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Nevada and Indonesia mining toxins from Newmont Inc

Newmont mining corporation releases toxins into environment in Indonesia Nevada and other gold mines that use cyanide for leaching, resulting in increased cancer risks to residents..
Newmont owned mines

Cajamarca Peru - Yanacocha

North Salaweri Indonesia - Minahasa Raya
arsenic and mercury in ocean life from open pit leaching, after years of illness, community pressure finally forces Indonesian government to arrest Newmont officials.

Bergama District Turkey Ovacik mine

Newmont Carlin Nevada Newe Sogobia - Gold Quarry mine

Eureka and Elko county, 6 miles NW of Carlin

526 million tons waste rock removed from pit for either tailage storage or leaching processing. Pit dewatering removes 459,000 acre ft. of groundwater results in drawdown of water table causing 200 or more natural springs to dry up. Near Maggie Creek a sinkhole appeared in '96..

Leaching will add mineral elements like cadmium, selenium, and molybdenum to the groundwater in unknown quantities. Fractures in the bedrock can result in greater quantities entering the water table. Nearby Mary's Creek, Susie's Creek and other riparian zones are threatened by pit overflow and/or groundwater contamination. The Lahontan Cutthroat trout depends on these and other tributaries of the Humboldt River that remains one of the few water sources for Great Basin's Nevada residents..

Newmont's Mill 6- Gold from refractory ore roasted (thousands of pounds mercury volatolized into atmosphere by high temp and energy process. Brain damage is one of the side effects from breathing mercury vapors. Barrik mines recently sued and won to limit public right to know about mercury emmissions..)

Drought tolerant sage is medicinal ocean preferred by pronghorn antelope for high carb and essential fatty acid content.

Recycling can accomplish the same goals and uses less energy. Mining should return to locally owned and operated worker co-ops that take only what they need and safegaurd the environment for the future generations..

An example of problems suffered by mine workers is when Bechtel Nevada failed to provide Yucca Mt. mine workers with protexctive masks even though informed in '91 by Los Alamos study that zeolite fibrous forms eroinite and mordenite and other fibrous silicas would result in over 1,200 YM mine workers developing lung disease silicosis duriong excavation of mine tunnels..


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