapons ring allegedly tied to terrorist groups.
It turns out that one of the people recorded trying to arrange an arms deal with
Randy Glass was Dr. el Amir's own brother, Mohamed, an engineer, also a US
citizen now living in Egypt. And just listen to what he was interested in"...

Mr. GLASS: (From tape) OK. They want to ship things like tanks, correct?"

"Mr. EL AMIR: (From tape) Uh-huh... No, no, no, no, just ammunition, not tanks."

"Glass says federal agents told him to drop the matter"...

"That same intelligence report that talks about Dr. [Magdy] el Amir also names
his brother Mohamed as having ties to Osama bin Laden."

Chertoff for the Defense

The el-Amir's appear to be intimately linked with Osama bin Laden, making the
following report from The Bergen Record quite puzzling, dated December 11, 1998:

"A Superior Court judge on Thursday ordered state Insurance Commissioner... to
take control of American Preferred Provider Plan Inc., a health-maintenance
organization for Medicaid patients allegedly bled dry by its Saddle River owner,
neurologist Magdy Elamir"...

"But in a hint of the gravity of his legal predicament, he was represented in
court by Michael Chertoff , the former U.S. attorney in Newark and counsel to
U.S. Sen. Alfonse D'Amato's Whitewater investigation."

Yes, the soon-to-be Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff represented a known
bin Laden operative. Perhaps more troubling, Chertoff also headed the U.S.'s
investigation into the September 11th attack. From the New Jersey Law Journal,
August 4, 2003:

"The Sept. 11 investigation was supervised by Assistant Attorney General Michael
Chertoff, head of the U.S. Criminal Justice Division, who is now a Third Circuit
judge." Link

More on Chertoff from the New Yorker, November 5, 2001:

"Since the September 11th terrorist attacks, Chertoff's office has become the
funnel for what is probably the most important criminal investigation in
American history, as prosecutors and F.B.I. investigators pour in to seek the
boss's approval. What leads can we use from the search of a hijacker's car in
Portland, Maine? Where do the hijackers' credit-card records lead?... For
day-to-day decisions, Chertoff has the last word"...

"Graduating from Harvard Law School, in 1978... he served as a model for an
intense and brilliant character in his classmate Scott Turow's book "One L,"...

Intense, brilliant...corrupt?

Though el-Amir's HMO was known to be affiliated with bin Laden since the mid-
1990s, Chertoff offers an alternate view of the HMO's financial statements. From
The Record, December 18, 1998:
"Elamir's attorney, Michael Chertoff, the former U.S. attorney in Newark,
offered the doctor's first in-depth defense to the state charges Thursday,
insisting that Elamir had not misappropriated any funds from APPP [el-Amir's

Also from The Record, December 16, 1998:

"Michael Chertoff, a former U.S. attorney who is Elamir's attorney, said the
state's papers don't give the complete picture of the company's finances. "It's
a one-sided picture of what's going on," he said." It would be unfortunate if
the state's approach is to find someone to punish, rather than solve the

"Chertoff said Elamir would like to work with the state in its effort to
rehabilitate the HMO."

Chertoff's comments on the case made The New York Times on December 18, 1998:

""Dr. Elamir's lawyer, Michael Chertoff, said that all transactions were
approved by state agencies and that his client has done nothing improper."

The Bergen Record printed a post-trial wrap-up of the case on February 22, 2000:

"A year after a Medicaid HMO accused of misusing state and federal funds was
dissolved by the state, its founder is still enjoying a millionaire's income
while the hospitals and doctors who allegedly were defrauded delay programs for
the poor and fight for restitution"...

"APPP's founder, Saddle River neurologist Magdy Elamir, continues to practice
medicine in a Jersey City storefront office and lives in a $ 1.8 million mansion
in one of Bergen County's toniest suburbs, court records show. His car leases
alone total $ 65,000 per year, the records show."

"The Egyptian immigrant also operates a chain of MRI facilities in Newark,
Irvington, and Paterson, a limousine company, and a medical management company.
Combined with his medical practice, his income totals more than $ 18,000 weekly,
nearly $ 1 million a year, records show."

A Republican voice for the downtrodden

'"He's still in good spirits," said Michael Chertoff, the former U.S. attorney
in Newark whom Elamir hired as his defense lawyer."

"Public records in the civil case contain no reference to a criminal
investigation, but court officials said some documents in the case were under
seal. The state Attorney General's Office would neither confirm nor deny an
investigation. The state's Medicaid fraud division is not involved in the case,
a Medicaid spokesman said"...

"Elamir's property and bank accounts are worth more than $ 8.8 million,
according to his financial statement, but mortgages and other liens reduce his
net worth to $ 760,000 "...

Why would New Jersey's Top Attorney Michael Chertoff represent a person of
el-Amir's relatively modest financial position? Though comfortable, el-Amir had
failed to reach millionaire status. Not exactly Chertoff's typical clientele, as
reported by The Bergen Record on June 19, 2000:

"New Jersey is home to about 65,000 lawyers, some of whom are quite good at what
they do. But if the state had a First Lawyer, or a Lawyer Laureate, it just
might be Michael Chertoff"...

"His counsel is sought by public corporations, politicians, government agencies,
and high-profile defendants"...

"Columbia/HCA, the health-care consortium... is the ninth-largest employer in the
United States... As the lead attorney for Columbia, Chertoff negotiated a partial
settlement of the case in May for about $ 745 million"...

"When he entered private practice, Chertoff said he would not represent drug
dealers and mobsters, preferring to work for "decent people."'

Well, after all, it was only a preference.

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Please To Meet You. Won't You Guess My Name? 15.Jan.2005 02:07

P. E. Woodhouse

Chertoff is the devil for sure.

He has ruined the lives of completely innocent people simple becuse they would not participate in his extra-legal activities to prosecute other people who disagree with him. One needn't even commit a crime. If His Satanic Majesty Michael is not pleased with you, you will be tortured with an overwhelming legal imbrigolio.

For instance, the only American (can't remember his name right now) who was charged with conspiring with the September 11th highjackers was Chertoff case. But when a female legal associate who was helping with the case said that the defendent could not be interogated with his legal counsel, (his legal right that if abstructed could have lost the case againast him!) Chertoff fired her and started a federal investigation into her life. This, of course, made it very, very, difficult for her to find employment at another law firm.

So, you're right, speak of the Devil and you speak of Chertoff.

Didn't the Gov. of NJ 15.Jan.2005 06:46

go down in flames

when it became known that he'd had a homosexual affair with an Israeli- born consultant that he'd arranged contract work for? Or something.
OK, now the Israeli connections are really scary.

Chertoff 15.Jan.2005 12:15

Big Smith

To the person who wrote just previous to me: you thinking of a an unrelated story that had nothing to do with Chertoff. HOWEVER, P. E. Woodhouse does make a correct observation. And, in addition, the female assistant attorney was also put on the "no fly" list. That means she can't fly anywhere in the United States - probably the entire world! That just gives us a sample of the mean-spirited attitude that we can expect from Chertoff!

Just Another Bush Thug 15.Jan.2005 12:38


Chertoff is just another member of the Bush band of thugs who hold our country hostage.

Chertoff The Terrible 15.Jan.2005 13:06


Chertoff thinks nothing of the Bill of Rights or the United States Constitution or the many who have sacraficed and died for it as he goes on his rabid Zionist agenda.

We must engage in a revolution of beliefs and ideas to stop him and the puppet Bush.

Remeber, ideas and beliefs are ten thousand times more powerful than weapons of steel.

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