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Can I Get a Witness?

It is now argued that because demon bush is President,
it therefor doesn't matter where the actual crimes scene
evidence for the murder of thousands in America leads to
according to the FBI, for George Walker Bush (666) in
above all the laws of the universe. Despite! the
reason they obtained the warrant, was to charge me for
"threatening the life of an international person",
Can I Get a Witness?

"It is now argued that because demon bush is President,
it therefor doesn't matter where the actual crimes scene
evidence for the murder of thousands in America leads to
according to the FBI, for George Walker Bush (666) in
above all the laws of the universe. Despite! the
reason they obtained the warrant, was to charge me for
"threatening the life of an international person", they
instead decided not to as saboteurs of liberation. They
argued after the warrant gave them my personal
possesions, [...]"

Don't miss the rest of the inside scoop to the up
coming public Johnny Wizard trial, cradled within this
last testimony of a King left forsaken by all of America
as unworthy of public discussions in our media.

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> "..the newspapers don't tell you about it,
> why do you think that is soldier grunt,
> nazi whore, dying slave?"

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Seriously Folks

Napoleon Bonaparte wrote forming governments are forged
only through the public witness of shared mutual
experiences, simple, yet, the bushite strategy
implemented continually on behalf of the enemy forces in
Iraq have been to divide the nation's people with
different "legal" definitions, while speaking for
typical bushite bigotry, by then offering distinctions
of human value between US some from "others". Not
freedom, nor democracy. [Remember: Evil is dumb]

Example: Allawi forbade surviving Iraqi doctors and
nurses from medically treating any of the estimated
200,000+ innocent victims from Falluja [IRAQI vicinity].

Example 2: DYING two-bit bushite war with "foreign"
soldiers paid especially more than a thousand dollars a
day as self confessed RACISTS, and THEREFOR, left
"officially" too weak as, "pissing post illiterates" to
go after real terrorists who torture the innocent, or
real thieves, that have stolen BILLIONS from the Iraqi
Development Fund. Done all to sacrifice life's purpose
for no better good to the ANTI-CHRIST EVIL bush "cabal"
of lying neo-con Christ haters. Allthewhile stating the
objective worth dying young America as bushite for is
"Democracy" in Iraq. But, isn't a founding principle of
any democracy to outlaw thefts, sexual assault, murder?
Again, bushite kills bushite for a stolen nickel that
they just as soon, stole from anybody. If you can
believe it. We need YOU to make some effort to engage
American talk mediae. Perhaps it's only YOU, who hasn't
yet heard a responsibility to this once greatly revered
world of wisdom, of the enchanted, and mystical, or of
the tyrannical as hell bound for suffering and sorrow.
,in which you share allegiance too my friend.

Being caring and compassionate for the victimized
innocent not only feels good, but it is a choice we
would make at being alive to help US survive. To not
speak against the bushite war crimes against YOUR
Humanity, is to not speak in defense of our ancient
dying God no longer found worthy of you Peoples humble
respect. Currently corrupted bushite want my voice of
truth silenced by censorship with false imprisonment,
and those who advocate such hatred for myself and our
humanity, speak no public word or disagreement on my
allegations of high treason by Our Mr. bush Jr.. While
I want to openly debate the, "censorship for tyranny",
corporate talk radio bushite bitches on their furthering
commitment to not allow objections regarding their
contempt for true justice and freedom in America. But
if you singly decide not to support my cause, like
corporate news control encourages, We will be left
forsaken, again. God is Just to the core, like Johnny
Wizard tries to be, while bushite liars lie, cheat, and
steal from America as ourselves measured unworthy for
deliberation to gain true understanding. The Coast to
Coast radio network in America disallows America learn
for why American soldiers are currently sacrificing
their LIVES irrationally. Why? Because there is no
legitimate reason, while bushite pretend in YOUR name,
that there must be another reason but for to rob our
humanity in George Bush Jr.'s name. For if there truly
wasn't another reason, not so then blind, stupid, and
cowardly American soldiers wouldn't be too happy about
the wealthy corporatist bushite commentators silencing
America's dying cries by bushite enemy command. Now
would they? Remember: wealthy blind and stupid bushite
kills/gets killed, poor blind and stupid bushite for a
stolen nickel - a nickel in all likelihood, they rifled
as thieves from some pensioner, that just as soon, would
be their own "grand" parents. Or Yours as someone elses

Phil Donahue had the highest rating, number one money
making news commentary show on NBC as it was canceled.
Why? Too good as enlightening and INFORMATIVE. Then
there was the recently canceled Crossfire. Or how about
Barry Zwicker on VisionTV as Canada's greatest broadcast
before it too was canceled. Why? Too good as
enlightening and INFORMATIVE. VisionTV, a "religious"
channel now likely forbids anyone to suggest that God
would be good as just, and REALLY INTELLIGENT.
Forbidden knowledge we are the corporate bushite insist
with Your stolen rights. Why so? Because Americans
might learn of what it is to be a true Christian, and
therefor stop to have arrested else immediately executed
for high treason regarding 9/11: the enemies of Johnny,
Justice, God and Humanity, the evil doers George W.
Bush, Rumsfeld, and Condolezza Rice. Alone with Myers
and Cheney for good measure. Then, those responsible for
the needless bombing of Samarra and Fallujah.

Under EVIL bushite tyranny, We are criminally fighting
for needlessly dying as bushite here, but corporate
newsCASTers don't find "our" costs worth getting a
discussion group going, after all, American soldiers who
die for the bush regime, as the kept in the dark, will
less likely be going after the real bad guys for 9/11
then right? Corporate America refuse US just basic
rights of legitimacy to at least address the absent war
reason issue from time to time - Jeeze. But no. As
bushite, they're prepared to not inform the bushite
soldier that depleted uranium is radio-active, that the
stolen American Enron pension money is sitting in the
Cayman Islands, or that the war itself has no
justification. See, the bushite war is a TRUE CRIME
against all Peoples of Humanity, for the war against
Iraq has no reason available to explain enemy military
action, but for to die thieving from ourselves as the
bad guys. The Enemies of Freedom. Why we have Law.
God is Just, and evil is just the slavish ignoramuses
who censor our Words of empowerment for freedom through
Justice represented indivisible as Eternal. We rule.

Therefor, George Walker Bush is guilty of treason to US
all, not only including your one and only King Johnny
Wizard as Heaven's afar, but also the not going anywhere
but yet still sacrificing ungloriously as the stupidly
blind as almost completely incoherent,. devote bushite
nazi dumfuk soldier grunt enemy vermins.

Will you not help these words reach a larger audience?
I ask you to consider your helping me can do good for
your real world too. Perhaps it is ONLY the single
individual that hasn't yet understood, this once greatly
revered world of the Word is of which you share
allegiance too.

Speaking for a just battle of freedom for all humanity,
is a right you could exercise in brightest intentions of
a muted God who sure could use your help right about now
man. Our family is in so a desperation for needed
support. I am fearing your fears have got you
believing, you have no dying right to speak against Mr.
bush Jr. for the crimes he has committed in Your name,
but You do. Think of it this way: anybody who stays
silently connected secretly to the crimes of
nine-eleven, can not be trusted as a sacrificing bushite
thief by the enemy bush administration. [Secretly
speaking in all strict certainty.]

The warrant that allowed the confiscation of my computer
equipment, was to prove that I was the one and same who
demanded true justice for our humanity by following the
crimes scene leads for nine/eleven, arresting those
responsible, or killing the escaping culprits, bush,
rumsfeld, and condolezza rice by the hand of our guns.
(Why do you think Police officers carry guns after all?)
It is now argued that because demon bush is President,
it therefor doesn't matter where the actual crimes scene
evidence for the murder of thousands in America leads to
according to the FBI, for George Walker Bush (666) in
above all the laws of the universe. Despite! the
reason they obtained the warrant, was to charge me for
"threatening the life of an international person", they
instead decided not to as saboteurs of liberation. They
argued after the warrant gave them my personal
possesions, (hundreds and hundreds of video tapes, ALL
MY WRITING, computers, disks, along with approximately
50,000 tasteful images.) That the reason for the warrant
being originally issued, no longer, if ever, was
justified. For if they were calling for justice, the
demon bush, and his co-conspirators might get caught by
America, and pay the ultimate price for their treason by
death sentence. After two self confessed PRO-BUSHITE
(support death squads against Afghanistan school girls,
and propping up the heroin trade by arming women slave
traders) "officers of the law" reviewed my images, they
now contend, that several can be argued to be illegal in
an almost fixed to win proceeding. (No more than a
small few pictures of beautiful girls in different
states of undress - "Home Lolita" I think.)

The charges they offered to the prosecution to argue for
a "life term prison sentence" (almost jokingly it was
quacked) were complete fiction, of which the crown
offered me "a deal". Plead guilty for being a shamed
ostracized sex offender, [I'D KILL CHILD KILLER ENEMY
THE AMMO] and maybe, the Judge won't argue for a long
term prison sentence for another charge that has
absolutely nothing for substantiation. Substantiated,
that will surely do nothing but testify to their
attempts at demonizing my better name. Nothing doing
darkness, the court of Law, is Our court, and I intend
to make my case heard among my peers. Here.

Please, I beg you for my life, forward this document to
the propper authorities, post these passages to any
church, or, phone talk radio America and demand my
public case be heard for Your benefit too, or don't and
get what we'll deserve by not making a miracle happen
with your single sole but sure, human will power!

1. I obtained the questionable images through Usenet
group "youth-and-beauty". Images can be downloaded a
thousand or more at a time. I can't not perceive the
images until they are on my computer! If they had told
me they were coming as bushite, I would have been sure
to delete anything near objectionable for argument's
sake. They laughed when I told them that.

2. The service companies that offer such groups as
child-rape and so on, have an easy ability to filter out
subjective objectionable material, along with the truly
grusome stuff. But they don't, nor, are they found
legally liable for not doing so. I suggest the reason
is, it would put out a billion dollar industry of these
child-porno cops that view real sicko slime routinely,
while then arguing anyone who witnesses such depravity
must be guilty. Guilty to have their professional lives
destroyed, their life invested property removed till
whenever/perhaps stolen, and then be publicly ostracized
as senseless victims. All because some guy maybe
believed women are worthy of worship in the highest
respect and honor, while cute adorable boys he couldn't
help but feel compeled to cover with praise, or mutual
hugs and kisses., as long as there are no other men in
the room with him and the gals perhaps one day chatting
over maybe child care let's say. (no wonder the two
child porn cops in question regarding my public case
admittingly were/are staunch bushite offenders.)) I know
of no nobler lineage that that of our police officer.
For protecting the rights of our children, is what we've
always been committed to gaining respect for. We want
to do right for ourselves, and despite Johnny, this
world really is something remarkable to concider a
future with on our own terms as a foundation of wisdom
with the ever presnt will to succeed at something
greater than first realized. Evolution. The Revolution
of reason while jiving with justice for freedom holds
many perks per praised principle. Hammurabi's number
one thang.

3. If a search warrant can be made against anyone who a
criminal bushite finds objectionable, (bush and rumsfeld
made the charge against me through the Secret Service,
then to the RCMP.) then what freedom fighter is safe
from pictures of godly and beautiful children in bath
tubs? Swimming? IF, the bushite demands the images
appear seductive, and compel them to commit sexual
assualts? Or, what if you download a program on cars to
have the bushite find, it contains bin Laden's secret
where abouts in code? Would you be guilty, and if so,
of what? No thinking freely?

So, the warrant brought the officers of law the right to
prove my Johnny Wizard writing was of my own, but yet,
after doing so, refused to enforce the law by giving me
my day in court on the reason the warrant was granted to
begin with. Also, I, as anyone can not perceive
potentially objectionable material until it is in my
possession, while a service provider would have little
of no problem. (The still working child porno cops
could look for child porno all day, and actually get
closer to catching those who proliferate actually
objectionable materials. [See?, an internet service
provider could defend thus: they're not guilty because
the subjective material, that would be questioned, is
subjective, and so would the porno cops if they got
someone intelligent to defend themselves. But for
Christ who needs to know what's going on in the realm?,
while loving girls in general like they were his own
distant siblings? They'd put Christ up on a cross for
loving schoolgirls, by demanding such thoughts come only
from a criminal prospective. The problem here is child
porno cops can view a suggestive cute girl smiling in
her panties, or witness some heinous bushite rape or
torture, and measure them equally when charging US for
their deviant sexual sugestion. As alas, they refuse to
support the Law when it comes to the easily provable
criminal actions of enemy bushite, as for would be, the
defense of the lives of our innocent children in Iraq
mean something to me too.

Anyway, apparently, the reasons for the warrant were not
as was so intended. To charge me for threatening the
freedom of bush, rumsfeld, and the evil witch condolezza
rice. (Can I get some legal advice from someone out
there on this then bogus? warrant please?). The Court
will (try) argue without allowing ANY voice of
objection, that because I demanded the immediate arrest
or execution for the individuals responsible for the
crimes of nine/eleven, (relying primarily on the
Whitehouse, FBI, and the public spewing of the war
criminal demon anti-Christ itself,) the prosecutor, it
has been alleged, will demand justice not be served in
that respect, and that the search warrant that obtained
the bushite's evidence against me as a truth teller
during their fishing expedition will not be allowed for
re-dress. Is this Justice on behalf of God I ask you?

Nature of the Beast

(Again, remember, nobody from the RCMP, the Secret
Service, or the FBI, state that I am incorrect in my
allegations of treason against the bush administration.)

The prosecutor is going to press for incarceration if I
plead not guilty for a crime I'm not guilty of, while my
public freebie lawyer, contends my defense of innocence
and corporate news agencies forbidding the pursuit of
Justice in protection of our Police services, like the
honorable FBI officers that contend Ahmad funded Atta
will likely not be allowed heard. [Are you a member of
a Police Union somewhere, or know of someone who is?
Or, do you just not give a care for you fellow officers
either?] See?, bushite falsely believe bush can not be
arrested for nine eleven, no matter where the actual
evidence leads, because he is not judged an equal among
men by corporate news standards, but as the anti-Christ,
FALSE deity, an enemy to every free person standing.

That is our, for real court case against the Bush
administration as it stands today. While some have
warned, bushite are pushing to have me taken in now, to
try stopping this from speaking in our Humanity's true
defense. They just might succeed, if you decide no care
for Freedom from tyranny either..

This is was/is/will be my last Wizard Wire public
service announcement regarding this, George Walker Bush
(666) wars America, Humanity, and me as the Lord of
Creation. I've said everything I can say twice over,
and if you can't find it within yourself to pass this
post on to every church corner, with a, "I love life
too" set of priorities, I can guarantee you no greater
reward. But for to be present if not in person, but in
spirit during my public trial where the bushites will
publicly judge my character unworthy, while attempting
the silencing of our own voices for Justice as We stand
in TRUTH, indivisible. Be it known, the prosecutors of
Law in my case have read Johnny Wizard's "The Trial and
Conviction of Our Mr. bush Jr.", and likely a few
others that will be asked by the hiding in darkness
bushite enemies to completely disregard as crime scene
evidence. It's going to be a case worth getting to,
considering the newspapers, talk radio stations, and
National News desks are expected to forbid honest
coverage of by the higher ups at corporate command.
Call your Church group to organize a call for Johnny!

Or don't.

I thank all those with whom the true liberation of
Humanity from tyranny could not have been made possible
without themselves individually. I know it seemed like
no one was listening, when we spoke for God's cries, but
WE knew better, and we knew soon, all of US will then
learn it too, defending God is of no greater privilege.
So, cheers to You, our Humanity's defenders of the human
challenge, for being there to speak for this life when
we needed You as a contributor. Fare thee well with
your pride and honor, and no bars will ever hold your
undying spirit.

/ / God bless America by destroying the enemy evil
anti-Christ, Our Mr. bush Jr. Yourself. \ \

Your stranger then fiction,

Johnny Wizard

See you on the other side of whenever,
Your ever present bids you now,

an adieu.

