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Oxford University To Use Torture To Study Religious Beliefs

No thanks, I will stick with my Pamprin.
In an experiment funded by the U.S. government,
researchers at Oxford University will attempt to find out if belief in christianity and other patriarchal religions is effective in relieving pain.

Numerous doctors; neurologists, and other medical
specialists, as well as those from related fields,
and christian leaders will examine these religious
beliefs to see if they are merely placebos.
Researchers will be using imaging systems to look
into religious dogma, such as the biblical belief
of white christian racial superiority.

Researchers believe that this study will provide
deeper insights into the war on terrorism.

Oxford University, which has received $2 million U.S.
to conduct this two-year study, will use dozens of
people for many painful experiments in the University
In addition to having to endure the pain, the test
subjects will have to wear religious symbols, such
as crucifix's, etc.
The neurological responses of the guinea pigs will
be measured and recorded, which will help the
researchers to see if their religious beliefs will
help them to cope with the experiments.

Dr. Toby Collins, who will be directing the
experiments, has a background in marine biology
and the nervous systems of invertebrates.
Dr. Collins says that the purpose of the
experiments is to create and develop new and
practical applications for promoting individual
human potential.
"Many people," said Collins, "who are in pain
turn to religious beliefs for relief from pain."

Dr. Collins said the researchers will use "simulated"
methods of burning and that these methods would be conducted according to strict ethical rules.
Dr. Collins also said that these "simulated" burns
will determine whether the test subjects can
regulate and reduce their levels of pain.

John Stein, a neuroscientist from Oxford University's physiology department, says that pain has been central to all of the problems that religious thinkers have pondered on, and religious people differ widely in
relation to the pain they feel.
"What this research will do will be to correlate
their pain in relation to their religious beliefs,"
he said.

This study is considered to be vitally important in the post-9/11 world, in relation to understanding international terrorism.
The researchers hope to obtain a better under-
standing of the physiology of religious belief, and
the conditioning upon the human mind.
This research is considered to be crucial for the
development of counter-terrorist strategies for
the 21st century.

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Evil science in the service of neo-fascism 14.Jan.2005 10:55

this should help to improve torture techniques

It would seem that this idiotic, evil research has one and only one purpose - to refine methods of torturing Muslims of deep religious faith, to augment the false and diabolical fake "war on terror" - actually a war on civilisation.

And now for the source 14.Jan.2005 14:50


Quotes from the OP draw a complete blank when Googled, but the proper names do turn up two articles on the subject:



The one from the Telegraph appears likely to be the original inspiration.

Reading both it and the one from the Irish Examiner I find no mention at all of any relevance to the "War on Terrorism", nor "the biblical belief of white christian racial superiority" nor of making the test subjects wear such things as crucifixes. That last appears to be an incorrect conclusion drawn from the mention of the use of religious imagery, such as the crucifixion. In fact, there's essentially nothing in either article that really supports any of TSW's speculation.

The article as it appears here doesn't appear to come from either the mainstream press or any of the usual woo-woo Web sites, since Google indexes those as well as ordinary news outlets.

My way of coping with the pain of the minor burns and other injuries I constantly incur while working as an electronics tech is to curse fulsomely- in complete sentences, of course. It works about as well as anything else.

I wonder if some academic would want to scan my brain while I curse and swear.