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Who Is and Is NOT oppressed is wool being pulled over our eyes!

What if we could make energy out of every knee-jerk reaction around here? Heh heh! But seriously folks, the idea of Who Is and Isn't oppressed is crippling our potential at every turn, and that's quite convenient for the dominator mentality.
Who *Is* and "Most Definitely Is NOT* oppressed is dogmatic hierarchical bullshit, and it's about time someone pointed this out!

In the dominant paradigm, or the society that appears everywhere around us, *everyone* is oppressed. Period.

From the most assinine acting aggressors in government and the most monster-ified outside, over to their victims and the rest who go along, "indifferent" and uncomprehending. We're all oppressed!

We're oppressed by the imagination that has been instilled in us which does not consider our individualities, our multi-versity of desires, semi-articulate, articulate, or not (and "just" intuitive).

We are ALL oppressed by the beliefs that are imposed upon us. By what is called "Our Place", "Our Responsibility", all these rigid ideas that we are stampeded into, wheedled into, have our consent engineered into, and so on!

Oppression is not just whatever those that Leftist vanguardists have decided to listen a little bit to for "pragmatic" and tactful reasons. Oppression is not just those whom have waged single issue campaigns for "their rights" for decades and have played all the bullshit games required of them to now be "accepted" within the fold of what is supposed to be "liberatory"!

Great gobs of wool are being collectively pulled over our mutual eyes, across all class divides! Hell, not only class, but also all the myriad other corralls and containers we're manipulated into!

[b]You can start to see more clearly when you look back at when young people are first systematically isolated and indoctrinated into the dominant value system. ALL are pretty much stripped of their beautiful desires, no matter what class-consciousness (or lack thereof) their groanups hail from![/b]

So I'm seeing this dominating perception of *who Is oppressed* and *who Isn't* to be quite hierarchical and quite stupidity-stuck. Totally like any war game. Especially when you permit yourself to see what the consequences become.

(feel free to post this, in whole, wherever you feel like posting it; how about **all over** indymedia? Hah, I dare you!)

The question should instead be about **when and which behavior is problematic for our desires?** And how can we go about being more inclusive to individuals whom have been brought up so strategically-challenged that they get stuck in perpetual war beliefs against all?

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Umm 12.Jan.2005 18:52


Would you rather be an "oppressed" white straight healthy rich male in the US than an oppressed brown queer poor sick women in Africa? I hope you pick A because if you picked B, you're probably already dead. Grow up.

Repression has many degrees 12.Jan.2005 21:06

Snake Dancer

I think the first poster here used language that is a little naive, and maybe not fully thought out. While some with specific rights-based agendas might be closed off or hostile to more broad-based, or highly critical, movements and efforts towards liberation for all, it is also possible for THEIR critics to be caught with jerking knees.

Some folks are more oppressed than others! No doubt! But let's not cloud the issue by making the better off under the general system of repression the CAUSE of the system of repression. We are all born into certain conditions that we have, to a large extent, no choice about, and no hand in creating. This doesn't mean that we should fail to put ourselves under the microscope, but it does suggest that we take all the facts into consideration before closing the door on certain people who could be allies. The straight looking white male office worker could have a secret life, for example. This does not excuse white supremacist oppression, and the Christian-Capitalist derived 'whiteness' which has supported the plunder of the world for centuries. But it's important to have real open dialogue to keep the egotistic tendencies of some in check. We can have a better chance of figuring out what to do together, and how we connect, if we avoid the tendenncy to blame others, demonize them, and write them off, without getting to know anything about them. This applies for all situations and is of course colored by different variables.

Semi-coherent thoughts in progress.

Snake Dancer

... 12.Jan.2005 21:31


What's the point of arguing about who's more oppressed than who else?

Surely the point is figuring out who's doing the oppressing and stopping it.

Different people are oppressed in different ways 12.Jan.2005 22:08


People in different positions in society are oppressed in different ways, some obvious, some probably impossible for others to imagine. While starving to death, or fearing for your life due to your status in society, is certaintly more immediate and visible than other forms oppression, that does not mean that the other forms do not exist. Even oppressors are oppressed by the system itself. It seems pointless to compare which form is worse than another form, since oppression can't be added up like a math equation to see who has a higher number.

RE: Quizzler 12.Jan.2005 23:04


I think the author was pointing out that your mentlity of victimazation does not help anyone.
Everything is a matter of prespective in this thing we call life.
I am glad someone has brought this point to discussion, I am fucking sick of hearing people saying to others "well you would not understand you have never been oppressed".
How the fuck could you know wether or not someone has. Of course if someone precives thier oppression as worse than anothers than they diregard that oppression. THIS IS THE FUCKING PROBLEM!!!
Female vs. Male /// Black vs. White /// Homosexual vs. Stright /// Libreal vs. Conservitive /// Rich vs. Poor..........
The point is arguing about these things is pointless becuse as i said it's about prespective.
If you dwell on the fact that jhonny is a white kid that like sex with woman and he comes from a famlie in the suburbs then you missed the point.The point is that if jhonny did not want to complain and whine how much the system has fucked him then it is probably a result of his idea of responsability that becuse others have it worse then he does, and he need's to do something about it. I bet that every person reading this has it alot better than most people on this planet. However the dif. between jhonny and you is that you would rather dwell on how much his life is better while he is prob. thinking about some poor boy in prison in cuba. The point is you can cry about your condtion or you can do something about it.
You know what is worse than being hand cuffed to a wall in a tiny cell and haveing a guard pissing on you every time you manage to fall a sleep? Hearing someone complain about some shit that is so trivial, tell me did you eat this week? Where you born in the U.S.A.? Is the air in your lungs fresh?
Do you have internet? Holy shit you have a computer that you can use dosent that mean your rich?
Stop being so fucking egocentric. You lib's are fucking up the planet by telling jhonny that you hate him for his privlige. The fact is that at least jhonny can see his can you see yours????

GROW UP???? what is that supposed to mean huh? really i think you need to do something other than feel bad about how much you precive your life to have been oppressed. The fact is that you probably have no fucking clue what true repession looks like... You should travel the world and see the look in the eyes of the oppressed if your guilt premitts you to look at them. Yes i said guilt becuse you have the power to change it by being a american but you are to busy whineing about how much better jhonny has it. In the end jhonny will leave (sell out) becuse your hypocracy stinks so much that he can't handdle it so he joins thier system. Quizzler i want you to think about how many jhonnys you told to fuck off then i want you to think about how many were killed this week on the "War of Terror"
My point is that it is your fualt that we have this system the libreals have prevented our relizeing that we are all fucked by whineing it's time to own up to your privlige no matter who you are if you are reading this you are privliged.

-just another jhonny.

Ridiculous 13.Jan.2005 12:53


Hmm, Riddler, you read a lot into my simple statements, that says more about you than me. My point was that there are urgent forms of oppression that require immediate responses that aren't being addressed as you do your theorizing about the universality of oppression. There's a difference between prioritization and hierarchy. Just as there's a difference between theory and action. And a difference between relative and absolute deprivation.

By "Grow up" I meant, educate yourself and stop thinking you have discovered something that has been explored thoroughly by far more knowledgeable and articulate people than you.

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