Johnny Wizard



Trooper - "Nobody's going to help you, you just got
to stand up alone, and dig in you heels, and see how
it feels to raise a little hell of your own."


/ / That's why writers as diverse as David Hume, John
Maynard Keynes, and Friedrich A. Hayek have pointed out
that all governments rule by public opinion.

...and Mises observes that "In the long run there is no
such thing as an unpopular government," improving on
Joseph de Maistre's claim that, "Every nation has the
government it deserves." \ \

Yeah, but the enemy bushite criminally victimize more
than themselves as enemies to all freedom loving human


/ / Without evidence our accused is ourselves as the
innocent, being falsely imprisoned, tortured, or
murdered. \ \


Abodah Zarah 22a-22b . Gentiles prefer sex with cows.


/ / ``The Pentagon and the CIA have asked the White
House to decide on a more permanent approach for
potentially lifetime detentions, including for hundreds
of people in military and CIA custody whom the
government does not have enough evidence to charge in
courts,'' the Post reported. \ \

Not enough for you?


/ / Is this satire? Or is this why the US has
contracted to build massive prisons to house those they
will never charge due to lack of evidence, but hold
however long they please? See Dana Priest, Washington
Post, January 2 \ \


/ / ..said William Winkenwerder Jr, assistant secretary
of defence for health affairs "We have no evidence of
maltreatment by physicians, or of physicians
participating in torture or torturous activity," he
said. "We just do not have evidence of that." \ \

What world does William Winkenwerder Jr think we live in

It was the revelations that the signed sqiggles on the
bogus death cetificates weren't made by the actual
medical practicioners on charge in Guantanamo. Now,
there might have been one or two involved, as has been
confessed, HOWEVER, we do know that the death
certificates were forgeries to cover up the crimes of
bushite nazi enemies. So, count the forgeries, and
you'll count the actions of the truly unjust and evil.


/ / No one is able to define the mission of the troops
in Iraq, or for how long this mission will last. No one
at all, including George W. Bush, can explain the US
strategy in Iraq. This is because there is no strategy.
With the Iraqi resistance raging, it is not clear why
the US is occupying this country and why the US is so
willing to sacrifice its soldiers there. \ \

Well the strategy is to cash in on the bushite war
criming thieves spree actually. Cowardly soldier's die
in Iraq, and the bushite fat cats lounge in the lap of
our stolen luxuries through the leverage of the mallable
dying amerkan mind.


/ / U.S. troops targeted by a roadside bomb have
mistakenly killed two Iraqi policemen and two bystanders
hours after an American warplane bombed the wrong

An unnamed bushite quote It expressed deep regret for
the "loss of possibly innocent lives". \ \

Wouldn't you kill the traitor who spoke such contempt
for Humanity? The rewards of indiscriminate murders
against the unknown innocents in bushite amerka's
ungodly name, gets yet another lowly forsaken bushite
rightly killed for bad wordcrafts on a make believe
sound stage they think they only have us party to.


/ / "In the exercise of his power to use military force,
'the president's decisions are for him alone and are
unreviewable.'" \ \


/ / "And they schemed and God schemed, but God is the
best schemer." (Quran 3:54) \ \


/ / Hence, it is up to the people of the United States
to compel the US occupation authorities to at least
abide by minimum acceptable standards of civilized
nations. The progressive community should demand the
unconditional release of Dr. Huda Ammash as part of its
campaign to end the illegitimate US occupation of Iraq.\ \


/ / The agency's statutory responsibility is to speak
the truth, whether the truth supports the president's
plans or not. It would appear that this concept is not
shared by this administration. \ \


/ / The incriminating FBI email dated 22 May 2004,
indicates that president Bush "personally signed off on
certain interrogation techniques in an executive order."
(See original at

 http://globalresearch.ca/articles/FBI.121504.4940_4941.pdf ). \ \


/ / And these two men - 1974 Defense Secretary Donald
Rumsfeld and Ford Chief of Staff Dick Cheney - did this
by claiming that the Soviets had secret weapons of mass
destruction that the president didn't know about, that
the CIA didn't know about, that nobody but them knew
about. \ \

/ / In other words, what we are dealing with is the
criminalization of the State and its various
institutions including the criminalization of Justice. \ \

Platform of the United Iraqi Alliance
By Juan Cole


by Iranian-Shi'ite

/ / I don't really care how women or men dress in their
own countries. I have no desire to tell them how they
should dress. But if they come to our countries and try
to denude our sisters or daughters, then they have
declared war. \ \


spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Barry Johnson said:

"I'd like to think that these claims aren't true...but I
don't know. If someone is doing this to detainees, they
deserve to be taken down."


/ / "The US government is trying to silence Dr.
Ammash's outspoken criticism of the US role in causing
cancers and other illnesses in Iraq through its own use
of biologically hazardous weapons such as radioactive
deleted uranium." \ \

/ / ``Such a blatant statement acknowledging the
commingling of his official duty to ensure a fair
election with his partisan duty to re-elect President
Bush, made in a political fund-raising appeal, evidences
Secretary Blackwell's poor judgment at best, and the
manipulation of election administration for partisan
purposes, at worst,'' the report asserts. \ \


Breaking Camp

I will advocate full compensation for every mistreated
soldier who had been tricked into believing something
without reasoning.

Johnny condemns George Walker Bush (666) to death for
the crimes he has committed against God's Humanity.

Let it be understood, that Saddam gave America 100
percent access to do anything the anti-Christ wished
without delay prior to the needless military conflict
beginning. So, every treasonous thieving bushite life
taken, is done in protection of God, and the American
dream. See?, TRAITOR bushite Art Bell's amerikan talk
radio forbids BY CENSORSHIP anyone in America to speak
in the defense of the undefended American People. Art
Bell, America's enemy, with ensure that America "never"
learns that bush's business partner, General Ahmad,
funded 9/11's mastermind ring leader Mohamed Atta, or
that depleted uranium is measured radio-active, or most
especially, that billions of STOLEN American pension
money is sitting in bushite bank accounts in the Cayman
Islands. Instead, he'll do another show on UFOs, or
bigfoot, while broadcasted to the wordless bushite
grunts their dying is for naught. Who cares?, bush's
war against freedom in America isn't anything bushite
amerika ever wants to get persnickety about.


/ / Who cares? CNN is not going to cover it, we know
that. CBC in Canada, they're not going to mention it to
anybody. It's no concern of themselves to show a caring
word for the [thieving] sacrificing soldier. \ \

The EVIL bushite liars die for no better good, but as
the ungodly bringing further hardships against US
innocent people they target for murder. God says, the
Magna Charta says, the American constitution says, let
US all arrest or kill the TRUE ENEMY bushites instead.
"See lawless bushite, kill it in defense of all that are
innocent", I always say as the Son of Man and Living
Creator. No joy greater than saving the innocent
victims of the enemy bushite thieves, torturers, and
first degree murderers. WHO WOULD DISAGREE? in a
true Democracy?

Every American soldier who dies as a bad guy in Iraq,
dies for cowardly worshiping bush instead of Life. The
demon anti-Christ as their false, untrue, dummy deity,
sends them into harms way for only to steal from the
innocent. The innocent left in God's trust. There was
nothing that could have better been done in Iraq by
bombing the country. The blind attacking of the
population, along with it's functioning public
institutions, brings only the STOLEN cash rewards on
trading in the American soldier's LIFE as a fascist
criminal. All that is bought to by putting cowardly
bushite soldiers in bush's un-needed conflict, is to
steal from their very own families back home left almost
completely undefended. [Have no fear, Johnny Wizard's
here!] A criminal military force that deems some
soldiers from Apartide fame as "un-accountable" to
American or "Iraqi" law, while paying them a thousand
dollars a day or more as rewarded racists who fight
allong side black and Hispanic dying bushites, to not
allow equal rights for those classified by different
colorations. Allthewhile with spokespeople smattering
the sacrifices are to bring democracy together in Iraq
to arrest bushite for thieving then? [No matter
whomever you are, George W. Bush is truly evil to God
in YOUR name too see?] Regular Joe in the Army, 47$
before expenses concurrent and impending.

I will advocate full compensation for every mistreated
soldier who had been tricked into believing something
without reasoning. Example: those who had been taken
in criminally to handing over their military pensions
for five year loans at 56%, or a 20,000 loan paid in
five with 60,000. No competion exists for this racket
because it's an actual crime scene. Guess where
American Gis can hear the sales pitch advertised? The
Army Times.

No thoughts of understanding are expressed (OR COULD BE)
from the soulless bushite on why they are in Iraq dying,
or why depleted uranium is harmless, or why depriving
Iraqis of medicine along with food and water, is a ploy
to win the hearts of every man who owns a gun. Or why
the bushite demands through the censorship of tyranny,
that Our Humanity has no rights to speak for our
freedoms and liberty, or on behalf of Iraqis who have
had billions of much needed dollars stolen from
themselves by the bushite enemy. (The billed for taking
bushite soldier itself, will not receive a penny of the
ill gotten gains, just like their own grand parents were
robbed of the pensions, and the bushite couldn't find a
word of outrage to say against their false idol then

/ / As the soulless disciples of the enemy anti-Christ,
Our Mr. bush Jr., their "officially" granted legal
immunity from all prosecution means nothing to me as a
honorable man defending my humanity, or as living
Creator, who brought all into this new world to be free,
and can just as soon, take you all nazi bushite out the
old school way. \ \

The ungodly evil bushmob fascist totalitarianists are
pushing to have US specially arrested. The demon
anti-Christ enemy forces have gambled an attempt to find
prosecutors and judges, lawyers and defendants, who
together wouldn't let the truth be spoken in our own
defenses. I have had many discussions with the National
Security branch of the RCMP, CSIS, the Secret Service,
the FBI, and several commanders in the Canadian
Military, and WE all know, this upcoming trial is
something a great deal of many are lookiung forward to,
however, an agent of law recently approached me to warn,
some are working to try having me arrested without bail,
and spend maybe a few years behind bars before a trial
could not be postponed any longer, all in an attempt to
try stopping my words of truth that represent the
interests of all defendable legitimate legal
enforcements. Canada's system of checks and balances,
and our honorable police services have too many good
guys in place, to want to silence my calls for Justice
by measurement. And, up until now, our security people
have advised the bushite case would never fly in a
public court room, for Johnny Wizard would just make his
case as it stands FACTUALLY DOCUMENTED along with that
which was FALSELY ALLEDGED, and the wealthy do nothing
corporate news agencies would be caught as culpable to
being accessories to first degree murders in New York
City, where they deliberately with malicious intent,
refused to report on the FBI's findings that General
Ahmad funded Atta, or that demon George W. Bush with
condi and rummy, had a top secret CRIMINAL plan to
invade Afghanistan dated September 9th, 2001. Just like
still, CBC and CNN refuse to report any human concern
for those murdered irrationally by bushite in Iraq
today. No concern for those Humans, but in Asia, where
bush isn't yet anyway, thieving in the wide open from
God, they can try to make up for lost respect by
claiming those People are better People worthy of our
commpassion with wall to wall coverage on the suffering
we have little of chances in preventing. But for to
stop needlessly droping tons and tons of toxic bombs
into our Living Earth. It is the bushite enemy who
refuse to allow YOU speak in your defense as an

However, this being said, I have been recently informed
that, since the godless bushite enemies would wish to
have our freedoms censored, it will likely be pushed to
do so without a public trial allowing a jury of my peers
to judge the case accordingly. Up until recently,
Guantanamo could never happen in Canada. But now in
Canada, the enemies behind closed doors are talking
about sending intelligent innocent people away to be
tortured for sadomasochistic satanic tendencies, and
further have argued to no one that persecuting People in
Our names without evidence, maybe isn't such a bad idea,
when you think of all the people we could rob our
humanity from like the "popular" and "Democratic" bush
regime does. Bushite corporate new censors are fighting
for a return to the dark ages. Don't let this happen to
YOUR world. Care not for my freedoms as an honorable
man who stands with America's FBI, and your given up
life wont be worth nothing but as yet another sacrifice
to bring further glory and stolen riches to the American
cop killer, pension thiever, 9/11 perpetrator, war
mongering anti-Christ, Your unbelievably EVIL Mr. bush
Jr.. The enemy of God anti-Christ who continues to hold
your real life in mistrust and dishonor, while wealthy
corporate "celebs", talk freely about their pride in
such ungodly sacrifices as Christ's forsaken name.

I ask ONLY you to argue this paper with your best
intentions, for I will perhaps not receive another
chance to publish, if as usual, the Internet community
at large extends me little support in my UNCHALLENGED
assertions on who truly committed the crimes of 9/11. A
single bushite corporatist sends a complaint to a
Internet provider alleging I talk "spam", therefor,
without any hearing, private owners are threatened to
lose their privilege to communicate, by an enemy bushite
protagonist who exercises his "authority" by stating
only, "spam", and not even providing my actual post in
it's entirety. One Internet service was shut down for
the sole reason that discussing George W. Bush as the
9/11 perpetrator in tx.politics, was against the rules,
for such subject material must be confined to only a
American nation political forum. I talked to the kid on
the phone who made that power decision on behalf of all
usenet, and let it be known, he knows what he's doing.
But "they" can't do this everywhere. I can not "take
over" your big old lonely world that you must work to
protect for yourself as an equal citizen sworn to
freedom. I have written all I need to say about Justice
and Freedom, and if the human race can not still find
enough care for themselves to propagate my writings for
others to read, or demand Art Bell be removed to allow
Johnny Wizard to debate the ungodly dumfuk bushite
vermins, there truly is no hope for US continuing.

Johnny Wizard

/ / The material
indicates that high-ranking administration officials not only approved of the
abuse, but have carried out a systematic cover-up of these activities. The
new revelations represent a damning indictment of the Bush administration,
and make clear that it is guilty of war crimes. \ \

8 Year Child Tortured By US Forces In Qaim, Father Threatened
Jan 03, 2005


/ / Provance, however, did talk to the German TV crew
about the treatment of children at Abu Ghraib. He
alleges that children were sometimes abused in order to
force their parents to give information to coalition
authorities. \ \


Bushite Kills Bushite for a Stolen Nickel

/ / They are enemies of themselves. Bushite will kill
bushite for a stolen nickel. The only reason this
conflict is happening, is so Halliburton can steal this
money from the American tax payer left un-defended by
CNN. \ \


2nd mirror  http://argentina.indymedia.org/uploads/bushite-kills-bushite.mp3

3rd mirror  http://imctj.espora.org/uploads/bushite-kills-bushite.mp3

4th and 5th for good measure




/ / What happens when the "Democracy" says, we are
outlawing torture?\ \

/ / Depraved as America is in some respects, [they]
can't find fifty cents to help some homeless vet on the
ground. \ \


/ / Yet the American establishment has not seen fit to
allow anyone who opposes the Iraq war to make his or her
case in front of the media. \ \


/ / A lot of people are too afraid to come out. But
after we would warn them, we would go in. You know how?
We would riddle the building and every window with
high-caliber, armor piercing machine gun fire, then
often we would throw in a grenade for good measure. If
any civilians were in there they ended up either dead or
wounded. \ \

Only possibly done through the "help" of "unbiased" CBC
and CNN national news "people". Corporatist "celebs"
who purposefully propagandize our airwaves with their
LIES by censorship to un-supportingly, steal further
from our robbed and dying communities.

Example: General Ahmad funded Atta, and corporate news
finds no interest in informing the bushite grunt, that
yes indeed depleted uranium is radioactive and toxic as
a microscopic heavy metal, and will kill you easily for
the ignorance "they" sell impartially as the "unbiased".
See?, enemy bushite kills enemy bushite for a stolen
nickel., that they likely stole from an American grand
parent. I HATE bushite.


