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Terrorists Of The World

The re-selection of George II animates the christian
The Empire says that it is god's work to wage a war
in Iraq, and that concerns about the environment
and other issues are unnecessary because the "end
of the world, armaggedon, is near.
Following the re-selection of their Emperor,
George II, the christians have been motivated to
impose biblical "morality" upon the world, and
their views on the war in Iraq, and the so-called
rapturous, apocalyptic war in the Middle East.

Accordingly, as Amerika and Israel "reclaim" the
Jewish "biblical lands," minions of the anti-
christ will attack them, which will result in a
nuclear conflagration unleashed by the Empire.
All those who have not been converted to
christianty will be burned, and the "messiah"
will initiate the rapture, where all born-again
christians will be lifted out of their clothing
and be beamed up to heaven.
There, crowded around the feet of god, they can
watch all the savages, heathens, pagans, etc., as
god inflicts them with boils, sores, insects, frogs,
and so on, and apparently this will occur for several

These christians are saying that they have been
called by god to ensure that the rapture will
indeed occur, and that a war in the Middle East
is necessary for initiating apocalypse, which
will ensure them eternal redemption.

Official support in Bushington, D.C. (Dominion Of
Cheney), comes from house majority leader Tom DeLay,
who is also a member of a cult of christian zionists.
This christian cult has over twenty-million
followers in the U.S. alone.
According to John Hagee, preacher at the Cornerstone
Church in San Antonio, Texas, told the congregation
that the war in Iraq will precede the apocalypse.
Later, Tom DeLay told the congregation that what
they had heard spoken was the absolute truth from god.

According to the Empire and the bible, American
GI's are in Iraq (and Afghanistan) to fulfill
the conditions of armaggedon and apocalypse.

The christian position on the environment is much
the same on their position on the war in Iraq.
The christians say that the destruction of the
environment is necessary as a part of the coming
apocalypse, as well as the pursuit of life, liberty,
and the pursuit of happiness, that is, the American

With Mother Earth erupting in protest with floods,
droughts, famines, earthquakes, etc., because of
global warming, and other damage inflicted on
Her by the christian hordes, who incidentally,
thumb their noses, not caring about the dying
planet, because jesus will use the rapture to
rescue them.

The christian leaders have considerable authority
in the Empire, leaders like Tom DeLay, James
Inhofe (Public Works Committee Chair), Jerry
Falwell, etc.
Tom DeLay has worked diligently to scrap all
environmental policies, while James Inhofe
had climate-change sceptics testifying before a
Senate committee, calling global warming a hoax
that has been perpetrated on the U.S. public.
Inhofe, quoting from a christian magazine, says
that all issues the Empire deals with, have been
dealt with in the bible, and the bible is our
guide for direction and action.

The christian leaders set the social agenda,as
well as the economic and foreign policy agendas.
The christian leaders like DeLay, Inhofe, Falwell,
etc., reinforce the ideas that global warming and
other environmental damages are a part of some
godless heathen conspiracy, and that people in the
LGTB community, and other subversives were
responsible for September 11, 2001.

Do you remember James Watt, former secretary to
Ronald Raygun.
Watt, testifying before the U.S. Congress in 1984,
dismissed the destruction of the planet, by saying
that after everything is gone, after we have cut
down the last tree, it will not matter because
jesus will return and take us to heaven.

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God, save us from the christians! 14.Jan.2005 11:46


Look deep within for God.

We're made in God's image.

Many will come falseley in the name of God.

Breathe and focus.

Christian Capitalism continues 14.Jan.2005 16:52


The points brought up in the lead article are valid and worthy of every caring person's consideration. Ever since Spain and England ran with the concepts of whiteness and christianity, initiating crusades, torturous inquisitions and 300 plus years of witch-burnings (along with the totalitarian hypocrities, the murdering church), we have seen some humans (usually the ruling class of the day) sacrifice masses of other humans and the natural world on behalf of their brutal and self-righteous ideologies. Bush and Co. are only the latest, and most potent, example of this kind of crap which is taking us every minute towards some greater or lesser tragedy. And the american people, dupes of hypnotic patriotism, put magnetic ribbons on their gas-guzzling vehicles with such quaint little sayings as 'Freedom isn't free' and 'support our troops' 'god bless america' and so on. Meanwhile, the body count, and global warming, carries on, under the ruthless reign of christian capitalism (and its would be state socialist or islamofascist allies)....

Whether or not something that could be called 'god' (a very mystified and confusing word) can be found within a human being or within the natural environment is somewhat irrelevant as long as social life, one of the determining factors of individuality along with the family, is contrained and squandered by capitalist, authoritarian rule.

for blasphemy & subversion,


Appalling 18.Jan.2005 05:35

Jakwriter mountainchip@hotmail.com

It is exactly these kinds of people that make me want to create roving, random death squads. Is it inbreeding? Paint chips? Is there such a thing as too much education? You know what? I don't even want to know. I will just breathe deep and keep laughing.