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Hempstreets busted for poaching!

Mark Hempstreet is the right wing poster child owner of the shilo inn- he's also got a big "ranch" in eastern Oregon, where he entertains guests
Seems the Hempstreet clan felt that as wealthy landowners they could take some liberties as far as trading hunting tags around as needed to avoid things like out of state guests having to get an oregon hunting licences, etc.

Now, funny as it seems, ordinarily they could- but by closeing roads on thier property traditionally open to the public and pushing some shady land trades, they've pissed off thier neighbors, to the point someone sicced the law on them. Nice going!

One of thier guests was also charged with posession of marijuana!

I saw this in the oregonion- this story is worth following.

Dont forget the all day peace vigil at terry schrunk plaza on the 20th!

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the Powerful do get caught! 12.Jan.2005 21:46

forest ranger

Power does not always protect you. Especially if you have made a lot of enemies.

Bu$h and Company can be brought to justice. Him and Cheney can be impeached!

It happened to Richard Millhouse Nixon in 1973.

Truth is on our side and we can win!

See you at the protest!

A very bad man 12.Jan.2005 23:23

gp dan

BTW--Never stay at Shilo Inns.
Hemstreet has attempted to blackmail federal agencies into a ridiculous land swap as part of the Blue Mountain Land Exchange, a much larger project in the Wallowas. His most prized inholding is inside the Eagle Cap wilderness, and he has threatened to develop a mining claim on this property if the Forest Service fails to trade this for a much larger acreage near his ranch. Both the ranch and the inholding are remarkably close to federally designated Wild and Scenic Rivers. This is extraordinarily beautiful country--one of Oregon's most spectacular jewels. Even the libertarian-minded folk of Wallowa County were offended by Mr. Hemstreet's behavior. I'll post more info when I pull it together...

let's not be too optimistic here 13.Jan.2005 06:09

misanthropic pessimist

While it brings a smidgen of schadenfraude to my jaded soul to hear of such pathological scum as mark hempstreet getting busted for anything, I think the charges are pretty minor, and I suspect hempstreet will not suffer anything he can't afford as a consequence. Republicans cannot be "brought to justice." They can be brought to the "legal system," and we all know what kind of "justice" is to be found there.
I'd also imagine that any monetary fine he may face (such an upstanding republican member of the community could never go to jail for wrongdoing) will be deducted from his personal and professional tax obligations as a matter of course. The Irs does not care if rich people who are well connected republicans cheat on their taxes. If you think hempstreet's gonna have to stand in the corner and go to bed hungry over this, dream on....
Spiro Agnew was busted for tax evasion after he tried to deduct the fines he amassed by pleading "nolo contendre" to tax evasion charges from his taxes. That was a long time before the present junta reshaped the federal government in it's own (kakistrophic) image. Don't expect hempstreet to lose a nanosecond of sleep or the cost of a hunting license over this.

Local News 13.Jan.2005 08:29

A Reporter

On a more local note:Hemstreet was also in bed with Stephen King the abusive dog trainer.King ran to England when his abusive practices were made known here and then fled back to the states after the English courts found him guilty of cruelty and abuse and forbad him from even being near dogs for 8 years. Warning: he is now back and abusing dogs again in the Reno area. As for Hemstreet, scum always rises to the top. Hope this is the beginning of his demise.

ugh 13.Jan.2005 11:08


It reminds me of 'The Bonfire of the Vanities' when supposedly progressive people get so happy about ANYONE, right winger or no, being subjected to the illegitimate and fundamentally unjust US "Justice" system. Why are we so bloodthirsty?

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