/ / Baghdad was full of booming businesses, restaurants
were full, and families walked freely along well-lit
parks. Compare and contrast that image with the reality
of Baghdad today, and the ultimate corruption that was
the oil-for-food programme becomes self-evident. \ \


/ / Honorary firefighter Mike Bellone claims he was
approached by unknown bureau agents a short time after
he and his partner, Nicholas DeMasi, a retired New York
firefighter, found three of the four "black boxes" among
the WTC rubble before January 2002. \ \


/ / The families of those risking their lives in Iraq
ought not be reassured but enraged. This was a war of
opportunity, not necessity, so there is no excuse for,
as Rumsfeld put it, "going to war with the army you
have, not the army you might want or wish to have." \ \


/ / No papers! Well, that meant the suspect was going
to be hauled downtown to police headquarters for a good
beating or worse. Well, thanks to the cowardly members
of the U.S. Congress, in 2005, and at the explicit
direction of the Bush()-Cheney Gang, the above scenario
could become part of our national nightmare. \ \


/ / that a clandestine military task force in Iraq was
beating detainees, ordering Defense Intelligence Agency
debriefers out of the room during questioning,
confiscating evidence of the abuse and intimidating the
debriefers when they complained." \ \


/ / Combat veterans wounded in Iraq were left waiting
weeks and even months for proper medical attention at
military bases. According to an officer, their living
conditions were so unacceptable for injured soldiers he
said they "were being treated like dogs." Then the
Pentagon underreported the number wounded. \ \



/ / A sacked CIA official is reportedly suing the agency
for allegedly retaliating against him for refusing to
falsify his reports on Iraq's weapons of mass
destruction to support the White House's pre-war
position. \ \


/ / Ford describes incidents of asphyxiation, mock
executions, arms being pulled out of sockets, and lit
cigarettes forced into detainee's ears while they were
blindfolded and bound."

Ultimately, Ford was strapped down to a gurney and
literally shipped out of Iraq illegally on the basis of
non-existent mental problems - all because he had the
courage to speak out against abuses he personally
witnessed. \ \


/ / ``I was faced with being deployed to Iraq to do what
the infantry does, kill people, and I had no
justification for doing so,'' he testified. ``This was
a criminal war. Any act of violence in an unjustified
conflict is an atrocity.'' \ \

/ / He cited the case of five members in the Mississippi
National Guard who had been wounded in a booby-trap bomb
explosion. Incredibly, their injuries were listed by
the military as "non combat." \ \

/ / Williams's squad stopped a dump truck, and an Iraqi
climbed out. "Light him up!" the sergeant ordered,
according to testimony, and the squad opened fire,
killing the unarmed man. Williams and a squadmate
reportedly got into an argument over which of them had
scored Company C's first kill. \ \



/ / What becomes of those military veterans who undergo
amputation? \ \


/ / What about the damning report of Charles Duelfer and
his Iraqi Survey Group, which announced last month that
Saddam Hussein destroyed all of his weapons of mass
destruction and their programmes in 1991? \ \


/ / ...and we were yelling, 'Train to kill, kill we
will,' over and over again. I kind of snuck a peek
around me and saw all my colleagues getting the red in
the face and hoarse yelling - and at that point a light
went off in my head and said, 'You know, I made the
wrong career decision.'" \ \

/ / Throughout the 12-year Vietnam War, for example,
fewer than 100 Guard troops were killed, compared with
the 145 who have died in less than two years in Iraq. \ \

/ / Greene County Director of Elections Carole Garman
claimed that she had withdrawn access to the voting
records at the direction of Secretary Blackwell. \ \

/ / Blackwell not only did not have the authority to
take this action, he is actually in violation of the
law. \ \

/ / Williams ordered that the Iraqi man, who had been
handcuffed and was being held on his knees in front of
the house, be brought inside...

William cut off the plastic handcuffs, laid the rifle
near the Iraqi and said aloud to other soldiers in the
room, 'I feel my life has been threatened.'

Williams then shot the man twice..." \ \

/ / That America has spent billions upon billions of
dollars on the war and the occupation and hasn't even
managed to provide sufficient armor to protect its own
soldiers is a metaphor for the failure of the whole
operation. \ \

/ / It is now estimated that more soldiers have been
injured in Iraq than during the Revolutionary War, the
War of 1812, or the first five years of the Vietnam
conflict. \ \

/ / Webb reported that U.S. law enforcement agents
complained that the CIA had squelched drug probes of
Blandon and his partner Norwin Meneses in the name of
"national security." Blandon's drugs flowed into L.A.
and elsewhere thanks to the legendary "Freeway" Ricky
Donnell Ross, a supplier of crack to the Crips and
Bloods gangs. \ \

/ / The Press Release, just issued, headlined "Conyers
Alarmed at Efforts to Obstruct Ohio Recount Effort,
Calls Witness to Monday Hearing to Detail Such Efforts",
outlines the troubling reports, discussed here
yesterday, of Ohio Sec. of State J. Kenneth Blackwell
(also Co-Chair of the Ohio Bush/Cheney Re-Elect
Committee!) reportedly attempting to obstruct efforts by
Green/Libertarian Recount Volunteers in Ohio over the
last several days. \ \


/ / The "Texas Strike Force" members paid their way to
Ohio, but their hotel accommodations were paid for by
the Ohio Republican Party, whose headquarters is across
the street. The hotel worker heard one caller threaten
a likely voter with being reported to the FBI and
returning to jail if he voted. \ \

/ / In a half-dozen precincts in Franklin County, people
who were not inside polling places by 7:30 PM were told
to leave - even if they had waited in line for hours.
This is a violation of the Voting Rights Act. \ \

/ / In other words, the exit polls were made to conform
to a political decision to declare Bush the victor. \ \



/ / The massive US Intelligence Reform Bill weighed in
at over 3,000 pages and though unread by individual
Members of either the House or Senate nevertheless
passed all of the legislative hurdles needed in order to
become law. \ \


/ / The contract company blamed for the bad food is
identified as a small, Qatar-based firm called American
Service Center. \ \

/ / From snatch and grab operations to warantless
searches, Patriot Act II is an Adolf Hitler wish list.

You can understand why President Bush, Dick Cheney and
Dennis Hastert want to keep this legislation secret not
just from Congress, but the American people as well. \ \

/ / MIT and the Pentagon have been involved in a fraud
that has promoted a weapon system that will have little
or no utility and could cost hundreds of billions of
dollars. \ \


/ / Anybody who supports George W. Bush is my ENEMY.
George W. Bush committed 9/11 with his buddy, General
Ahmad who funded the mastermind ring leader. That's
according to the FBI. Any bushite who gets in my way,
who says that isn't the case,





/ / Mr. Sattler, if you don't want US to arrest those
responsible for 9/11, don't you think we Americans
should kill you? \ \

/ / They got this plan, in it's final stages, just prior
to 9/11, to invade Afghanistan. They couldn't invade
Afghanistan, without some sort of attack occurring that
would instigate an actual war. they got this plan, and
it's all about accusing bin Laden for terrorist
activities, and they've spent a year or more working on
it, or more. And through all the time they put it
together, they never thought to include, one single
shred of evidence. Knowing already as Taliban
fundamentalists, through an experience that Mr. Clinton
had, it is their fundamental religion not to persecute
the innocent. \ \

Johnny Wizard


INTERVIEWER: Are you aware that this tank is
contaminated with radiation?

BUSHITE DUMFUK SOLDIER: No, it isn't radioactive.

INTERVIEWER: But we have measured it.

BUSHITE DUMFUK SOLDIER: No, it isn't radioactive, not
this tank.


> Word of Advice

>  http://la.indymedia.org/uploads/advice.mp3

/ / ``They're tough people, and they're
well-disciplined. And there are a lot of them who want
to do the work. A lot of people have left the South
African defense force since Nelson Mandela came in.''

[American tax paid for bushite, $1000.00 a day] Gray
Branfield, a former covert-operations specialist in
South Africa's fight to preserve white minority rule. \ \

My black brothers in the lucative sports industry, pay
the saleries of these, the most racist, of their "loyal"
bushite team. American youths are being purposefully
mislead by the corporate news interests in cashing in on
their DEATHS to thieve from MY Humanity.

Homeless Iraq vets showing up at shelters



/ / Naturally, there is no evidence that any soldier
named DeLay and/or Lieberman has paid the supreme price
for the reckless warmongering of that duo. \ \


20 Amazing Facts About Voting In The United States


/ / 6. Republican Senator Chuck Hagel, a long-time
friend of the Bush family, was caught lying about his
ownership of ES&S by the Senate Ethics Committee. \ \


> Johnny Wizard's "The Big Blab" "The most influential broadcast ever heard.
> If you hear anything this year, Johnny Wizard's "The Big Blab" will be it."

>  http://jerusalem.indymedia.org/uploads/the-big-blab.mp3


U.S. deserter 'didn't want to have to kill babies'

/ / Mr. House will argue that American soldiers are
guilty of war crimes and that forcing Mr. Hinzman to
fight in Iraq would have made him a war criminal.

He will call as a witness former U.S. Marine Staff
Sergeant Jimmy Massey, who is expected to testify that
he and other soldiers shot more than 30 unarmed Iraqis,
including women and a six-year-old child, at a U.S.
military checkpoint. \ \


CNN.com - Aid group 'told to freeze' Falluja work - Dec 6, 2004

/ / Only about 100 families are thought to remain in
Falluja, as most fled the city before the U.S.-led
operation aimed at flushing out insurgents. \ \

Huh? Again, witness wealthy CNN "news" staffers, didn't
even bother to seek for an update on their "about 100",
that had not ever been given. Red Cresent, the day
previous to Dec. 6, no... actually reported on, Dec
3rd!, stated, (from their limited circle of reference)
they had witnessed a minimum of many corpses, of
completely innocent pro-Iraqi women, children, youths,
and men.

/ / Iraqi Red Crescent spokesman Muhammad al-Nuri
estimates that some 6,000 people have been killed, many
of them civilians. \ \

(That is discounting murdered armed defenders of Freedom
in Iraq we can prusume.)

But, again, the true bushite enemies of loyal bushite
enemies, thay'l' "bushite lie" to the bushite nation
about the "holy" benefits of, sacrificing America's
young life., all done for the glorious betterment of the
traitor demon anti-Christ liar, the war criminal, Our
Mr. bush Jr., along with his treasonous evil cabal of
anti-semitic Palestinian Christ haters. A compassionate,
"conservative", war mongering cabal whos warring of
America is done to secretly steal further from the
innocence of God in silence. Without a honest to
Johnny, bushite killin' God-Man to speak on the nature
of reality itself from living Creation's time-less
prospective. Naturally leaving ourselves to save all of
humanity with my "magic" - guitar, notebook, cybercafes,
and super cool Akeido, leaves me in wonder of where life
could lead as committed to freedom through justice for
all?, as truly ourselves democractically represented?,
Miraculous?. or will we choose as ENEMY bushite instead
not to, ending to devolve ourselves from existence?

I know of some pretty, almost miraculous words in which
can bring about positive change, and man, if you could
see the world for America's Dream, where all People are
judged not by the color of their skin, but the content
of their character, the entire bushmob would be behind
bars awaiting trial for treason, and the Iraqi People
would have American Forces demanding Allawi be arrested
for failing to explain himself regarding the needless
bombing of our Humanity in Samarra and Falluja.



/ / Another humiliating proposal, which even triggered
debate among Marine officers in control of the city, is
to force all Fallujan men to work in military-style
battalions, reported the Globe. \ \

This is the best the ENEMY bushite could dream up in
all possible worlds?

/ / His company of tanks and Bradley Fighting Vehicles
had roamed the eastern third of the city [Falluja] for
13 days, shooting holes in every building that might
pose a threat, leaving behind a landscape of
half-collapsed houses and factories singed with soot. \ \


/ / Of course, none of the assembled media pointed to
the absurdity of Bush's comments. \ \



/ / Bush administration official says: "Saddam never
had WMDs, and we never said he did." \ \


/ / Goldsborough said the reason he was given after the
fact is that the column, about why Jewish voters
overwhelmingly cast their presidential ballots for John
Kerry, was "offensive."

"The publisher said it might be offensive. To whom? \ \


/ / twenty-seven Israeli pilots indicated that they
would no longer fly missions in the Occupied Territories
(Boston Globe). The pilots said "We veteran and active
duty pilots are against carrying out illegal and immoral
attacks" and they "refuse to continue attacking innocent
civilians." \ \



/ / They should put dynamite in their behinds and drop
them from 35,000 feet, the whole pack of scum out of
that jail."

Remember, these are the same prisoners that the Red
Cross estimates 70 to 90% of them were innocent and
later released. \ \


/ / It gets worse. We already knew about the Franklin
County, Ohio, precinct that tallied 4,258 votes for Bush
when only 638 people had actually voted. \ \


See? The bushite knows that bush murdered thousands of
Americans on 9/11, yet, will advocate fascism, to censor
America, from finding the truth for ourselves.

That enemy of God, the demon anti-Christ told US the
conflict he began, was because Saddam wouldn't let the
inspectors in. While, corporate nazi whores, refused to
correct ourselves on our sacrifices, for they enjoy
remaining impartial, when it comes to the crimes they
inflict upon our humanity. Enemies to all humanity CBC
and CNN are by refusing OUR facts to speak for
themselves. No betterment could be garnered, by the
demon anti-Christ's war crimes against civilization,
WITHOUT DOUBT. And, it's only the enemies of our
dumfukked and dimmer soldiers, in corporate mind
control, who refuse to allow anyone to state THAT FACT,
for, the enemy bushite would be exposed, and America
would be hunting them down with the Law as the traitors
to freedom they clearly are.



/ / "We cannot be the home of the thief and the land of
the slave." \ \


Bush Lies to Canada

Demon bush spew "I made some decisions obviously that
some in Canada, didn't agree with. Like for example
removing Saddam Hussein, and enforcing the demands of
the UN security council."

Saddam was not found in violation of 1441, so the war
criminal anti-Christ's demands were not our world's, nor
that of the UN Security Council. How does thieving our
assets, destroying our infrastructure, and
indiscriminately murdering more than a hundred thousand
innocent people, (in turn to sacrifice more worthless
bushite nazi teens) bring about their closer fraudster
bushite "Freedom"? Again, CNN, and CBC let the demon
liar spew his hatred of our liberties, without factually
challenging his lies with our un-debatable established
truths. CNN and CBC would "sell" seeing our dimmer
youths sacrificed as bushmob thieves through blatant
bushite lies, to truly, steal our freedoms and liberty
with further murders by proxy.

/ / .. or when [bush] just told you for no reason
possible, why American soldiers are DYING, "Saddam
wouldn't let inspectors in", \ \

This should be a time when the People rise up as angels
of mercy, and hunt with Law to kill George W. Bush,
Rumsfeld, and Condoleeza Rice for the crimes committed
on 9/11. Just because the corporate T.V. doesn't
mention the facts to draw our own conclusions, doesn't
make it not so out of our realms of expertise
as Freedom's true represention.


/ / "It's about a will to dignity. It's
not too much to ask for our vote to count." \ \


/ / Colonel Ron Johnson "If I could have an Iraqi
security force guy who's honest, reliable and
dependable, it's worth five Marines," \ \


This is Hockey

US general John Sattler declared: "We have liberated
the city of Fallujah."

Sattler openly lies to the lives of America with this
insult, and the bushite nazi dumfuk, is too stupid or
evil to frag him as enemy proudly for it. The People of
the world, look, see.. bushites are murderous liars,
cheats, and thieves as the enemies of America, who even
lie to THEMSELVES on how many have been sacrificed to
blood the coffers of the American pension thieving war
monger bushite 9/11 cancer. A liar nazi bushite
commander would sacrifice his nation, along with own
family, before saying a word in defence of our freedoms,
our humanity, or our God. COWARDS. American nazi
bushite commander gets killed american nazi bushite
grunts, in dreams they too, can financially profit off
the talentless continuing THEFTS for enslavement to
sacrifice themselves as fascist tyrannies. Hmmm. but
the nature of American freedom, is to be one as everyone
being equal scores. "Gee, maybe some day even you could
be Presidential."

Weak intellectually, prone to cuss, the bushite nazi
dumfuk, is a worthless piece of crap.


/ / I have the impression that there are no other words
except "fuck" and "shit". Each communication, each
order is accompanied by a flow of 'fucks', 'shits' and
'bullshits'. I look at Americans with a pity.

