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election fraud post-selection actions

This Weekends Important J20 Preperations -- Art Party & Legal Training

Lot's coming up this weekeend for J20. Get ready for the big day! We're expecting Portland's actions and protest to be the biggest outside DC in the country.

Alrighty...first off:
Art Party #1: Saturday January 15th from 11amm - 4pm
Know Your Rights / Legal Observer Training: Saturday January 15th at 5pm
Art Party #2: Sunday January 16th from Noon-6pm

All at the Cascadia Rising Infoshop, 1540 SE Clinton (2 blocks south of Division). Bring signs and sheets for banner making, extra paint and brushes too!!
Here's the times and dates of things happening on J20 itself. The big public event is the gathering and march at the North Park Blocks on West Burnside at 4pm. There's also numerous direct actions planned!

Times and locations for other events:

* Peace Gathering - Terry Schrunk Plaza at SW 3rd & Madison 8:00 AM-6:30 PM

* Code Pink Tin Foil Hat Inaugural Parade - from the MLK Convention Center at 2:30pm to the main N. Park Blocks march.

* The International Workers of the World - a labor union march at 3:30pm from the IWW Hall (616 E. Burnside) to the main N. Park Blocks march.

* PSU Student Groups will hold a a day-long Carnival on PSU campus from 11am to 3:30pm at the South Park Blocks in front of the Smith Building, followed by a march to the main N. Park Blocks march.

homepage: homepage: http://www.j20pdx.net

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question 14.Jan.2005 14:47

zaphod beeblebrox

Are you sure you got the times on that psu carnival right? It seems like a "day long" carnival should last longer than four and a half hours.

PLEASE get the word out on this 14.Jan.2005 22:12

Outreach and Organize

I will happily help you if you would like to post a flyer that people can download. We can all make copies and post them around the city. (And other towns, too, for those who live outside pdx.) The truth is, no one seems to know about most of this stuff yet. This is an extremely important day for people to be on the street registering their resistance to the hostile takeover of our nation. Bush was NOT elected. TWICE. And because we did nothing 4 years ago, people have been dying all over the world in our names. We MUST stand up and let the world know, let each other know, that we ARE NOT BUYING THIS. We MUST do what we can to STOP this. It's time to fucking RESIST.

I'm concerned that so many people outside the indymedia circle do not know about the events happening on J20. Are there plans to address this? We all need to be informing everyone we know, sending out announcements on all our listservs, posting flyers in all our towns, and doing everything we can to promote this. So many people want to know what they can do. But they feel isolated because so many of them have accepted the big corporate media lie that this is happening because the majority of their fellow americans voted "red." It's a lie, we know it's a lie, and we must tell the world it's a lie.

Let's reach out beyond our radical community and start organizing the thousands upon thousands of people who know they're being screwed but haven't known what they could do about it. If you're reading this message right now, PLEASE, write to everyone you know and pass this word along, and ask them to do the same. I'll do the same. PLEASE, if you can, make flyers and post them everywhere. I will also. Will someone be calling KBOO and other community radio stations (KMHD springs to mind)? Will there be anything in local alternative papers? How can I help? Please let me know.

And please everyone, do not forget that J20 is "not a damn dime day." Do not buy anything -- not gas, not food, nothing -- on J20. Let's see if they can hear us now.