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Royal Shows True Colours

Sign of the Times
Resist Fascism. Strike on Jan 20 against the fascist dictatorship in Amerika.
Workers of the World Unite.

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Maybe Harry... 13.Jan.2005 06:15

Tony Blair's dog

has seen through the lies...

irony 13.Jan.2005 06:34


its odd to see such anti nazi-furor when we are acting as nazis.

dress party 13.Jan.2005 10:53


he was sporting the armband at a fancy dress party. the theme was "native and colonial". it's two weeks until the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the liberation of auschwitz.

Twenty 13.Jan.2005 13:29

Bison Boy

Oh, please. Nearly every twenty-year-old has done something equally pointless and stupid... it's just that most of them don't have a legion of photographers selling their stupidity to the tabloids. He's already apologized.

I doubt it means anything at all. Cut the kid a break.

Bread and Circuses, people 13.Jan.2005 14:27


Keep your eye on the ball.The real game is in the Middle East, not the colosseum.Royalty is the plaything of empire.

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