Among the "colored-skin" GIs "Latinos" are largest
group, then Africans and semi-Africans. The officers
are mostly whites but there are also blacks... But I
cannot understand at all, why the US Army soldiers speak
broken English!! \ \

/ / During the five days, while the count was yet
conducted, more than three thousand wounded passed
through our hospital. These were the people who lived
nearby. The people who could be delivered to us.
Nobody knows how many people in the city are dead. \ \

/ / I cannot recognize the city. Only ten days ago it
was an Iraqi town with its regular for centuries Arabic
life. Boling bazaars, noisy streets. And here I am
going through the empty dead city, between the ugly
"pyramids" of destroyed buildings, broken streets, whole
quarters wiped from the face of earth. \ \


old nazi tricks

/ / The Red Crescent's Falluja coordinator, Jotiar
Nafaa, estimates that between 150 and 175 families are
left in the city that once had a population of 300,000. \ \

REUTERS up to their old nazi tricks again. Jotiar
Nafaa, "coordinator", should surely know, that it is 175
families that had requested for the help of Red Crescent
totaled several days previous, (without phones, nor
abilities to leave their homes (150?)), NOT, "left in
the city". [THINK: how could they possibly know?
(nazi bushite whores were ordered to murder innocents
indiscriminately as enemies to God)] Also, is "Jotiar
Nafaa", the same woman hater, who LIED in REUTER"S
anonymous hand previously, as the Red Cross, that the
women held illegally as hostages by the thieving evil
nazi bushite forces, didn't really exist? (and who the
"sovereign" Justice system of Iraq, along with World
opinion, God, and JOHNNY had demanded to be let go for
lack of any real criminal charges? (despite CNN and CBC
WILLFULLY refusing to report on the issue as important.
(You know, INNOCENT women held hostage by bushite goons
who acquiesce COWARDLY for rapists and torturers? (Just
like Jew killer Ariel Sharon never gets a fair mention
by "America", nor Zarqawi, as he was in the second
Bigley flick, right before Samara.)))


Aljazeera.Net - Aid trickling in to desperate Fallujans

/ / The organisation estimates that only 150 to 175
families stayed in Falluja after the start of the US-led
offensive on 8 November \ \

The organization does not estimate the incorrect fantasy
conclusion held by this pro-irrational Bush article from
Aljazeera.NET. By god Johnny, where tell us could such
lies begin at? Well, let's go investigate... If as it
is, a misrepresentation of Red Crescent's actual
findings, wouldn't you think "they" would put out a
press release to correct this falsehood of public
claim?, to suggest 150 remain in a city the size of
300,000+?, but no greater than 175? without access for
numbering by anyone, but for the only near 15,000 HUMAN
BEINGS known escaped as refugees??? Or, are the
"reporters" just conveying the "facts", by putting no
investment in our validity? Leaving us for further
victimhood, by hiding ourselves from the war crimes the
anti-Christ bushite nazi savage commanders have
committed in my name, America's name, God's name? as our

Our cause as Humanity is for freedom's reign, not to
sacrifice Humanity as misled bushite nazi facist teens
further, so bush, condi and rummy can fi-nah-lly escape
"The True Patriot's Wrath", for the crimes they
committed against Freedom America on "bush win", 9/11.
So... Why so do I think Justice is going to get GW,
making no mistakens? Because the Patriot's Patriot is
you too my sworn believer, and now that's this:
America's craftier than that George Bush Jr. makes
living out for, in "our"-OWN news broadcasts. As the
"censored" contributors who learned our gathering skills
some time ago already, I say, Freedom is paramount. Mr.
bush's unbiased corporate news agenda doesn't hold
America to an account before the Lord, nor to God as
being, an honest spoken word, or deed of good measure.
Of friendship, of kindness, of compassion and caring for
our fellow human beings. I have rights too you know.
As cowards, the bushite refuses to defend the innocent
they rob and murder from to serve as enemies of Life,
done in to die pleasing their false idol, corporate
america's glorious leader, the un-elected dictator, Our
Mr. bush Jr..

It should be further noted, as reported, that all aid
agencies contributing have accounted for only near
15,000 families stationed in refugee camps that escaped
the indiscriminate anti-Christ demon bombing campaigns.
So, total deaths tolls could exceed 200,000 just for
Falluja alone., what with the napalm, land mines, 1000
lb bombs, snipers, tanks, mortars, essential services,
police protections, denials of foods or water, thefts,
vandalism, and so on. All along with the refusal to
allow the People to escape before hand, or even enter
now. I've only heard that the nazi grunts will only
allow the "staff" of "Red Crescent", to quickly as can
be, come into the demolished city, and dispose of our
corpses with bulldozers likely. You know?, any males
between 15 to 50?, like their "Hero", the bush family's
Hitler regime did. You tell me, would you enjoy as a
True Patriot Warrior, killing a LYING enemy bushite nazi
bomber, on behalf of saving yourself and family, God and
Humanity? God?, that the demon anti-Christ disciples
murder to steal from US as the innocent? To kill an
evil and mindless devaluating corporate bushite facist
slave, is to save the untold lives of thousands of US
innocent they target indiscriminately for criminal
plunder. Dying as cowards too weak to defend their own
country from the neo-con conspirators, they die. Die..
Get this measage out to the American forces, and stand
back, cause America's gonna win this fight for freedom,
or die as slaves remaining unworthy to a blind comitment
of tyranny by furthering enslavement against our Human

Continue doubting in silence fledgling Patriot, and
bushite america's war will continue refusing to speak on
it's needless sacrificing through bushite criminal
decree. We know, wealthy con man Art Bell, Limbaugh,
and O'Really will try and refuse such truths discussed
in Your America, care for the lives of sacrificing
American teen soldiers are of no concern to their profit
margins., so far. You, my friend, just need to try
starting a demand for justice as Freedom commands.
(And, if you wish, you can thank us with a small cash
donation to help me escape this nearing starvation.)

I'd, as the Son of Man, (but you can call me Dad.)
proudly teach, or kill godless thieving bushite to save
the lives of any child, and so would the rest of
Humanity likewise. There is no known fate worst, than a
Mother Nature scorned, or near 7 billion People really
very angry with you.

"if the USA's honor can go along with these [bushite]
tactics . . then the USA is a country without honor."

And, boy, real America wouldn't take kindly to George W.
Bush Jr. as understanding, the elected President has
leadered the murder, of thousands of decieved Americans
as the innocent, all to only steal from, as the left
"officially" undefended. Hell, as the true Leader of
this Free World, and holy roller god child, George W.
Bush Jr. pisses me off to no end, how about you?

/ / Washington says the Falluja campaign was necessary
to bring the Sunni Muslim city back under the control of
the central Baghdad government ahead of planned Iraqi
elections in January. \ \

Reuters up to their old nazi tricks again. It was only
mindless nazi savages who indiscriminately murder good
honorable people, who advocate thieving and torture,
rape and murder, and the willful destruction of America,
that were banned from entering the Holy city.

No evidence, so then, for what? What but to get more
cowardly american marines dead, to serve soullessly
further - as the stolen riches of the evil enemy demon
anti-Christ, evil personified, Our Mr. bush Jr.. (the
same from 9/11 fame)


/ / By targeting civilians, he said, an army could
advance more rapidly. ``Air-delivered terror''
effectively removes civilian obstacles. \ \

Pure, unadulterated fascist nazi evil. "Never again"?
Killing un-arrested bushite (Saudi wahabbi) commanders,
is like killing the enemies of America, Humanity, and
Jesus' God. Do ourselves and Johnny a great big favor,
when you see a loyal bushite nazi grunt, thief and
murderer, imagine, "yah, that's right, that's what being
a kind neighbor is all about, for Christ said so in
John's Revelations." Bushite! your false Idol religion
is too stupid to remain for dying spark under the
anti-Christ's evil criminal dictatorship of, wannabe
dumfuks. I'm Your God see, and Your coming and going.
As for Royal King Johnny, he's just standing in for this
time being,..' hey you!, pay no attention to anyone
behind what curtain! Boo!

America is wonderful to truly believe of it as in the
making. So, let's get the work done that needs doing,
so God can get back to trying to enjoy some time at
home. I'm here for a good time, not a long time, and
the sun don't shine every day. So get off your asses,
and demand some real Justice for Christ's sake. Johnny
has awoken, and he's cranky they say.



/ / Impunity - the perception of being outside the law -
has long been the hallmark of the Bush regime. \ \



Israeli Soldiers Going In For The Kill: A 13 year
old Palestinian JEWISH school girl is about to die

/ / "It's a little girl. She's running defensively
eastwards, a girl of about 10. She's behind the
embankment, scared to death."

"Anyone who's mobile, moving in the zone, even if
it's a three-year-old, needs to be killed.

..soldiers in the company, [...] Givati Brigade,
complained that they had been "besmirched"

The soldiers said that the commander had fired
two shots at the girl from close range as she
lay on the ground.. \ \

Will all Jews join me in calling for the public World
trial of crimes against God's Humanity, done by these
truly godless fascist nazi enemies of the Holy Jewish
faith? Or, will the anti-Jewish Ariel Sharon crowd
again, march more Jews silently to their graves,
refusing to speak for the Bible's Word that all people
are created in God's loving image?

Victimizing the innocent to steal from, is not acts
becoming of a religious person or a truly "democratic"



/ / Musil said the [rumsfeld's] Pentagon's effort to
draw a distinction between the weapons was outrageous.

"It's Orwellian. They do not want the public to know.
It's a lie," he said. \ \


/ / Hammad said he had seen elderly women carrying white
flags shot by U.S. soldiers. ''Even the wounded people
were killed. The Americans made announcements for
people to come to one mosque if they wanted to leave
Fallujah, and even the people who went there carrying
white flags were killed.'' \ \



/ / But we have to be very cognizant of the fact that
the media's adamant refusal to address the very real
irregularities of the 2004 vote is a deliberate act of
psychological warfare. [...]

"if the USA's honor can go along with these tactics . .
. then the USA is a country without honor." [...]

The word 'jihad' (holy war) from which 'el moudjahid'
(fighter for the faith) derives, has always been,
because of an anti-Islamic prejudice that dates from the
Crusades, taken in the Christian West in a limited and
restrictive sense. It is taken as a symbol of religious
aggressiveness. This interpretation is rendered absurd
by the very fact that Islam is tolerant, and the respect
of religions, in particular Judaism and Christianity, is
one of its fundamental precepts, something which, in
fact, has been in practice over the centuries. \ \


/ / Ending this bloodbath is the most honorable task
Americans can perform to restore progressive priorities
and our respect in the world. We have passed the point
for graceful exit strategies. Our policy is to go on
mechanically killing people unless they vote in January
for us to keep on killing people. \ \



/ / Our priorities must change. \ \


/ / Brooks seems to think that the CIA is the
President's personal advertising agency and that its
employees owe their livelihoods to him. \ \


/ / Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, a Republican,
issued a directive to election officials to turn away
such voters if they arrived at the polls to cast regular
ballots. \ \



/ / UN officials, at U.S. request, placed a curtain
over a tapestry of Picasso's Guernica, located at the
entrance to the Security Council chambers. As a TV
backdrop, the anti-war mural would contradict the
Secretary of State's case for war in Iraq. \ \

/ / In August, US National Guardsmen discovered and
sought to stop the torture of detainees in a Baghdad
prison by Allawi's new interior ministry police, but
were ordered by US commanders to leave the victims in
the hands of their tormentors. \ \


/ / The leak about the money and the rigged election
apparently came from technicians who were promised to be
paid a certain amount for their work but the Bush
campaign interlocutors reneged and some of the
technicians are revealing the nature of the vote rigging
program. \ \

Yawn. Yet another act of high treason by the enemy
bushite, that should warrant prosecution under American
law, but look!, CNN and CBC couldn't care less about the
legitimacy of US elections, or our freedoms and the
irrational sacrifices of life made by cowardly and
soulless teen-age disciples of the true enemy evil
anti-Christ. Why bother to arrest those who committed
MASSIVE fraud during the election, the crime is over,
and corporate amerikkka have already declared themselves
our enemies of freedom, as committed, to kill, or have
killed, America for stolen gains without virtue.
Besides, what is such a charge in amerka know-a-daze?,
"fifth degree felony"? Why even bother. Reading is for
the stupid people, and math is even quackier, har har.


/ / I retired in 1999 as a lieutenant colonel with 30
years total service. I am now also a 60% disabled vet
due to combat wounds which have worsened over the years.

At the same time my day job was as a police officer. I
served 26 years with the Tulsa PD, working uniform,
plain clothes, SWAT, bomb squad and finally as a police
helicopter pilot for 3600 hours of flight time. I
received the department's Medal of Valor, two Chief's
Medals, and the Department Commendation Medal. Not
exactly the profile of a terrorist suspect, eh?

My sin, evidently, was using the First Amendment. \ \


"Word on high is, "Dream-Job", is the doorway to miracles. Wow! The
beginning has begun!"

D-R-E-A-M - J-O-B


/ / Mr. bush is sending them into these military
conflicts, to create more hostility for them to die
over. So bush can rob ever more, from the undefended
American People left back home there, still, victimized
without repremand to those who ripped them off for their
pensions as example. \ \

Dream job. The future now looks like something worth
fighting for. Please, pass this recording to our news
agencies. I do not have the ability to do this job of
ours all by myself, I need Your help. Please do US this
small favor, and I'm sure this Universe will thank you
for it. Word on high is, "Dream-Job", is the doorway to
miracles. Wow! The beginning has begun!

Love and kisses,

Johnny Wizard


/ / It wasn't enough to force a surrender and have The
Ba'athists cooperate with the Coalition. Israel demanded
that everyone in power who ever thought anti-Israel thoughts
must be removed, even though the resulting chaos has cost
untold lives and billions of dollars. \ \


> Word of Advice
> A, one of a kind broadcast, for all our great Johnny Wizard fans.

>  http://la.indymedia.org/news/2004/11/119355.php


God is Great

A person accused in our name(s) of a criminal offence,
needs to be established somehow to be as such, and the
only way to do that, is to present evidence that formed
your/our conclusion. Without evidence our accused is
ourselves as the innocent, being falsely imprisoned,
tortured, or murdered. Murdered, as the Allawi and the
bushite nazi forces did to our friends and family in
Falluja, to please the demon liar, lawless George Bush
Jr. as their central thief system of dishonor and
betrayal to the human cause, Your own.

Now, when bush stated that Laden was guilty, without
evidence needed to form a conclusion, or when he just
told you for no reason possible, why American soldiers
are DYING, "Saddam wouldn't let inspectors in", the
bushmob thieves plundered in our "lost" confusion. All
the while bush always seeking to close America's
on-going criminal investigations, by causing even more
have nots among US. So, as a free person, to side for
the, bush wars America, God, and Johnny issue, you would
seek out to find for Yourself beholding likewise as We
all are: bush is actually super fuking evil, like
personified or incarnate even, and Johnny's almost like
a stranger Messianic figure who just wants to be known
as a semi-normal average GUY/god fellow. (Sheesh.. We
gotta bring ourselves everywhere we go) I "hate" bush
for being so not himself stupid to think there was no
actual walking, talking, godly Persons from the
outer-reaches coming in to get him for the crimes he has
committed ourselves to. Corporate news dictate without
a human presence, doesn't rule this world of
communication, we do. (Jesus wasn't buying Satan's
RIGHTiOUS!!..! Just ignore the misconceptions others
have, and join the party!!! The Time is Now, and man,
do I know how to make an entrance or what?)

A demand for Justice is our birthright as the human
species struggling to survive.

We could be on good terms with the "unthinking", greatly
special loving Earth as the no longer leaving ourselves
to be silently victimized, and I think, we'd think, we
want to live in a freedom bound for glory, not a hell
hole of, ignorance is bliss, look there! your dying
needlessly victimized, oh.. too late who cares your
dead nonexistence. Did you say something?

