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AudioOnDemand :SAT JAN 15th WORKSHOP on **9/11**+ ELECTION FRAUD

The attached two audio files contain the audio from 9/11 SPECIAL by Andrew Geller broadcast by KBOO on their 10am Wednesday morning public affairs program ~People Rise Up~. A single full lengthfile of program as originally broadcast is available at
< http://www.radio4all.net/proginfo.php...
***9/11*** WAS AN INSIDE JOB+Ongoing Election Fraud
***9/11*** WAS AN INSIDE JOB+Ongoing Election Fraud
FIRST 26 minutes of broadcast
FIRST 26 minutes of broadcast
LAST 26 minutes of broadcast
LAST 26 minutes of broadcast
event Saturday January 15th 2005
at Multnomah County Friends 4312 SE Stark St / Portland Oregon
Have you seen World Trade Center #7 fall? Do you know about the collapse of this fifty story building at 4pm on 9/11 and recognize that it was imploded with charges installed in advance? No airplane hit it! Please join us today, Sat Jan 15th from noon to 8pm
Symposium on 9/11 and Election Fraud : general public welcome
Jan 15, 2005
12:00 pm - 8:00 pm
VIDEO SCREENINGS interspersed with well informed panel discussion and Q&A from the general public:
. . . Video of ~THE GREAT CONSPIRACY~ narrated by Barrie Zwicker for CBC television is an entertaining intro and summary, geared to the 'Newly Curious'
. . . excerpts from American television and other coverage recorded on the ground AT THE TIME THE EVENTS OCCURRED;
. . . a KBOO interview and call-in program with Mike Ruppert regarding his best-selling thumping thick research text ~CROSSING THE RUBICON~ about the CIA's drug trafficking and money laundering racket, the truth about 9/11 and related election fraud <www.fromthewilderness.com/>;
. . . Andrew Geller's acclaimed documentary for KBOO covering the 9/11 sequence of events and the ~redactions~ and fabrications by America's commercial media cartel; downloadable audio will be archived and made available on demand by <portland.indymedia.org> sometime during week before this event;
. . . detailed research on election fraud by Bev Harris of <www.blackboxvoting.org/>;
. . . and much, much more.

FINAL SELECTION of videos / panel discussions / Q&A topics starting mid afternoon will be decided by consensus of those attending.
. . . The organizers have at least a full week's worth of video and/or slide material to choose from and the organizers and panel members collectively have a good idea of what to recommend, depending on what areas a consensus of those attending wants to explore;
. . . This is a must-attend survey course and colloquium to introduce, educate and provide evidence to explain legitimate skepticism about the Official Story on 9/11, Electronic Voting and the spurious War On Drugs / Drug War.
. . . Endorsed by members of <www.ActionSpeaksPortland.org> and. a wide range of other progressive and mainstream community organizations.
. . . This is follow up of a program at the downtown Multnomah County Library held Sunday December 12th and expanded in answer to public demand. We ask for a five dollar/sliding scale donation solely to defray costs. Nobody turned away for want of funds.
Richard Frager
downstairs at Multnomah County Friends
4312 SE Stark Street
SE Stark Street at SE 43rd Avenue
Portland, OR

homepage: homepage: http://protest.net/pdxindymedia/index.cgi?span=event&ID=509041&day=15&month=&year=2005&state_values=
phone: phone: (503) 740-6776
address: address: 4312 SE Stark Street Portland Oregon

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SCIENCE science@zzz.com


I didnt see any 15.Jan.2005 13:22

just a citizen

I realise tht the previous poster's reference to chemtrails was probably facetious, so dont think I have missed the joke. I just had a spare moment or two and something I have been meaning to ask in regard to this subject for a while.

I was in town yesterday. I didn't see anything like what folks here have described as chemtrails. Matter of fact, I never have seen anything like that and I have lived here for 1 1/2 years, riding in and out of town on the MAX several times a week. On days when others claim to have seen them I have been outdoors and seen nothing of the sort. Is this some kind of selective phenomenon, visible only to some people?

I have been to the USPatents website and viewed the patent on the process and the stuff used in it and I know that these things are possible, but aside from that I have seen nothing to suggest that the process is actually being utilized. Just because somebody thougt of it does not mean it's actually being deployed. Some folks claim that anomalous weather patterns prove the existance of chemtrails, but can do no more than establish a link by reasoning (if that is the right word), not any empirical evidence. That's not proof.

When someone can show a study of the environment where the main substance being used in chemtrails (I can't remember, is it Boron?) have increased past natural levels I might pay a little more heed, but I do not have the ability to do the study myself. I have to rely on what I can see. If it's not observable it does not exist, hmm? So tell me, has anyone done such a study? Where is their research posted? Has it been confirmed? What empirical evidence exists to support the idea that chemtrails are being used?