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KBOO Morning News Story List 1/14/05

serving up a hot platter of democratic meltdown. yum! All GMO! Welcome to the new world.
Chris andreae edited the news today

1. Judge lets logging companies into Biscuit old
growth forest
2. Fern Ridge reservoir aging dam.
3. Oil from wrecked tanker reaches inhabited areas.
4. Supreme Court allows deportation of people back to
failed states.
5. US trade deficit widens sharply.
6. Education secretary Paige orders investigatioon of
Armstrong Williams.
7. Desecration of Portland Jewish cemetary.
8. FSRN: HRW says Us one of worst human rights
9. Palestinians blow hole in wall. IDF shuts all
crossing into/out of Gaza.
10.Israel condemns Russsian arms deal with Syria.
11.EU to lift arms ban with China.
12.FSRN: foreign military involved with aid in
Indonesia must leave within 3 months.
13.Desmond Tutu calls for release of all Gitmo
14.Peacekeepers fire tear gas at Haiti crowd.
15.Kenya muzzeling the media.
16.N. Korea congressional visit makes headway.
17.Iran orders Nobel Peace prize winner to court.
18.FSRN: Assassination of al-Sistani's representative.
19.Row over 'tasteless' tsunami food.
20.Tanzanians pack George Bush bar.

chris andreae

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