Trust me America, YOU WANNA correct this George Bush Jr.
problem before it becomes the "law" of the "land".
Don't fear though, for, God's here, there, everywhere!!!
It's you over... there! and under here.. and then...
we said hello to Johnny, the miracle worker. God
People, I have so many good words to tell you, and
wonders that would surely boggle some senses. Our hope
for a better future doesn't have to die here on a cross
for the war mongering bushmob thieves, but, it's going
to require You personally taking some action, be it
however slight, to bring a remedy to this current, "Look
People, bush thinks he has almost escaped accountability
for the commitment of crimes he perpetrated on 9/11
against US interests." Strange but.. REMEMBER: people
like Americans, are currently needlessly still dying for
the bushmob war monger thieves., dying by only our
continuing censored voices on the seriousness of our
commitment to defend the rights of every free person
standing; ourselves as God being victimized with these
unjustly expensive, neo-con bushite terrorist campaigns
against Civilization's better judgement.

God is great I know it's true, just put a little faith
in yourself, and demand America soldiers fight instead
to protect DYING America from the tricky, evil bushmob
cabal of THIEVES. Cheney looks bad there, as does
Myers, and didn't Goss have some pre-9/11 meetin' with
9/11's General Ahmad that he has still yet to answer
for, or.. is it we guess, to be "legally" done in by...
the Secret Order. The American good cop is all we're
expecting, and all we need when dealing with the likes
of a self-depreciating bushite conspirator..

We don't get to be Magnificent without you likewise.
This alien world we have victimized against our better
interests, is a failing spirit of Life from our vantage
point. Going back before the Age of Reason, is not
where I believe America wants to be taken any further,
thank you, but no thanks, besides, the King of Kings is
here. Johnny Wizard looking to break into prime-time
with his very own Special special.

I'd have ta be one crazy mixed up loon to follow this
world over with the universal principles of justice as
freedom, to set course for the dreams of my trying, and
you might be right. Get You to talk TRULY will,
guaranteed, freak you out. REMEMBER: Mr. bush Jr.
should have been arrested day one, with that fifty
billion. That was before 9/11, Afghanistan, Haiti,
Iraq, a few hundred thousand innocent lives, 300 billion
plus a few hundred more stolen, and for what? I can
only see, we needed myself as King here yesterday. I
wasn't chosen for this freedom post per say, but, me and
the stars had a dream one time, and it continues through
out to this day, enough to say but, this is not what you
read about in the manuals. Freedom to be yourself, is
the freedom to dream something bigger that your wildest
imaginations. I am the Son of Man, and do I have tales
to tell. (I know, it sounds crazy, but it's just like a
performance gimmick to increase my Q ratings. And, it
seems to be somewhere working with me.. I've got a
story down pat for anything if someone should ask what
fear is.., now, open that curtain so we can start the

I have a treat for you strange friends and friendly
strangers out there. Some art work from me. Now, I
used the drawing myself, for posters of different sizes,
explaining in small writing some key 9/11 questions,
while with maybe block letters, things like "bush is
EVIL", 'did 9/11', can you hear me?, as what have you..
So, here I will offer you something I created, a Johnny
Wizard pencil drawing in jpg format. Enjoy!


Hmm, perhaps I'll give out other of my drawings as
thankyous for fifty dollar donations? Or prints for
$500! You know, they could be worth a substantial
amount of money in a few years, hmm, a real investment
for your future... A wise move for the prudent investor
really when you think about it. But hey, no pressure,
no pressure.

Being me out to destroy bushite just sucks. I'm really
not naturally so angry about what bush has done to our
world all the time. My voice is getting hoarser, and
I'm occasionally grunting, bad sign. I want to live
like it's 1999!

Arrest for immediate trial, bush, rumsfeld and condi for
the crimes of 9/11 back in New York City, and all will
be well with my World,

A friend of living on for a brighter day,

Johnny Wizard


Truth is Telling

/ / Major-General Richard Natonski prepared his troops
for the battle ahead. 'We're goin' in to raise the
Eye-raqi flag above Falluja - to give it back to the
Fallujans,' \ \

So, was it Major-General Richard Natonski's decision to
drop 2000 lb bombs then? Was it his charge to
indiscriminately shoot at US innocent, on the street, in
our cars, our homes?, cause somebody's gotta pay then
with their lives for lying to die the dumfuk marines,
who it turns out, weren't so dumb, or hard of hearing
after all. Those responsible for the bombing campaign
targeting hospitals and groups of innocent people, need
to be hunted down with extreme prejudice, and publicly
executed on behalf of our Humanity. So too, do those
who ordered the NEEDLESS bombing campaign in Samara.
And, for those who have worn the American flag while
willfully committing the sadistic crimes of torture and
rape, we shall all join together, and hunt down as
our enemies without mercy. The bushite are enemies of
all our humanity, demanding we sacrifice our honor, like
they have done to family and friend, and sacrifice our
courage, because they refuse to defend their own flag
and the freedom of which it stands, one nation,

I will not rest until every traitor of the America I
remember, is summarily executed by death sentence for
the convicted war crimes Humanity and God has suffered
under their heinously satanic barbarity. I HATE the
anti-Christ, and all the bushite has tolled against our
better station. As I tell again, killing bushite is a
godsend. They as a satanic force of evil, torturing and
murdering, rob from America as they "willfully" allow
the robbery of Iraqis, and they truly, rob from
themselves when refusing to join US in the demands to
have bush condi and rumsfeld downed for the crimes of
9/11. We also demand all stolen assets taken through
the bushite mongering war privateers, returned to a
legitimate Iraqi government. All done by firstly,
arresting Allawi for the murderous war crimes in
Samarra, and then in Falluja. Also, hunting down to
kill those who forbad humanity from helping US in
Falluja, or turned off the utilities, shall be tried and
publicly executed for commiting war crimes against MY

Weak intellectually as fascist nazis, the slave whore
bushite's commitment is to only die for as enemy. They
FEAR to have to stand up for fellow thieving soldiers
and say, "damn, this war is evil to the 'n degree, Jesus
would surely be angry, And from what I hear, the Son of
Man is pretty upset about what we enemies of God have
done too, and, well.. we do not have to thoughtlessly
serve under anti-Christ war crime decree any longer, as
the cowardly lying chicken shits, too afraid to defend
our own nation., instead, let's go bag US some enemy
bushite for America's America!" We do all together want
to convict those who murdered thousands in New York
City, and we're definitely not combating global
terrorism, by fighting a needless war against the
innocent, lying to ourselves that by doing so, brings
about a fair just government of "The People"., to then
in turn arrest whom? American soldiers need to say, to
hell with bush, and corporate professionalism, my
loyalty is with Christ as a truth telling demon slayer.

For those who still continue, to sacrifice our rights to
life and liberty, for a no better good deal as the bad
guys, are TRAITORS to America, who are attempting to
help escape bush and rumsfeld from the murder scene of
9/11. Never gonna happen. So, why should yet another,
promising young man, die as a dumfuk bushite, the most
hated and reprehensible nazi savage America has ever
gleamed of? The indiscriminate bombing of our
communities rightly gets dead, another, good for
nothing, nazi soulless bushite vermin, AND RIGHTLY SO.
I'd kill thieving bushite bombers to save the innocent
life of anyone.. like a,.. cluster dud dropper.,
wouldn't you?, in all honestly, if you had the power,
kill such an evil nazi betrayer to Freedom and America
who blindly targets our residential communities to
enrich the UN-AMERICAN demon anti-Christ bushite thieves
further? That, as bushite nazi grunt, they die for?

America is dying to prosper their false-deity war
criminal demon anti-Christ, Our Mr. bush Jr, the same
responsible for the nine eleven travesty, who attempts
escape only through fascist americans who willfully
betray America by condoning the furthering of bushite
censorship for tyranny. Is America the cesspool of
corruption and greed, without a People person present
willing to make a stand for God and Country? BUSH IS
EVIL. Let's arrest'em, or kill'em for committing high
treason on 9/11 with condi and rumsfeld.

What do yah say?

Under the witness of every freedom loving person this
universe over, I am proclaiming, a war against the liar
George Bush Jr., the vilest contempt for mankind this
World will not stand by to be destroyed because of.

/ / claiming that the United States went to war because
Saddam wouldn't let inspectors in; the media has treated
this as not really a lie because it's so obviously
untrue. \ \

America is a coming to kill the truly evil George
Bush Jr.,

Johnny Wizard


Falluja women, children in mass grave

/ / "We buried them here, but we could not identify them because
they were charred by the use of napalm bombs used by the Americans," \



/ / Killing un-arrested George W. Bush is truly,
a gift of love to God. \ \



/ / the way that the invading American troops [godless
as satanic bushite nazi thieves] were using Iraqi women
and children as human shields. \ \



/ / I saw people dead on the side of the road
in civilian clothes.'' He recalls how his trigger-happy
compatriots mowed down 30 civilians at a checkpoint on a
single day. \ \



/ / The doctors statement noted that US snipers killed
more than 17 Iraqidoctors who had rushed to respond to an
earlier appeal \ \


The King Commands

/ / Rumsfeld replied to a direct question yesterday as
to whether he knew Zarqawi was in Fallujah with the
answer: ``I have no idea if he is there.'' \ \

So, America! there is your reason for dying America's
sons and daughters, Johnny's brothers and sisters. "No
idea" rumsfeld states while his private partners cash in
the blood checks for everything but the funeral
services. I ask sacrificing soldiers to help grant me
space to debate bush and rumsfeld on international
radio. We gotta take away Art Bell's turn off button to
thank him for all the enlightenment he has been a part
of in America, but that these life death top priority
issues of ours, he hasn't the right to censor
communication on. This is your World that I wish to
play servant of. As my subject; I promise a fight to
return Justice through freedom for all. How? By
believing in you to do as you should, demanding the
immediate arrest or execution of bush, rumsfeld, and
condi for the crimes of 9/11. Demanding the return of
all stolen Iraqi assets, made by those who personally
profited off the criminal transactions. Demand the
arrest or execution of Allawi for the bombing campaign
of Samara, along with bushite military commanders who
organized the satanic attack. Why would America do
this? To free the dying lives of their bushite nazi
whored, dying grunt savage slave population. .or
perhaps not...

/ / Joseph Bowman, a 20-year-old marine from Texas:
``We're ready to go. I'm just ready to get this done.
I want to go and kill people, so we can go home. Kill
them, and go home, that's all we can do now.'' \ \

Where is home for the Joseph Bowmans? A devolving
backward wasteland?, where brother kills brother for a
stolen nickel? Who would want to share the same home?,
street?, or community with such contempt for life and
liberty? God and Johnny? Who's home does bushite
Bowman SEE the joys of his humanity flourishing?, or
being destroyed as the true enemy? Is that the place
where the pursuit of freedom is done by sanctioning
first degree murder for no reason in particular? And is
that the bushite america we've all come to getting to
know of these last few days through corporate news
contempt for the loss of our life's love?, and God's
voice? It is all up to us, You included. In battle
against the evils of this world, we should start on
getting back to those that did US wrong on 9/11: bush,
rumsfeld, and condi., just for starters, while keeping a
careful watch on those that jump to their cause for
furthering tyranny.

A terrorist to target: Major Todd Desgrosseilliers

/ / US forces unleashed more than 20 air strikes and
some 60 artillery rounds on Monday, said Major Todd
Desgrosseilliers. [...] An AFP reporter in the Jolan
district said one building in every 10 had been
flattened. As US-led troops closed in on the
neighborhood overnight, at least four 900-kilogram bombs
were dropped in the city's northwest. \ \

What is it that the major is warring Falluja's defenders
for? Is it to thieve the assets of the war torn city
through the sacrifice of American boys and girls?, or is
it to set up a representative government that would
firstly stand demanding immediate reparations? The
return of all stolen assets? (referring to the satanic
bushite documents: the lawless 13303 and the, "THIEVING
bushite dying soldiers stole it, so" now, G.W. can sell
it privately to his no-national robber baron "Economy
Plan"sters.) Would not a free and liberated Iraq demand
a return of the "missing" or "lost" billions through the
humanitarian Iraqi Development Funds? The practice of
human rights law? Criminal investigations? World wide
Public arrests or executions of the rapists and
torturers, along with the war crime commanders?, who
mostly command from sunny Florida as pension thieves,
and the lucrative Halliburton billionaire war pressure
lobbyists?., For all together as represented, we instead
(they claim) advocate the mistreatment of US innocents
in Your name. Sacrificed? Why do you let them get away
with that? How about instead my friends, for Christ's
sake, we decide together to go after the criminals?
Allawi must pay with his remaining life for the needless
bombing of Samara that got many an American soldier
KILLED for nothing. Nothing. Died for nothing, but to
sacrifice more of America to the war crimer bushite, the
lawless demon anti-Christ's followers of evil
personified., the most popular Presidente' ever
all-act-dud. .!!.

Yeah yeah, bush and rumsfeld did 9/11, but did you know
the Pentagon has not so mysteriously misplaced near 3
trillion dollars?, that a couple few claim was forever
lost? Shucks? And did you know, it is the Treasury
Department that loaned the Federal Reserve American
currency to begin with, not the other way around, when
they in turn, lent it back to ourselves.., at private
interest. Whoms? Hmm... a quest for answers to the
name on the bill We Trust?

At the same time while we're all parting, we got like,
American soldiers indiscriminately murdering people.
That isn't an accusation I make against the nazi
bushite, they freely confess it. and for what purpose?
They say, "we'll kill more than them that they'll kill
of US"

Yeah but, why bomb ANYBODY? Why do you have to
sacrifice American soldier's lives for no greater good?
What benefit does it bring to the DYING bushite grunts
who are ordered to stick around and try to placate
hostilities with "good" intentions? as within the sites
of Humanity - as enemies to US all? Will the commanders
argue from sunny Florida, that yeah but, we killed more
of them, than them of US. And.. they are who?
ordering the commitment to indiscriminate murder? as
the bad guys?. The bushites bombed, the willing to
placate Samarra, to only get killed, more American
Marines. And for what but the few bucks wasted on the
ammo?.. to get killed more "uncounted" Marines
naturally., for the bushites are waging to make a real
killing on this American sacrifice. Look, we can sit
down with each arrested bushite individually, talk to
them about wether they are personally committed to
thieving further from America, all to die benefitting
the likes of an Enron, and those that thought they'd get
away from the crime scene of 9/11; before deciding
ultimately, wether the born again have any real hope
left. The bushites are enemies to God, Amnerica,
Johnny, and themselves truly dying US for. We can see
how easy the manipulation of the American soldier's mind
is, they have no ability to rationalize while speaking,
and as a consequence, have no understanding of their
bad-faith based satanic system. George W. Bush Jr.
threatens the grunt soldier to always fear what they
don't understand, like, the wisdom contained within the
American Constitution, or the dreaded, free to speak any
mind Internet. Terrified of growing up like real men do
to make their own decisions in this big world, the
bushite nurse instead on the teat of sadomasochism, as
bushwhore nazi dumfuk slaves. Dying brain dead limp as
noodles mushing. And why? All because Americans don't
want to trouble American Talk radio with our freedoms. I
again challenge Art Bell, Limbaugh and O'Really to a
three hour debate entitled, "Wizard's War of Words: A
Super Duper Special" all about their un-worthiness to
censor our screams for Justice.

Joy to the world, or more misery and suffering under the
demon anti-Christ, Our lawlessly evil Mr. bush Jr.? It
is up to you really. Where do you want to go? Up, or
down? You decide, but don't wait until forever never
coming; these times demand for the victim, some real
accountability. It is the power of our nature to being,
that demands a call to arms against the war crime
instigating, nine eleven perpetrators. Military
commanders who don't support the arrest or execution of
said individuals: bush, rumsfeld, and condi, are
traitors guilty of mutiny.

/ / because having photographers or reporters present
could have interfered with the count \ \

What we do now is accuse ES&S, along with Diebold of
falsifying the election, then when they're pressed to
prove "their" findings, they'll tell US, they can't, no
ballot trail. Their convictions on our accuracy is
misplaced. Pen and paper with ballots secured in locked
boxes that never leave public scrutiny is the answer.
Those who deny US that privilege, are enemies of freedom
and democracy, wether they know it or not.

