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eBay Fee Increase Protest - No Listing Day

ok I know it's not the greatest injustice in the world, but a 52% increase in eBay listing fees has brought about a good old grass roots internet protest.
ok I know it's not the greatest injustice in the world, but a 52% increase in eBay listing fees (those are the fees eBay charges someone who wants to sell something online) has brought about a good old grass roots internet protest. As someone who lists something now and again, and because I think eBay is a good way to keep needless items from piling up in your closest - I think this is just another example of eBay using it's power as a monopoly in the online auction business to make consumers pay for their financial problems (wallstreet has been thinking they are an "overvaulued stock").

No Listing Day - Feb 18th 2005

See a good break down of how high this fee increase is and how it will hit people who sell small price items hardest!



To show eBay that people care, and to show eBay that they have crossed the line this time Since the new rate hike take effects on Feb.18.2005, I think it might be a good idea that everyone not to list anything on that day. We'll just call it No Listing Day. This event of course might benefit some people who don't participate due to less competitions. However, in order to show that we care, I urge that everyone please participate to this event. Don't list anything on Feb.18.2005


eBay used to be a fun place for both buyers and sellers to do business, but it's not like that anymore. They keep increase the fees but provided very minimum service. This is a monopoly and we have to do something about it. And we have to do it NOW. Remember, we are eBay's bottom line...

Please spread the word !!!

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what's next peops 13.Jan.2005 19:10


We need new exchanges for sales, bartering and "free cycle" (freecycle.org). eBay has been heavily tainted by general corruption & Microsoftite infiltration.

proprietary formats & pricing are fast dissolving, time to get on board the Open Source train.

Small Customers Don't Matter to eBay 13.Jan.2005 19:17

Nostalgic I

I got this message from eBay yesterday. What a downer! With so many more people participating, you would think they could give people a break rather than raising rates again. Since they are now a public company with stockholders the customer is getting screwed as always in the publicly owned company's new priority of pleasing share- and stockholders. eBay Motors sellers are the hardest hit.

eBay recently changed its non-paying bidder policy, making it harder for seller's to recover lost listing and final auction fees. And let's not even get into PayPal . . . an eBay-owned scam that only benefits buyers and can (and has) seized sellers' bank accounts on the slightest pretense. (See:  http://www.paypaysucks.com)

eBay is also largely inaccessible - meaning that if you have a problem or a complaint it is almost impossible to reach a real person because the phone number is not available. Replies from eBay assistance drones are rarely helpful and going on the "Community Boards" which are mostly big gabfests isn't helpful either. eBay advises buyers and sellers to "work it out" even if that isn't possible. Then it refers frustrated sellers and buyers to its FAQ or to Square Deal for extreme resolution.

eBay is not a monopoly, but as the first such site on the web it controls the lion's share of across the board online auction sales (there are specialized sites dealing in only one or two types of items).

I - and other sellers - have received e-mails from eBay asking for feedback and input. I always suggest the same things re. listing categories, etc. and eBay always ignores the suggestions.

I believe they have stopped listening to their small customers; all of the perks are for people who sell $2,000 or more a month.

Sign the petition - let your voice be heard 16.Jan.2005 09:22


Sign the petition - let your voice be heard!


Also, check out eBay item # 3776376575 if eBay has ended it - it's pretty funny

Dear Friends, ebay fees- please sign petition 17.Jan.2005 07:39

bryan ebbenga, powerseller

Dear Friends,

I have just read and signed the online petition:

"Protest to the Ebay Fee Structure Increase"

hosted on the web by PetitionOnline.com, the free online petition
service, at:


I personally agree with what this petition says, and I think you might
agree, too. If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and
signing yourself.

Best wishes,

Bryan Ebbenga

Its offical Its no listing week feb 18th - feb25th 26.Jan.2005 08:53


I found out from a few sources
www.powersellersunite.com and www.nolistingday.com Get your banner at here

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