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Are you paranoid? Do you think there was a conspiracy to steal the election, cover up 9/11 or falsify reasons for going to war in Iraq? If the answer is yes, then come join in the fun!!
Tin Foil Hat Parade
Tin Foil Hat Parade

Thursday January 20th 2:30 pm
Meet at MLK and Convention Center, south end; we'll march across the Burnside Bridge to the North Park Blocks to join up with the J20 rally.

Bring a tin foil hat of your design to wear; show the world you're not crazy!** We'll have a contest to decide the best tin foil hat. At the end of the parade, we'll gather all the foil and ship it to the White House with a request to forward it to Baghdad for soldiers in need of armor. Oh -- and wear PINK. Bring a sign or use one of ours.

This is a permitted, family-friendly event.

We need drummers!! to accompany our parade. Let us know if you can join the drum corps.

This event marks a closure of sorts on the devastating timeline of the last 4 years so we can all continue the fight for peace and justice on January 21st. We're mad, we're sad, we're tired -- and we want to make this a fun event to help keep our sanity and energize us for the next four years!
*A tin-foil hat is a piece of headgear that some people wear because they believe it prevents mind control and/or mind reading and find that it stops certain unpleasant experiences such as voices in their heads and apparent abduction by alien beings. While there have been and still are many people who believe in the actual utility of such devices, the wearing of tin-foil hats has become a popular stereotype and term of derision.

** Tom Delay called those who challenged the Ohio presidential vote "the X-Files Wing of the Democratic party." But after all, Tom, Fox Mulder was right!

homepage:  http://codepinkportland.org/

homepage: homepage: http://www.codepinkportland.org

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Try anger management 14.Jan.2005 21:03


This event is a Portland Oregon Code Pink concieved event. When you lash out in ignorance, it's unflattering, not pretty, or rational. When you say Fuck Code Pink because of one person's involvement, it's no different than all activists being categorized as the same, all protestors as being the same, all anarchists as being the same...when people are lumped together as a group by you, you seem to be no different than those you rail against. Chill out, have some fun, anger can motivate you, but you can't be productive until you are rational....where is your open mind...is it closed? Does that make you the same as those you are angry at?

Hey Code Pink 14.Jan.2005 22:09

snarling snail

Code Pink and Medea have my support and devotion. Shall be there.

Dear ? 14.Jan.2005 22:43


Portland Code Pink has been out there in the trenches almost every damn week since the invasion of Iraq. Have you? They've taken on Bush, Ashcroft, Cheney, Condi, the media, racist cops, election fraud, the Patriot Act, voter registration - just to name a few.

So called publicity stunts aren't for egos -- it's damn hard work and it calls much needed attention to a lot of issues.

Walk a few miles in their pink sneakers before you start throwing around a bunch of 'fuck you's'.

Code Pink women ROCK!

. 14.Jan.2005 22:51


The first poster, "?" is a troll, who is SCARED and desperate to spin. Code Pink, Orwell always wore tin foil hats with pride. History is a great deal about conspiracies of those who repress the truth, all the time.

agreed...kinda ironic 15.Jan.2005 08:56


One thing I find quite interesting about indymedia is how the trolls are so anxious to discredit it that they are frequently the first individuals to post when a new thread goes up, especially if it threatens their control of the situation.
The jackass who claimed Tom Potter would lead critical mass into a trap if he rode with them springs to mind most immediately.
My intuition tells me that we can expect the local cops to now be less agressive than was the case under the katz/kroker regime. I guess we find out this week. Otherwise, my intution tells me that foxworth will be moving on.
I like code pink, especially their theme song. Aluminum foil is a very resource-intensive product to produce. I truly hope it is all recycled.

Tin foil 15.Jan.2005 09:03

and stereotypes

I love Code Pink. But I do not agree with the insensitive portrayal of people with mental illness. Thanks to all the women of code pink for actually getting up off the couch and doing something this week, we desperately need to find creative things to do about what they're trying to shove down our throats. Next time, though, please think about how callous and insensitive these words must seem to someone struggling with mental illness.

Out of context 15.Jan.2005 10:56


fyi: This thread isn't making much sense due to the removal by IndyMedia of the first reply to the original post. For those who are curious, it was a diatribe against Code Pink and Medea Benjamin, accusing her and CP of being publicity seekers and hypocrits for "supporting" Kerry.

fyi again: Portland Code Pink did not endorse or work for any candidate. We were - and remain - strictly anti-Bush.

Being paranoid does not necessarily = mentally ill 15.Jan.2005 16:52


While paranoia may be a symptom of some forms of mental illness, it is also a reaction to certain circumstances, events or, in this case, being lied to perpetually by your own government.

Am I paranoid, now I am.
Am I mentally ill, not yet.

This event does not refer to those who are ill, but to others like myself, who have come to not only distrust the government, but also believe that they do not hold the interests of it's own people in regard, except for the wealthy who appear to collude with "them."

So....with this dim view of current events, and ever-present fear that "things" could get even worse and probably will, we are taking a stand to say, "we are paranoid!" AND "that's not going to get us down," AND "even though we feel worried, afraid, angry, suspiscious, fearful, frustrated and paranoid, that "we will not be paralized into inaction and will continue to do what we can to pursue peace and justice for all people." AND...we can have a sense of humor about OUR OWN CONDITION (that's the foil hat part)

I love Pink - that is Code Pink 16.Jan.2005 15:50

Olivia Watt, co-chair of WILPF (Womens' Internatl. League gowap13@msn.com

Numerous times last year and before I joined Code Pink in marches, street demonstrations, singing and "dancing" on the back of a truck, wearing pig snouts and worse. They're a great lift when you're bursting your gut with anger and frustration at the evil idiocy going on nationally. It's not the only way to take ours back, but it's probably the most fun way.

Olivia! 16.Jan.2005 19:12


We miss you! Come play with us Thursday!

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