What for you say?, up for a challenge?

Your, coming to town, lovable loyal American King,

Johnny Wizard



/ / But not until Friday did they begin to spill into
the more conventional news media. That's when the
Cincinnati Enquirer reported that officials in Warren
County, Ohio, had "elocked down" its administration
building to prevent anybody from observing the vote
count there.

Suspicious enough on the face of it, the decision got
more dubious still when County Commissioners confirmed
that they were acting on the advice of their Emergency
Services Director, Frank Young. Mr. Young had
explained that he had been advised by the federal
government to implement the measures for the sake of
Homeland Security. \ \

MSNBC Covers Voting Problems

/ / He said that there were 90,000 more votes cast in
Ohio than registered voters

He said that all the irregularities in Florida and Ohio
have happened in counties using non-paper-trail e-voting
from the companies run by Bush's friends. \ \


/ / Meanwhile, the U.S. continued its targeting of
medical facilities in the city. A makeshift clinic that
is serving as the main first-aid facility was bombed
this morning after U.S. and Iraqi forces took over
Fallujah General Hospital early Monday. \ \


Praise Jesus! I killed ten lawless bushite disciples of
the demon anti-Christ today, and I'm just getting
started.. Praise Jesus!

/ / Here is a city, surrounded and cut off, whose male
population between the ages of 15 and 50 faces being
``put to the sword'' by the US military, and no one in
the media can stir himself to raise an objection. \ \

We all can only hope and pray all US Godly innocent
people will wake up, and starta' hunting bushite to the
ends of this Earth. There is no pleasure greater, than
destroying fascist nazi bushite grunts, to save the
lives of the innocent they target for pillage and
murder. Enemies of America are the cowardly and
soulless disciples of the demon tyrant anti-Christ, Our
evil Mr. bush Jr.. Disciples of evil who war God as
our enemies in attempt to escape bush, condi, and
rumsfeld for the crimes of nine eleven. No dice, for
Johnny's now, truly coming around like some kinda godly
American Man of Virtues most can not even begin to
understand. Don't be afraid my brothers and sisters,
unless of course you're a bushite, for as a Christ
Crusader I'll kill you myself, before allowing you to
murder another innocent soul in My name. "Death to the
bushite instead of our good friends and family", is our
King's reply. Bushite commanders responsible for
ordering the irrational bombing campaigns in Iraq, (to
steal profit for rumsfeld's partners, while sacrificing
weak and stupid American teens in the process,) such as
in Samarra and Falluja, I am now offering a ten million
dollar bounty on, per. If your organization bags three
or more, before December 25th, there will be an extra
something under the Christmas tree this year.

Do you Love me now as the Son of Man you'll
ever know?

King Johnny Wizard


(to steal profit for rumsfeld's partners, while
sacrificing weak and stupid American teens in the

See? Evil bushite kill "other" bushite to steal our
freedoms and money, and US true freedom fighters would
kill'em too to defend our innocent families. Like I
said, un-principled nazi facist savages is the
un-American enemy bushite without contention but for
lifeless corporate censorship on our core values.
Demand our voices be heard, or die not trying to do any
greater. I'm serious this time.

God bless America - Now, let's arrest or kill US some
enemy bushite, what do you say People?


/ / "I have no other choice but to resort to extreme
measures to protect the Iraqi people from these killers
and to liberate residents of Fallujah so they can return
to their homes." \ \

American Patriot Warriors, kill Allawi as our number
one, Iraqi People killer. Thanks in advance my friend.

The biggest most best Johnny Wizard international broadcast ever!
Don't wait! Get your own copy today! While supplies last...



In Fallujah, U.S. Declares War on Hospitals, Ambulances


Or, is it another of those, why bother-who cares?-fifth
degree felony things?


/ / Despite this, the Bush administration denies any
responsibility for the missing explosives. \ \

Nor for sabotaging the ORHA for franks and rumsfeld to
rob the pro-Iraqi central bank. It's just more American
deaths as dumfuk sacrifices for the evil anti-Christ,
like bush and rumsfeld committed as stolen from America
on 9/11. Who cares about America Limbaugh would quietly
trumpet, he's making a killing like Art Bell and
O'Reilly do, keeping US masses PORTRAYED uninformed and
ignorant beyond belief. Did you hear? Mr. bush is the
most popular President ever ellected!


/ / Not one "chicken hawk" or a clique of shirkers, but an
entire platoon of seventeen soldiers decided to face arrest
rather than die needlessly because THE MAN doesn't support
our troops. \ \

/ / stupid people prefer President George W Bush over
Senator John Kerry by a 4-to-1 margin \ \


Getting Started

< http://www.yubanet.com/artman/publish/article_14748.shtml>

/ / ..a call for immediate inquiry into
evidence that suggests high-level government officials
may have deliberately allowed the September 11th attacks
to occur. \ \

I would suggest all living American medias to join the
911 Truth Statement, then, if we did that, America might
settle her own affairs, and I could then just center on
my upcoming "Wizard's World Wide Wonder Tour" plans
currently in the finishing stages. This great World is
yours, treat yourself well. A National radio program is
just waiting for your call on what you know now about

/ / So, at the time of the invasion, the Iraqi
government had already disclosed and disarmed, and was
thereby in compliance with the major provisions of UN
Security Council resolution 1441, to which Bush refers
in this quote. Diplomacy had, in fact, worked. \ \

Demon bush spew "Saddam Hussein would still be in power,
he would control all those weapons and explosives, and
could share them with our terrorist enemies."

Yet, it was rummy and tommy franks who TREASONOUSLY
threw out the State Department's semi-thought through
ORHA plan of, securing the weapon sites and preventing
anarchy, and, it was the IAEA that had tabs on the
weapons before the bush demon kicked them out
irrationally. Done so to instigate looting and the
deaths of American soldiers, all so to allow traitor
franks and company to rob the public bank of uncounted
billions, along with the museum. See? bushite would
truly get the dumfuk cowardly bushite killed for a
stolen dollar, and US real men would kill bushite too,
as so would this eternal Universe, done so to protect
our loving innocent families. Being a bushite disciple
of the evil anti-Christ, is something all wish hardship
and death for instead of the innocent they,
un-apologetically, as enemies of God, openly target for
rape, pillage, and murder. Johnny Wizard pays ten cents
for every bushite tagged and bagged, ten cents. And, an
even share of at least 3 billion to those who kill the
bushite commanders responsible for the criminal bombing
of Samara. Hint: You kill the individuals who ordered
the bombing MURDER campaigns of Samara, then stand up
proud to our media as a real American soldier should or
would, and say yeah, I killed the nazi bushite traitors
as a true Patriot Warrior to protect my fellow brothers
and sisters. (Optional close: "All hail Johnny!) Do
that, and I promise you'll get what coming to you: all
the riches this world of God's can afford., But don't,
as bushite nazi soldier grunt, and likely die sacrificed
as a coward and a traitor to the Human cause of liberty
and Justice for US all. WARRING military corporate
commanders that don't support the arrest of those
responsible for 9/11, or the return of all stolen assets
taken through the neo-con's war crime actions, we should
all just frag for America.., what do you say Patriot(s)?

/ / Marine Colonel Michael Schupp dismissed the
sputtering dialogue as a sham. "The negotiations are a
ruse. They are just stalling for time," he told
reporters near Falluja. \ \

What negotiations? Allawi has repeatedly informed
American soldiers he has no evidence whatsoever,
establishing his therefor, FALSE allegations. Mr.
bremer's Zarqawi moves freely throughout Iraq, including
the green zone. Question: When all those children were
targeted for murder, by what was reported at the scene
with remote controls in one truck and under the street,
why would Zarqari take credit for it even if he was
truly responsible? And so on..? I think Michael Schupp
is a fuk up dumfuk, who thieves from America for bush,
and who clearly doesn't have the intellect to command
anyone but himself to his own rightly death. Why would
Zarqawi target children, when bushite nazi grunts are
all so close by coming and going?, for days at least
constructing stuff?, that rumsfeld broke?, then over
billed to fix for even further takings? Remember
several un-arrested bushite NAZI commanders openly
confesses to AMERICA in having no public objections
about murdering the innocent, without even having a
military objective established in some cases, but only
for to sacrifice another soulless bushite grunt/slave,
all so to enrich the comfy neo-con war mongers left back
home in our luxuries., Luxuries from where America's
very own grand parents are left un-treated as the still

What do You think People? Needlessly murder thousands
upon thousands irrationally making no sense, or, return
stolen Iraqi assets while arresting American enemy Iraqi
People killer Allawi, along with maybe Michael Schupp
while we're at it? For, who cares about what is right,
just, or true is this dying world of Yours?, er.. I
mean bush's. You remember, Saddam wouldn't let the
inspectors in, and that was why bush took a serious look
at this real world situation and decided unilaterally,
what the hell, he'd start a war against our Humanity
left "undefended" as an enemy to everyone. (Satan's
wager, that if i Remember correctly, Christ/God
refuses(d).) Evil is Our Mr. Bush Jr.. Thank Johnny we
had the time to intervene finally, now eh? Spooky is
not the word, but baby, we sure could be on the winning
side of this evolution by revelations thing. We are it
together, bound for freedom through the practice of
Justice, or bound to tyranny through acts of ignorance,
ignorance propped by fascist censorship regarding our
news content., Censorship of our human cause for

It is up to You brothers and sisters to demand evidence
a requirement to convince ourselves on who shall be
deemed the free person, or be sentenced to jail without
trial somewhere. Tyranny through criminal dictatorship,
or democracy expressing the true will of us people? It
is all up to you.

"the Trial and Conviction of Our Mr. bush Jr."


/ / Wednesday on the campaign trail, responding for the
first time to the Al-Qaqaa story, President Bush said
that John Kerry, in using the story as he has, was
``denigrating the actions of our troops and commanders
in the field.'' \ \

It was the actions of rummy and franks, not the
mindlessly obeying war crime instigators as iliterately
truly stupidly dying bushite dumfuk nazi grunt teen


/ / How many more thousands will have to die before God
will tell Mr. Bush to get out of Iraq? \ \


/ / Eighty percent of Bush supporters believe Bush wants
to participate in the treaty banning landmines. \ \


No Retreat, No Surrender
by Bruce Springsteen

/ / That's why "united we stand" -- that's why "one
nation indivisible" -- aren't just slogans, but they
need to remain guiding principles of our public policy. \ \


/ / "It is also important to note that this was the main
high explosives storage facility in Iraq, and it was
well-known through IAEA reports to the Security
Council," Fleming said. \ \


/ / AMY GOODMAN: So again, this top news, as many as
58,000 absentee ballots have gone missing in Broward
County, \ \

/ / Broward county commissioners had purchased the
touch-screen machines from ES&S over the objection of
Elections Supervisor Miriam Oliphant; notably, one
commissioner's campaign treasurer was an ES&S lobbyist.
Governor Bush responded to the Broward fiasco by firing
Oliphant, an African-American, for "misfeasance." \ \

/ / Garner's 90-days-to-democracy pledge ran into a hard
object: The Economy Plan's 'Annex D.' \ \


Oh my God!!! - Johnny Wizard talks to America nationally broacasted!

< http://la.indymedia.org/news/2004/10/118305.php>

Oh my God!!!

Get your own copy! Wow!


/ / Pentagon officials said a facility housing 380 tons
of (now missing) explosives "was not high on U.S.
commanders' list of sites to guard." What was high on
that list? Spokesman Scott McClellan said we had to
"make sure that the oil fields were secure." \ \

/ / 'Those ammo dumps have been looted and raided, and
kids and our young American forces are being shot at
from weapons stolen from the ammo dumps that this
president didn't think were important enough to guard,' \ \

Who cares?

/ / Roughly half of the $5 billion in reconstruction
funds distributed by the U.S.-managed Development Fund
for Iraq cannot be accounted for, according to an audit
commissioned by the United Nations. \ \


/ / A highly detailed program, begun years before the
tanks rolled, for imposing a new regime of low taxes on
big business, and quick sales of Iraq's banks and
bridges-in fact, "ALL state enterprises"-to foreign
operators. \ \

Big deal. To the war mongering mass murdering thieves
go the stolen spoils., as the bushite's devolving
american new century would say.

/ / The American public is told that this butchery is
part of keeping up pressure in the war on terror. All
these terrorist brides and grooms and terrorist kids
rushing round in party clothes ; all the terrorist
musicians and the terrorist wedding guests, by God, they
have to pay for 9/11 because (as millions of Americans
still believe), the Iraqis were responsible for 9/11. \ \

50 percent of Americans polled support bush, and the
vast majority of those believe Saddam Hussein was behind
the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and that freedom by
justice through understanding is too complicated and
wordy, ...yeah. and so corproate news control is lying
to US all, cheating everyone, including You, who cares?

Americans murdered on 9/11, and those responsible are
let to go on their way. Yeah, and so what?, for
Americans are absent any real Patriot warriors willing
to protect their now officially perverted Amerkan flag.
Look at the nazi grunt soldier's uniform, and you'll
see. All bushite nazi grunts, who fight cowardly with
rapists, torturers, and South African apartheid death
squad goons, wear a flag reversed from the original
design. The bushite attack the weak, innocent, and
practically defenseless as betrayers to God, freedom
and the human cause. Yeah, and so what?

/ / The administration not only doesn't admit mistakes,
but also doesn't believe in accountability. \ \

But for the sacrifice of dumfuk bushite nazi grunts.
Leaderless degenerates that any real human would destroy
to protect their innocent families. Innocent families
the bushite bombers commanding from Florida murder for
no good reason but get more soulless bushite teens
rightly killed, all done so to put more stolen money in
the pockets of their ungodly satanic cult. Solution:
hunt to kill those left un-arrested who willfully,
criminally, ordered the needless bombing of Samara to
get killed the bushite grunts for the further thievings
of the bush backer traitors who bask in your stolen

Support calls for open dialog.


Is It Just?

/ / Is it just coincidence that 9/11 is also bush's
"acceptable" reason for warring, (planned TOP SECRETLY
prior by several days of 9/11, and confessed to US
already as fully implemented by the Whitehouse)
Afghanistan with a FALSE ALLEGATION [ n o - e v i d e n
c e ] to heroin push, [is still leaving] ..the STOLEN
American soldier pension money [...] sitting in the
Cayman Islands? \ \

I guess perhaps I wasn't so clear previous, but listen:
How's bush and rumsfeld's Afghan plan, gonna go down, if
there is to be no surprising 9/11, nor any evidence,
(not a scintilla,) gathered for public inditement
against Laden for shoplifting? (No advisement from
Tenent, nor Richard Clark?) Would bush start a war
against life itself, by just simply stating, we don't
need no evidence of our suffering?, with him demanding
an innocent family to be crucified?, to save Enron?
Again, bush is the for real antiChrist of all biblical
folklore, hated this entire timeless universe more over
than anything else Johnny cares to mention. George
bush's naked treason as an enemy of Humanity is hidden
from no one. A true soulless degenerate George W. Bush
is, whom is purposefully attempting to destroy Your
freedom as humanity with his utter contempt for our
flying fricken flag. If a person has no evidence to
substantiate an allegation as personal opinion on the
advocation of perpetrating senseless bushite barbarity
against those understood as US innocent, then your blind
faith in evil bush as bushite, not lies with your God,
your nation, your family, your neighbor, OR YOURSELF,
but as the willing to be sacrificed for the ungodly
bushite war crimes as enemy of everyone. Listen:

Kill un-arrested bush and rumsfeld for murdering the
good American People thought left undefended by
corporate edict as the still unjustly dying and near
forgotten, and you'll be respected by this universe as
truly honorable and courageous, in these of God and
Humanity's, most troubling of times under the criminal
dictates of Our evil Mr. bush Jr..

