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Tualatin Valley Skins in Eugene!

Tualatin Valley Skins are running a show on our cable access channel.
The Tualatin Valley Skins are currently running a show on our cable access channel. It airs on thursdays at 11PM if anyone out there is in need of an emetic. I am interested in putting out a call to action to stop this spread of facist propaganda in our community or at least to force the skins to own their words. Anyone interested should contact  reverendshane@yahoo.com. Ideas anyone? Thanks.

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an idea? 14.Jan.2005 12:25

sleepy smurf

well I strongly believe in freedom of expression. The skins have the right to air time, but so does anyone who is against their bullshit... so I propose we create two (not just one) cable programs that educates, entertains and erradicates the culture of hate. One program could be a direct response show to hate rhetoric or other social justices issues in the community at the time. Just an idea.

Fucking liberals. 14.Jan.2005 13:24

bitter root

Do you think the swazis message has a place in the kind of society you want to live in? Do you think that radical ideas like equality, and community control should be pushed to the fringe of our culture by facist sympathy? Then why do you defend them. Do you think it might be because thier message doesn't hurt you? But can you definitivly say that thier message in and of itself doesn't hurt others? I've met people that have been attacked by nazis at gabriel park. Did these nazis do it? I don't know. Did nazis do it? Do they collectivly support it? Yeah. So the question is will you support thier message by not acting against it? anonomious qoute: "The hottest place in hell is reserved for those who refused to act for justice."

No, I agree that these nazis personally don't have the power to do this on a cultural level. The thing is thier symbology does. The idea that facism as an idea is seperate from facist action is well, bullshit. Open displays of facist symbology marganalize radical sentiments for social justice. They say "Look, the fact that our society is not reacting to these people as a threat says somthing about where our country is politicly, and culturally, and it aint for equality." So in a very personal way it's kind of like we're fighting for a voice at the table in our community. Were acting against the swazis because we don't want to be cancelled out. When it becomes socially acceptable for people like howard stern to make jokes about our comrads falling out of trees it becomes easier for the freddies to cut our friends out of trees. When it becomes easier for facists to make jokes about killing iraqis, or killing blacks, gays, or jews, in general a societal tolerance of hate crimes builds. This process is called de-sensitization.
Effectivly what the radical right is attempting to do, both in the government, and on the streets is shift the middle by defining the extreme.

Are you gonna sit back and say "they're harmless," or are you gonna fight..

And for those pigs, I mean "FACIST" pigs, that think they're progresive but don't think prison guard towns, and cia families should be marganalized; You as much as any swazi, are the bane of my community.

damn, we HAVE to be smarter than that 14.Jan.2005 17:22


OK bitter root, your bad ass. You go club skinheads ever time they climb out from under
a rock. Don't think it will get you anywhere.

Here is an alternate idea for all you NoPo punks. Why not use cointelpro tactics. Jesus,
just because the Feds invented it doesn't mean they are the only ones that can use it.
Infiltrate and disrupt. With just a weeeeee bit of research you can find a weakness. Shit
it took me five minutes.

Here is what I found. TVS is a realitivly new and ignorant group (that is ignorant compared
to other Whitepower idiots, THAT IGNORANT). Volksfront (a Portland group you should REALLY
be worried about) hate them. There you go, if you can't figure out what to do with this
sort of info, your hopeless. Ofcourse if you would rather stay comfortably in your
veganstraitedgenopopunk scene so be it. But if your really serious about fucking with
skinheads, get creative.

1) Form a cell, and move to a new house decorate appropriatly (I.E. Swastikas and whatnot).

2) Study the culture.

3) Get a few white power tats. (How dedicated are you?)

4) Contact your local jackboot meathead org and join up!

In Eugene or interlopers? 14.Jan.2005 21:41

prosthetic head

Is TVS actually have members in Eugene? Or do those pukes from Portland come down here and do the stupid shit that's been happening here like the flyers that keep showing up here? I say we run their asses out before they have a chance to get organized any further and we end up having to defend our parks too.

got it 14.Jan.2005 22:13


Answered my own question. Not only are they here, but Volksfront is too. So I went to their website and registered and now I can spy on them and post whatever info I can glean on Indymedia!

Smarter than that? 15.Jan.2005 12:10

bitter root.

"-OK bitter root, your bad ass. You go club skinheads ever time they climb out from under a rock. Don't think it will get you anywhere." Could you fucking explain yourself please? Last time I checked the nazis got ran out of portland and a lot of other communities forcefully. I'm sure that doesn't make you "comfortable," but that ain't the point is it?

Oh, and maybee you should follow your own advice:
Get some nazi tats, dress like a nazi, decorate your house in nazi regalia, and intimidate your neighborhood in the process. Then you can get your ass kicked by some anti racists? Oh, and maybee they'll believe you when you tell them you're just trying to infiltrate and disrupt the swazis. Or maybee they'll say "every other swazi we meet claims they ain't a nazi." and pay your due.

Fetish Fight! 15.Jan.2005 16:16

Queer Planet

Okay, so a bunch of guys who get off on dressing up like Nazis are going on the air to jack off their ideas in public.

Did anyone see the Michael Moore piece where he had cheerleaders singing Stop In the Name of Love, in front of the Aryan Nation camp?

Well there ya go!

Only for these Skinhead types, I think the cheerleaders should be men, because, you know you are what you fear the most and all that.

So get on your tight jeans and pom poms, and get your singing voices together and meet them at the tv station.

As for their message, well honey, Bush is the Nazi in chief. I mean come on, these locals are just following their leader.

Racism, homophobia and classism can be found in the left too, so maybe after you get done singing to them you can have a nice chat with them about what you have in common.

hello 02.Feb.2005 15:02

white pride getbig250@yahoo.com

I hope that you cristians will open your eyes please let me help. \when jesus turned to the jews who he had just identified with thier father the devil, he said" i want to make quite clear that you cannot understand what I say because you cannot hear my speech" they replied "we hear you" and jesus stated "ye are not my , as I said unto you, for MY sheep hear my voice, and a stranger they will not follow. The devils design has been to capture your minds always remember this. If you believe the bible you will be a segregationist(not a hater or killer we leave god to judge) but remember althought it is acceptable in todays society it is not ok to coexist will the devil. the devil has no limit in this world to decieve your thoughts just as he did to eve, bringing evil as the devil poisoned her with bringing cain whose desendants populated earth with evil. i dont hate but am very proud to be white God Bless all pray for the lord to open your eyes. matthew 25:31-34 i will seperate them as a shepard seperates sheep and goats.

just crush them 17.Feb.2005 19:31


I think what would help the most is to find them, and give them a series of heavy, brutal, and humiliating public beatings.
These are people that wish to ethnically cleanse everywhere that whites exist. The National Alliance, founded by the author of the Turner Diaries, (the book that inspired the Order's killing spree, the Oklahoma City bombing, and many other murders) is trying to get into 'mainstream' politics. They are attending anti-war demonstrations, passing out fliers in public, and even buying adds on the sides of buses in a number of cities. They are one of (if not the only) white-supremecist grouth that is currently growing.
Their 'freedom of speech' means allowing them to the means to recruit people to kill and commit other acts of terrorism. Allowing them to do so because of the wording of an illegitimate government's document is against the well-being of humanity.
These people speak the language of violence. We must answer in their language, until they no longer speak the same tongue. Then we must be silent as well. Until then: NO PEACE FOR RACISTS!
I believe that in every community where these terrorists are active, ARA, SHARP, or other militant anti-fascist groups be formed to protect the community from racist violence.
The laws of the government are irrelevant. We must do what the state will not. And we will.

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