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O.I.L. - Day 666

Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL), which began with the March 19, 2003 unprovoked invasion, is now in its 666th day.

here's a current statistical rundown from today's headlines:
O.I.L. - Day 666
O.I.L. - Day 666
1360 US soldiers have died

1,000 [soldiers and Iraqi citizens] Dead Since Interim Government Took Power June 28

US general: Iraq's power supply sinks to record low
'Power plants now generate only 3,500-3,600 megawatts daily, far less than the 4,400 megawatts of electricity under Saddam Hussein's rule on the eve of the invasion, said Major General Thomas Bostwick, commander of the US Army Corps of Engineers.'

Saboteurs are now striking Iraq's oil production & distribution infrastructure on daily basis (at times shutting down all fuel lines to Baghdad, according to Iraq's Oil Minister).

Iraq's WMD: Case CLOSED

More than 15,000 civilian casualities:

homepage: homepage: http://icasualties.org/oif/

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