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US Soldiers RefuseTo Fight Bush's Illegal Iraq War

We sure do have allot of these guys lately, foxnews keeps telling me they should not have signed up, if they didn't want to be forced to commit war crimes by their government. Killing terrorist mothers, who will have terrorist babies is Patriotic, it reminds me of apple pie and baseball. Who said the American dream was dead...it is death.
"Depleted Uranium(DU) doesn't harm the soldiers"
On Friday, January 7, 2005 Sergeant Kevin Benderman, stationed with the 2-7 Infantry Battalion at Ft. Stewart, Georgia, refused an order from the Command Sergeant Major of his unit Samuel Coston to deploy to Iraq and requested a General Courts-Martial.

Benderman, 40 is a combat veteran, having served one tour in Iraq in 2003 during which a Captain in his command ordered soldiers from Benderman?s outfit to fire on children throwing rocks at unit personnel.

Having personally witnessed this and other illegal acts by military personnel during his tour, Benderman now says that under no circumstances will he participate further in the war in Iraq, a war Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan has labeled "illegal".

Benderman has applied for Conscientious Objector status. His commanders have not yet acted on his request, as required by Army regulations.

In further developments this weekend, it has been confirmed that Specialist J.R. Burt and Specialist David Beals, also of 2-7 attempted suicide rather than deploy to Iraq, and an additional seventeen soldiers in 2-7 Infantry Battalion have gone AWOL for the same reason.

Army sources who have been granted anonymity because they feared retaliation stated that both Burt and Beals are being harassed and mistreated on the Psychiatric Ward of Winn Army Hospital by unit commanders and a civilian, Dr. Capp who in apparent violation of state law is reported as informing them of the harsh punishments they may expect should they refuse deployment.

In addition, SFC Johnson, 2-7 platoon sergeant for Spec. Beals reportedly told him recently "?when I get you to Iraq, I?m going to get you killed," in the presence of several witnesses who say this incident was a catalyst in Beals? attempted suicide.

Winn Army Hospital Public Affairs Officer Laurie Kemp refused to even confirm that the two Specialists had been admitted to the hospital.

The 2-7 Chaplain, Captain Matt Temple in a letter addressed to Benderman today stated that: "It is unfortunate that you have chosen the course of action you have taken. You should have had the moral fortitude to deploy with us and see me here in Kuwait to begin your CO application. To expect me to complete an interview with you within 48 hours of a major deployment was unreasonable and quite inconsiderate of my own time. I would have gladly helped you once we got here. As an NCO in the US ARMY, I expected a greater display of maturity from you. Furthermore, for you to have media personnel contacting me at my personal email address without first acquiring my permission was very unprofessional of you. You should be ashamed of the way you have conducted yourself. I certainly am ashamed of you. I hope you will see your misconduct as an opportunity to upgrade your character and moral behavior for your own good and the good of your fellowman." Benderman said the letter disgusted him, stating "Nothing in my career as a professional soldier has prepared me to respond to something like that letter from the Chaplain."

Benderman?s congressional representative, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has written a letter to his Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Todd Wood expressing her concern for Benderman?s rights and suggesting that Wood designate him as non-deployable to Iraq.

Support for Sergeant Benderman has been overwhelming, says his wife, Monica. "We are being swamped for interview requests by the media," she said on Monday.

Benderman has also garnered the support of an American icon and war hero, Colonel James "Bo" Gritz, USA (Ret.), who profiled Benderman for three days running on his radio show "Freedom Call".

Gritz has labeled previous charges by the Army in connection with Benderman?s refusal to deploy and statements to the press "ridiculous," savaging the officers of 2-7, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and President Bush on the air while calling Benderman "a hero" and his immediate superiors "weenies."

One of the most decorated soldiers in U.S. Army history, Gritz led the only raid on a prisoner of war camp during the Vietnam War at Son Tay, North Vietnam.

On Monday afternoon, Benderman says he is still in the dark as to what the Army plans for him. "I have learned nothing from anyone in my chain of command informing me on the disposition of my case, despite my attempts to communicate with them. Perhaps tomorrow," he said.

Telephone calls to 2-7 Public Affairs Officer Lt.Col. Kent and the Pentagon requesting comment on Benderman, Burt, Beals and the additional 2-7 AWOL cases were unanswered by press time.



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awesome 13.Jan.2005 05:54


Support Our Troops, these in particular, the others will rot in hell for their crimes. "I was only following orders" is no excuse for killing anyone and until men stand up and refuse to kill for a government, wars will continue endlessly as they have throughout history.

Well said 13.Jan.2005 07:10

Doves of Peace

Well said. Isn't this obvious to everyone else in the world? At the end of the day what separates soldiers in armies belonging to nation-states, from a bunch of terrorists? Nothing - they are all killers - its simply social legitimacy of the "nation-state" thats the bloody difference. And fat lot of difference that makes to the person being killed ( or their families..)or anyone who is Really involved?

Pah I say - its hypocritical ( and opinionated...) to dismiss one lot of killers and use that as an excuse to become another lot of killers. I should have thought that was bloody obvious!!!

IS THIS FOR REAL????? 13.Jan.2005 07:35


This is a load of @#$%! He's just a coward who doesn't want to fulfill the
contract he signed with the USA. We have a entirely voluntary service, there
should be no need for objectors. Nobody was forced into the military!
As for shooting small children---do you really think the media wouldn't of
run with THAT???? Its even better than torture in POW prisons.

war is hell 13.Jan.2005 09:21


how many children have died in Iraq from U.S. bullets and shrapnel, bystanders of the war against their brothers and fathers? How many more die from contaminated water or a complete lack of resources because of our war efforts? But we cannot hate the soldiers-they are pawns in a game which many in America are willing to play- over there- against a terrorist enemy which is not white-skinned. The dead children make a sad story indeed, but our media only tends to cover the story they can see from under our military's protective wing.

To Lee 13.Jan.2005 09:33

Captain Obvious

Okay, I'm going to state the very obvious here.
1. We do not have a volunteer army, as you would know if you watched even the most corporate of media. Thousands of soldiers are being called up who haven't served for years in what is essentially a backdoor draft. Furthermore, thousands and thousands of soldiers sign up becuase they need the money, which can hardly be called volunteering.
2. As for the media not reporting on shooting children; assuming the media were inclined to report such things, all news leaving Iraq must first pass through at least two censors run by the US army, thus assuring that only the rosiest of stories make it here.
3. Refusing to serve in the military when you have already signed up is not cowardice. It is a great act of bravery to stand up to the US army, braver than anything you or I have ever done.

if these American Soldier's would practice 13.Jan.2005 10:35


and do so in a most serious manner, it wouldn't be long till they're brought home!

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