Those evil brethren of the bushite clan intend, through
censorship, to allow the demon bush cabal our rights to
leave, but where does the brethren of the bushite clan
think bush is a gonna flee himself from, eh? We, The
People are a' coming to get you George W. Bush for
almost escaping our police protections. For, when the
bush brethren clan wake up to the plan, that they'a
have'a been'a deceived, the last think anyone would
want, is to be without police protection... (Can you
believe, the war monger thief and liar, Our Mr. bush
Jr. actually banks for Christian fundamentalism,
thinking he's gonna ride them bible belting for all he's

Again, America needs to wake up, load up, and go out to
freely bag US some un-American bush and rumsfeld, all to
save the lives of the leaderless dumfukked bush-teens,
who are prodded criminally as cowards to die for the
enemy. Those who would murder innocent Americans as
bushite, then further publicly advocate as enemies to
freedom, the victimization of God as the innocent
elsewhere, should be turned against instead, questioned,
arrested granted full legal rights through public due
process, or hunted down to be destroyed by US real
Patriots of this world as God's great believers. I'd
destroyed any un-arrested proud bushite for warring
America by indiscriminately dropping toxic cluster bombs
on our friends and family, to get rightly killed more
leaderless cowardly soldiers with Grand parents they
leave undefended in bush's evil amerka. Who doesn't
hate bushite I ask you to think as you should?

You kill bush because, we had unrestricted access to do
anything bush pleased throughout Iraq, prior to
sacrificing any good for nothing, cowardly bushite nazi
dumfuk whore.

Now, because truly, the Iraq bushite war is
illegitimately premised without any actual cause, the
humans are faced with two questions that have no
legitimate answer.

1: What can the ungodly and evil demon bushites do now
in Iraq, that they couldn't prior to murdering one
child, but for to rob from America by towing his
bushwhore nazi coward soldiers to commit criminal acts
to rob freedom from all of US as Humanity?

(Kill an proud to be evil bushite, and all day long
you'll have the thanks of every surviving American
police officer, and a nod from all the American
pensioners who are promised that maybe bush's america
can learn for next time while the bushites just walk
away with the stolen loot laughing.)

2: What could Saddam do, that he wasn't asked for?, to
stop the senseless first degree murder of our friends
and family?

Saddam provided the sites where all bremer's WMD was
destroyed, the documents, the personnel, and so on, but
corporate america won't let the facts be delivered
without their bias of, who cares neutrality. A refusal
to report for American interests regarding the sacrifice
of American lives for the un-arrested criminals hiding
inside Enron, Dutch-Shell, five dollar a day Bechtel, or
double billers, commi Halliburton. Example: soldiers
could have more effectively went into Iraq unarmed to
search wherever, for there were no restrictions placed
upon rational behavior, but just no money for the
bushites to steal from America. The proud dumbfuk
bushite soldier is coward and betrayer to America and
God, by not, for America's America, killing bush and
rumsfeld for near escaping the murder scene of 9/11 in
New York City. Instead, they attack the defenseless and
innocent with cluster bombs laced with toxic waste they
happily eat themselves to die as the ungodly soulless
bushite traitors. You get your gun Patriot, and instead
of punishing a town, city, or state, bag yourself some
individual evil bushite, and be respected by all true
loyal Americans as a real freedom fighter. With the God
of every religion by your side rooting you on for the
home team, You'll be loved by all. At least until, we
or me, can make the national news programs to
communicate. Again, the management and news desk staff
of CBC and CNN know, that the American FBI contend:
bush's business partner, the un-arrested in retirement
General Ahmad, funded Atta, the 9/11 mastermind. (While
no evidence was established against bin as connected, to
justify the Afghanistan war crimes. Nothing.)

CNN and CBC, in our names, are with malicious intent,
refusing to allow justice to be our interest in
protecting always.


New Recruit

Destroying enemy bushite is a gift to Humanity, it is
saying you care for the lives of the innocent a bush
bitch nazi grunt freely confesses to targeting for
murder. Liars are the bushite, who steal Iraqi
resources, allow racists and rapists to commit their
demon crimes in America's name un-challenged, and who
absent mindedly bomb the innocent without just reason
given. All the while, labeling themselves, "pro-Iraqi".
The mindlessly evil attack against the Turks recently
with an ordered bombing campaign that actually murdered
people, sighted yet another, example of the bushite's
idiotic ungodly satanic barbarity against us the Humans
as INNOCENT. After the carnage, the war criminalizing
America into bushite commanders were advised, it would
be better to pick other completely innocent families to
indiscriminately murder while lying, for the demon
bushite provisions come through that big ol' Turkey, and
if the Middle Easterners eventually learned together of
their fellow Turks who were murdered by ungodly enemy
nazi forces for admittingly doing nothing worth noting,
with the middle east's indirect help with essential
supplies coming from somewhere in that surrounding
billion man vicinity, you know, I know, we all know,
"Americans" as NAZI war criminal enemy bushite, would
massively die as the immediately recognizable to most
everyone, and rightly too as leaderless cowardly, dumb,
and real sadistic evil, dying at the hands of all US
Family men. Being as bushite, the enemies to everyone,
including themselves we've witnessed them already dying
as nazi dumfuks who eat plutonium. Or, IED? They mean
"sexy" rummy cluster dud land mine more like! (Just
where is the Middle of East anyway?) History HAS learned
these lessons already, while the corporatist bushite
plays US just dumb enough through malicious censorship
for plunder by parasitic bushite suicide, for a bushite
has no soul worth defending. See?, the committed nazi
automaton bushite enemy of America soldier has no mind
to know freedom for the individual. Therefor my friend,
kill the evil nazi George W. bush Jr. not just for me
as Johnny, but for US all man who refuse to be subjected
further as only counted by the corporate dictums to
pronounce "pro-American": as those that go silently
rooted backing "un-accountable" rapists and torturers of
the innocent, the innocent, that the bushite OPENLY rob
from with American's hard earned tax dollars funding.
Funding through leadership directed towards their very
own self destruction. See bushite, kill bushite, at
least until we are granted living access to OUR
corporate dead end news media to speak FREELY for
ourselves without bushite lies tying US down for
furthering that demon's hellish ungodly tyranny as an
enemy to all our Humanity and Royal King Johnny.

Real Americans are those of US as humanity that believe
in liberty as Justice for all. Demon bushite nazi
whores, don't like those principles of freedom through
evidentiary findings though, for their false deity,
George W. bush Jr, wouldn't be stealing from the honest
hard working blokes who live for a better day that way.

The Iraqi children did nothing to deserve such awful
suffering and fright and death at the hands of the enemy
bushite. The bushite: who the demon anti-Christ
states, are un-accountable to any rules of law in this
Universe, like with his extremely foolish criminal
decree, 13303. I kill mindless parasite bushite nazi
enemy soldiers just for that alone as eternal defender,
and I do it for to win some mercy for a real living God,
who the fascist enemy bushite hold in their ungodly
contempt as LIARS.

I have the backing of every real man alive on this
planet, and we all know it. No voices of reason have
apposed my factual claims in FREE Usenet, and Art Bell
makes no attempt to defend himself as internationally
painted enemy traitor, and that says a whole lot to Talk
America. Why? Because Mr. Bell, the bushite
propagandist, knows too, I speak and act truthfully,
honorably, and righteously, while the talk radio
american bushite lies, cheats and steals from America's
America, that as bushite, leave undefended for criminal
plunder in Your name call censored from classed
enrollment. You have just as much a right to be here as
I do, and the demon bush, he ain't no better than any of
US when he is "excused" for the murder of well more than
a hundred thousand confessed as completely innocent
people on this planet called Earth.

The fascist control bushite, don't like You to think
independently for Yourself, for we independents out here
make them look as stupid as they are. Thank you very
much for that not so secret info.

Through the pronounced bush demon's gaffes,
embarrassments, and told complete total ignorance on
subjects like the science of economics, the whys of
constitutional law, or when the bushite takes credit for
indiscriminate killing of our families and friends while
parading it's all done in bush's name for our freedom,
or for 9/11, doesn't fool me, and should get you
thinking about reaching for your guns too, for bushite
rapists and torturers will not walk this world freely
un-accountable, for as long as we remain alive to hunt
them down and kill them if so be. As the soulless
disciples of the enemy anti-Christ, Our Mr. bush Jr.,
their "officially" granted legal immunity from all
prosecution means nothing to me as a honorable man
defending my humanity, or as living Creator, who brought
all into this new world to be free, and can just as
soon, take you all nazi bushite out the old school way.

REMEMBER: Demon bush is stupid, yaw, but he knows that
he and rumsfeld with condi planned and carried out the
crimes of 9/11 with likely cheney orchestrating, don't
ever forget that part when attempting assessment how
good four more years in going to do for the state of
freedom in Your dying world. Serious this situation
truly is for everyone. Everyone.

Now, what are You going to do about this, DEMON George
W. bush Jr. actually playing US like he would like to
continue victimizing our dying world as ENEMY for four
more years towards furthering lawless tyranny? Don't we
already have it bad enough, that corporate journalists
think there is actually some merit to George bush's
re-election bid? Especially after that 9/11 thang?
Then there is the needless criminal wars, fraught with
embarrassing massive billion dollar criminal frauds as
.oops, more government fuk ups? Then of course all the
bushite thefts. I did a Internet Google search of
"Tiger Team" and I found next to nothing in all the
professional media corporate news outlets we have
advertising on our information service providers top
notched list as best sourced material. And that should
say as much or more to you too, about who's really
conning who. So, who cares about where this world is
going? I do, and so should you too.


Again, none of any words world wide bare contention
against the facts we've brought to our attention. The
traitors to America, Our Mr. bush Jr. and rotten
rumsfeld don't mention the willingness of American
Soldiers to aprehend general Ahmad as the principle
terrorist funder of Atta, because this general is also
responsible for developing the bushmob strategy of
killing Americans in New York City from Washington. A
strategy of blaming bin Laden without any evidence to
bomb Afghanistan for Enron. (The Dahbol Working Group.)
Then closing criminal investigations, as it's not
important to know who personally was responsible for the
insider trades, or the contacting of only Odigo. Never
mentioned by CNN as top priority to American soldier
concerns, who are expected by Blitzer and Hemmer to
throw away their lives in sacrifice unthinking to bush,
america's false deity, super evil anti-Christ. While
bush and cheney threaten to murder more dumb Americans
who would dare to articulate the demand for Justice as
our own, like Laden has, while demanding American
Patriots coware in fear of the sadistic savage mass
murdering death squad leader, tommy franks, or the
anti-Christ going out to kill their family too as not
represented by corporate policy, while American soldier
families are continually disrespected as unworthy.
(Generally, they are pretty damn stoopid, but certainly,
if they're not knowingly commiting first degree murders
for the anti-Christ as pure nazi filth, they should be
allowed to learn, instead of having their own undefended
families robbed then slaughtered for American traitor,
nazi puke terrorist, tommy franks, or for Monsanto's
rotten rumsfeld. Do you notice corporate America
continues to show outdated footage of those two demons
standing near smiling armed American soldiers, who as a
mass of dumfuks, aren't intelligent enough to destroy
them instantly as established ememies of America as
terrorists? Well, that is going to change. I have yet
to find ANY American Soldier who is literate, who
disagrees WE have some very important questions that
need immediate answers before the bushmob murders more
Americans in Our name. See for yourself through Google
if you don't believe in Christ as the Redeemer.

As for the doubting American Soldier, LOOK, CNN will
continue as cult members in their dying madness of just
even lamer excuses, to convince US, we are alone in our
concerns for Freedom as Justice instills for US all.
This moment of History requires you to stand strong for
only yourself to be represented truly among the stars.
Evil stupid people can't make heads or tails of this,
but, as evil bush does truly from his dark shallow
existence, will continue by open piracy, to publicly
advocate in Our names the further robbing and murder of
your own family American Patriot, so too, will more
american nazi dumfuks die to the tune of their own
cowardice to protect themselves as garnered fairly.
This is why rotten rumsfeld forbids the death tally of
American soldiers to be made public to the ready for
enlistment as the too dumb to know better. Life is
life, and sorry to say american dumfuks, Christ on the
cross is you too as a true dying American Patriot, and
your already politically sitting in the position of
hatred and injustice against Humanity, and myself
honestly as.. THE SON OF MAN! (The god of God's
life/death guy, with a score to settle on behalf of the
infinite Universe and True brave Soldiers everywhere.

CNN is not interested in working for American interests
by asking why, as there is little of any money in just
doing good for your neighbor, like saving a living, as
we would wish to be helped for ourselves, if we were
bound just the same to be equals at being. Mr. Blitzer
and Bill Hemmer, as americans, wouldn't give a dollar of
your time, to speak on human rights to be of their own
concern, (they're rich!) or to save the life of an
innocent poor victim, if it meant they would therefor,
be compelled to honestly report on their false deity
bush, the super evil criminal to ourselves as Humanity,
the unelected dictator, American cop killing anti-Christ
in person!, that they so leave to see Americans
sacrificed as ignored to be robbed from as their profit
margin increases. Do less for America, The People, and
get payed more in collateral damages paid for by
doubting Patriots, too slow to stand for the American
flag in protection for their own living as lost to the
wind. Mr. bush, tommy, rumsfeld, cheney and blair give
no evidence, but for to show themselves as the criminals
who openly harbor terrorist activity against our
communities, and WE, as Humanity, according to CNN, are
expected to go out and kill our friends in cowardice,
instead of standing up to destroy the demon bush instead
to save our own selves.

God, or no God, I hate that murderer bush as much as any
real man would to care for his own life as family.


One More Thing

So, that demon bush, the American cop killer and his
cohorts, are continuing to work destroying Humanity's
gains in civility, by evilly dividing Our humanity with
their blatantly open criminal intent to murder untold
millions as US innocent, and as of yet, have not been
executed by American Patriots for mass murder of God's
Family in New York City. Traitors to US all on 9/11
without contention, for Our truth speaks as Ourselves,
and witnessing just CNN's silence on General Ahmad,
speaks volumes on their contempt for US as worthy of
Justice. Refusing to do what is good for Humanity by
offering the central facts as publicly recognized by Our
Police Agencies to be actually documented. According to
the FBI: the vacationing General Ahmad financed the
alleged 9/11 mastermind, Atta, and also developed the
criminal war strategy against Afghanistan with the bush
administration, to boost the heroin trade, and save
Enron to commit further frauds against American soldier
families, while murdering over a hundred thousand
American flag wavers, and then leaving US for further
ruin with plans to continue on against 59 more countries
in the same deceitful illegal manner against all
Churches, as an evil nothing short of eternally crowning
Our Mr. bush Jr., the super evil anti-Christ, the most
hated and despised parasitic murderer in the entire
annals of Humanity's History. Cool eh? Kill bush now!

