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WMD Hunt Ended In December

The Weapons Of Mass Deception have been located and
indentified in Bushington, D.C. (Dominion Of Cheney).
The investigation continues.
WMD Hunt Ended In December

After two years of unnecessary and fruitless searching for weapons
of mass destruction, the Empire says it will suspend its search.

Emperor George II and Court, prior to the illegal invasion in March 2003,repeated ad nauseum, that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction,
that SaddamHussein was responsible for 9/11, that Saddam Hussein
and Usama bin Laden were working together as "terrorists", that
Saddam Hussein had links to al-Qaeda, and many other lies.

George II says that he is "extremely disappointed"that no weapons of
mass destruction were found, and that the Empire will continue the
search for WMD's. George II still maintains that the weapons of mass destruction were moved out of Iraq, andhidden in Syria and Iran, or
that the WMD's arestill well hidden somewhere in Iraq.
"We have interrogated and tortured so many people", says the Emperor,
"and the information we received proves that there are still caches of WMD buried in Iraq. As time goes by, we will gather new information, and we will find Saddam's chemical, biological, and other weapons of mass destruction".

The Pentagon will continue to oversee the search for WMD's, and field
command has been given to the Marine Corps Brigadier General Joseph McMenamin.
Military, CIA, and other Intelligence translators will continue to sift through millions of pages of printed documents on paper and computer materials that are stored in a warehouse on a U.S. military base in Qatar.
In addition to finding proof of WMD's somewhere in the confiscated materials, the documents will also prove charges of numerous war crimes.

A group of Iraqi scientists are still being held by the U.S. military in relation to weapons ofmass destruction, and human rights violations.
The scientists are being held at an undisclosed location, and have been interrogated extensively. The group of detainees include General Amir Saadi,
"Dr Germ", a biologist, and her husband, Amir Rashid, a former oil minister, and Huda Amash, a biologist, nicknamed "Mrs. Anthrax".

The group of detainees have not been involved with WMD's since 1991, and in spite of "cooperation" with Amerikan investigators, the detainees will
remain in custody because their denials of ongoing weapons programs are lies, and they will be held to face war crimes trials as well.

Sources: Yahoo! News and BBC News.

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down there 12.Jan.2005 18:48

dressed down

And the little fucker says he has NO REGRETS.....after all of the thousands have died. After we are all in dire danger....after the world calls us warmongers...HE has no regrets!

Of course they never existed. 12.Jan.2005 19:09


WMD was the last excuse George II used before going in anyway. He just had to have a war in order to prove he was a man. Poor Gorge would have felt so deprived. After all Saddam tried to kill his pah.

The "hunt" ended long, long ago 13.Jan.2005 13:09


"Dr. Germ" by the way was released, I believe, having fulfilled her captivity duties. She's probably working for Exxon now.

The "hunt" for WMD was over before it even began. Since the invasion, it has "come to light" that the countries of Libya, South Korea, and Iran have more nuclear weapons capabilities (or had in Libya's case) than previously thought. Saudi Arabia and Egypt have capabilities that probably exceeded Iraq's, pre-invasion. And Israel is rumored to have many nukes.