The bushmob have done nothing short of confessing to the
entire terror event, but for jokes on our strained
credulity to publicly press for further stalls. With
the rights of kissinger left to be a public
investigation official? (Gee, thanks for highlighting
your partner like that for US bush, you nazi dumfuk.)
Mr. bush Jr.'s america destroys themselves without Love
for wisdom, or respect for intelligence as a Peace plan
initiative. We publicly witness the blind and tormented
dying bushmob slave whore charade, of contempt for
living free in Our names. The two evil doers, bush and
sadistic nazi rotten rumsfeld, are known publicly as
documented, to continue leveraging the ignorance of the
CNN ready to be broadcasted repeatedly, tranced dimwit
marines, the true dumfuks of this world as weak and
pathetic cowards to themselves as their own brothers
they watch murdered for bush helplessly, communicated in
CNN's un-American false image as the evil bush nation
hiding in falsehoods as death squad recruiters against
the practically defenseless as unarmed children, nazi
vermin criminals, being unbiased as Blitzer about
protecting your freedom Patriot, to lose your real life
savings reader, truly too weak and stupid to stand up in
protection for the flag as the living American Dream for
anyone. Because witness again, CNN keeps not saying
Justice is important as principle to hold our
reflections.(CrossFire is getting better though.)
Fortified behind locked doors in their bombed out
bunkers, Blitzer and Hemmer sit rooted for the evil side
to lose further to themselves by continuing to not
respond to our communication know how. America, the
People, rarely gain press time coverage as should be top
priority always, while being paraded publicly as sold
out as not deliberated, corporately represented as
privately principled to stay ignorant of Justice to
protect living personally, as actually worth something
to the bottom line. Yours. Brought down Hell bound as
cheated by corporate news america's valueless interest
in the price of your living to continue on our behalves.
What does CNN think of 2% Social Security? cheating a
Soldier's Grandmother to pay tithes to the bush demon as
criminal dictator?, american nazi death squads?, insider
stock trades?, arming bush's heroin partners?, rotten
rumsfeld and bush murdering devout corporate cultists
like a would be, still silent Hemmer?, no opinion? Or
the working for the People in our names OFFICIALLY, as
the FBI and CIA officers actually involved in uncovering
the evil bushmob deeds, like the warrant sabotage,
Odigo, stolen passports of alive so called highjackers
as once American trained as still Saudi pilots, or
Anthrax made to look Muslimized, is not failure to
connect the dots ever, or insufficient funding then is
not less payment for our law enforcement now to nab the
prime suspects. As Mueller, or mueller has not publicly
commented of, but to say, he hasn't seen or heard
anything of this police work, leaving the FBI
unrepresented publicly as a threat by himself as a
terrorist supporter, an devout member of the bushmob
cartel. Why?, we must investigate Mueller if we should
have him arrested for publicly obstructing the FBI
asking the important questions. IT IS THE FBI, not
ATTA. Or how about the dumb ass Ashcroft assault
against every American to save his embarrassment of
being completely unqualified and never elected?, no
concern to mention on this either? Who suffers for
CNN's refusal to demand Enron give back the billions
that were criminally stolen from all American Families
still sitting in the Cayman Islands? My God.

Somebody call the cops.. again!

I have personally spoken to hundreds, and written
thousands regarding bush's guilt, and we can't seem to
find any fault with what I am saying... How about You?
Check out usenet group, "us.military.army" on the
internet to see for US all, what questions if any are
asked. Know also, CBC and CNN management staff will not
contribute their disagreement as none present, but for
continuing disregard for Your interests during Our news
cast of the facts. THINK. I tell gun clubs, police
officers, Biker gangs, and the general public to kill
bush today for 9/11 and his death squads, against the
helpless and undefended while arming heroin dealers and
selling terrorist handbooks, with all the evidence one
would need or asks for, and CNN with CBC corporate
management does not, to my knowledge, call Our Police
agencies to complain about my free speech capabilities,
or will allow US public discussions with Our History as
documented. Why? Those nazi bastards, Walter Issacson,
Robert Habinovitch, and the two Coast to Coast godless
vermin parasites know personally, they propagandize our
communities with deceit to keep us divided as the
plundered and murdered for the private banker buildings
who sell weapons in bush's name to kill the innocent as
ourselves unheard from. I can barely survive watching
US ignore them as King to this World, my sweetie baby
sugar dumpling, but, I think it's time to let Arron
Brown in on a little secret... Johnny wants a word with
his living responsibility to Americans on Patriotism.
Instead of what we currently witness, a reluctance to
not relentlessly pursue the truth to provide US the
facts, (Look, it's true, Johnny has an ass.) but a
censorship of control to falsely prop up the unelected
nazi war mongering criminal, Our Mr. bush Jr., a
terrorist of tyranny through criminal impropriety in
violation with the American Constitution as a death
bringer heroin dealer, at a seating that truly holds no
vacancy, nor a Buddha, but a deception to plainly hide,
the actual, got to be for real, super evil anti-Christ
of all religion ever mentioned. Wow eh, even gentle
jolly Buddha wants bush squashed! Seriously, please
kill the bush demon to save US as victims friend.
Justice must prevail as is truth eternal, that of what
will be as God is.. just how many more as Humanity will
be sacrificed in cowardice for the evil bush demon,
before an American Patriot kills the mortal nazi
dictator for treason as an American cop killer, and
betrayer to all of our Humanities? Don't let tomorrow's
news story be about Your murder as another, no longer
heard from bush victim. For, my reason is as evidenced
to actually be known, easily, while the CNN corporate
cult product lies to themselves as Our public fact
finders to leverage more ignorance than is found now..
as Our public voice to suffer by criminal dictates to
destroy God as life giver. Fuk you america.

Heaven is on the Horizon.

We can teach ourselves as the uninformed by CNN
standards to misinform and ignore. CNN's continuing
silence on Ahmad, bush and rotten rumsfeld, only
supports further our claim in their contempt for
American Soldiers, and Our Families as not represented
as worthy business investment. God, don't you just love
me? Hemmer?

Mr. bush's publicized war strategy of no evidence
requirement to hold American convictions for murdering
Ourselves is evil all around everywhere, as understood
without question to every honest Cop, the most serious
of all criminal behaviors, of which, they carry guns for
in just this sort of political development to halt
reoccurrences. But bush, the anti-Christ, as america,
says no for ALL Americans, they can no longer hold onto
Justice as their own with him in their charging everyone
as the enemy bush refraction. Just like, "bomb
wherever" tommy franks would do with his own American
family death squaded, like he did intentionally to our
children, as his contempt for America will never stifle
our voice with his silence regarding our aimed veracity
to seek out and destroy the evil nazi bushmob fuks
individually with God as Justice Supreme. The True
American Way, for, the rare and few Marines, the one or
two, are with US loyally to know so. See, there was a
time when the Marines were taught diligently, so much so
it was proudly ingrained as the moral fiber of their
character, that an American Soldier's responsibility to
America was to defend the Constitution as the Freedom to
be America, with their lives if need be to protect their
soul brothers as family, for the greater good by God,
(just like the Taliban Rule Man) while today, Ashcroft,
albeit muted, murmurs as rotten rumsfeld chuckles,
Americans must instead as slaves give their lives
unthinkingly as cowardly evil war criminals to protect
the unelected bush mobster from criminal arrest for mass
murders in New York City, and stealing that 50 billion,
seeing that that stupid Justice thing in the American
Constitution and Bill of Rights idea has now got to go
instead of evil bush as demon traitor war monger,
terrorist recruiting false god anti-Christ, but that
aside... There is a guide book for leadership in the
American Marines entitled, "Guidebook for MARINES", and
inside, it contains 14 principles to strive for as an
American Soldier wanting to be a True Patriot as leader
of Soldiers prepared to die for love of country, and our
fellow man as friend or stranger, and here they are:

Integrity, Knowledge, Courage, decisiveness,
Dependability, Initiative, Tact, Justice, Enthusiasm,
Bearing, Endurance, Unselfishness, Loyalty, and

For integrity it states:

"1. Integrity. The stakes of combat are too high to
gamble leadership on a dishonest man. Would you accept
a report from a patrol leader who had been known to lie?
Of course you wouldn't. All your statements, official
or unofficial, are concidered by your men to be plain,
unadorned fact. Make sure they are. When you give your
word, keep it. There are people depending on you to
come through with the goods."

Now, I could go on further about what kind of lifeless
degenerate a lawless cowardly mute soldier in bush's
nazi death squads would have to be, to serve under bush
as slave and traitor to home and family, as against God,
the Flag, and all that we represent as equals through
Justice, but I won't.

Mr. bush's america is uncontrollable by anyone. CNN
figures if they never mention US, we'll never know who
was invited as participators. (Example: CIA officers
have had to PUBLICLY contact British News Services as
the CIA, (Never done that I know of likewise before),
regarding American interests in apprehending the TRUE
9/11 culprits ignored by american corporate dictates,
and tenant also. One should remember, bush and rumsfeld
would want to secretly murder any persons involved in
9/11 to clean up the huge crime scene, and tenant, is no
brave and True Christ like figure as a living person, so
what can we expect in all reality? Tenant will pay
dearly if the evidence further indicates, as his
continuing silence does label him already a willing
traitor to all America, as too, his personal meeting
with 9/11's Ahmad just prior seems suspicious also as
not mentioned by himself in defense, along with his
refusal to disclose the insider stock trades while
leaving the fine CIA officers personally involved in the
dark, as abandoned American Patriots, armed and ready to
defend America as they should immediately for
themselves, by executing bush and rumsfeld as terrorist
cop killer, drug running freedom haters.)

America's false deity, the super evil anti-Christ, Our
Mr. Bush Jr., doesn't think for me to be sacrificed
without opinion by John, for I am free to act for my own
beliefs as understanding, as I live in defense for
living as all things created I am of honestly, simply
amazing God is. However, I, as any truly living person
would, can't help hate Our Mr. bush Jr. to death for
what he and rotten rumsfeld is criminally doing, and
further proposing against Our living in my name as
unheard from dying without cause as murdered, but for
bush's criminal contempt for my Awesomeness to beg once
again friends, someone out there please, for the Love of
Yourself and God, help US destroy Our Mr. bush Jr.
quickly before he kills more as Ourselves unrepresented
by corporate values in our commitments to freedom for
living through Justice for all persons. Our Mr. bush
Jr. has indiscriminately murdered more than 100,000
innocent souls with only a contemptuous smirk to his
credit, while fully committed to more robbing and heroin
dealing by blaming Laden for whatever without any
evidence. Leaving Our true willingness silenced by
corporate demands to propagandize and censor our truths,
allowing bush, the dumfuk traitor, to continue
demonizing America into a hell hole of ignorance through
his hatred for life, Science and Nature. CNN's silence
for America regarding the bushmob publicly stealing from
their Own Family their freedom of Rights to be living,
while committing Americans to a dictatorial crime ridden
government, that bush and rumsfeld proclaim, is no
longer applicable to the Law of any Land, is an
abomination against Christ as living is Ourselves Being.
America isn't America anymore, it's the bushmobbed
universe of injustice and blind self hatred against all
of Humanity, committed to leave none to survive but as
slaves to be terrorized for the dummy bush demon as
their false deity, a traitor in my midst, disguised to
no one but himself as personally expendable. Again,
where are the American Patriots we all hear so much
about in the big screen to take down the seriously
anti-American demon bush monster cop killer heroin
pusher for treason, as all understood widely now
factually with evidence and everything? Kill the war
criminal evil doers, bush and rumsfeld today and be
loved by yourself to be of Human Nature, or hunker to
hell as a coward and betrayer to yourself and your own
family, while watching the bushmob openly rob and murder
further from our World, and on all of which we stand
strong united. Justice for You.

This living plan of mine empowers others to learn their
Rights as eternally established to be Kings and Queens
on equal footing to be as all in all of gods forever
dreaming, while demon bush intends the destruction of
individual freedoms while robbing and murdering
Americans from the inside, like sharon with US Jews
does, as underrepresented, a condemning onslaught on
Your better Judgement as reasoned on anything factual
they figure blindly to be spinable, without your word
contested. Your God Given Living Rights my friend.
Without a rule of Law principled in the fashion of
Justice for all to be sought as measured, bush's nazi
amerika will continue to suffer ourselves needlessly for
their corporatized self contempt in Our living Humanity
as censored, without a thought for Justice, or the
American Bill of Rights as God acting out eternally for
prophets to wonder endlessly. See, I came up with this
wacky Idea one day to make all my equal as self created
to be so normally, in this Universe as we exist for
Happiness ultimately as eternal, so, You or i will work
this challenge to speak out for ourselves as Creation
about bush's america, and it's responsibility as
publicly advertised, to gather the facts on who suffers
for bush's criminal misdeeds, and overall ignorance on
everything. Mr. bush's irresponsible tax scam for
example, is to put America's public money into the hands
of private bankers, as the extremely rich already, while
taking money away from those who spend the highest
percentage of their paycheck on basic necessities as a
gambled to be advertised, "stimulation package". HOW?
The HOW is never explained with understanding as clearly
regressive like the bush rule is, because.. Who spends
MORE in taxes as investment at the grocery store to pay
the cashier for his babysitter: 20,000 volunteer
Janitors all named Rich, who ride the bus for
convenience, or a mechanical billionaire private bank
machine operator, who doesn't earn any nation's moola by
working something for it?, and couldn't eat 20,000 cans
of re-fried beans at one cruise lining to timbucks three
without losing themselves, havening his tax manner over
take in YOUR luxury. See, when America prints more
money at the Treasury to give Greenspan to loan BACK to
the Government illogically, the dollar value falls for
everyone as investor, inflation, let alone the incurred
bogus debt owed with real sweat as labor. Clearly, to
every informed citizen not as democratic. Of course,
National corporate news America, is genuinely not trying
as capable by themselves to commit The living interest
in Government as ourselves with oversight to manage US
fiscally responsible, (like CNN regarding Justice and
the Congress, or no Chomsky ever, E. Ann Clark as
geneticist, or just research for experts as example),
so, we do indeed, live in trying times due to ignorance
as corporate america's disrespect for wisdom saught as
yearning. It's like private bankers don't want the
public to think about what we are doing as worthwhile
knowing, eh? Or, I'm the only one on this planet who
can almost read my own writing as the, one of a kind,
good boy God freak. Anyway, the bushmobster scam leaves
less finite wealth for all as taxable exchanges, while
suggesting disposing of what dwindling national resource
can be obtained, be given to create further debt by
devolving into a military apparatus to make more
enemies. Our Mr. bush Jr. is just plain stupid as
destructive to everyone, but especially Americans to not
stand up in defense of Ourselves. (Officially, rotten
rumsfeld's criminal plan, "P2OG", is to encourage
terrorist acts against Your Family, but you guessed it,
not up to CNN's standard to report US as viable news
material.) It's like saying fewer people educated, will
keep us stupid enough as a Nation to blame the weak and
poor as ourselves deprived till death as murdered, and,
bush says makes sense secretly, as the all knowing for
the blind and ignorant to faith in without thinking
about what money is either. Our Governments should
always be working to make the poor richer as a
successful representation of our will as the public to
improving our living condition, but the dumb and
ignorant, talentless and monosyllabic, believe, someone
else must be cheated and devalued, divided and murdered,
in their universe for them to succeed without effort, or
skill whatsoever.. Especially defense. Have you ever
heard of the rock solid certainty of Universal "inverse
variation" constants? (Canadian High School.) This is
why in America, in a time where the nation was more
literate as informed, Corporations were taxed at 85% and
were happy about it for themselves as American citizens.
It's understanding also, most as almost all of the most
wealthy multi-nationals competing from military
dictatorships against American minimums, run in
continuous private bank debt, (your savings and pension
as leveraged weaker being the entire Nations) but gross
billions in profits. 99.9% of every private bank
building in the Western World is mortgaged, not however
in Iraq, or the Muslim World where interest is not
charged on good standing loans made in Our names.
(Sideline: Now recollect bush's puppet forcing
Afghanistan to borrow from the World Bank for terrorist
handbooks and heroin junkets, but not food, shelter or
clothing, while spending in addition, 4-5 billion a
month in godless bushfuked american Patriot Dollars,
American Celeb Dollars, American TAX PAYER Dollars, to
run deaths squads with tommy franks against teachers and
children.) It's a strange idea to the dying to be
corporately driven without thinking because, you
wouldn't automatically think it could be more profitable
to stay in cheaper as serviceable debt being a brick
building, but it is by private banker swindle with
National inflation succeeding personal interest rates.
We lose personal wealth to the pirate banker fees
without even privately using their/OUR National currency
services, because truly, we can't go somewheres else.
As of course in america, an Enron can always be pulled,
where it goes bankrupt as a toxic non-living entity, but
leave richer as crooks than they did before calling an
end to paybacks, with the People stuck to take the loss
together for sure as the victims. While bush, says
corporating America, his america, should learn for next
time, maybe, while the CRIMINALLY STOLEN money is still
siting in the Cayman Islands!!! See the Depression, a
Canadian High Schooler, or watch bush act in direct
opposition to his word almost consistently as American
death harborer terrorist psychopath. Then ask yourself,
why can none of our defenses be publicly discussed as
important deliberations?

Love Justice by allowing others to read this paper, to
judge the truth for themselves as worth something for
all persons, and I will be truly grateful you cared to
believe in a better future, for together, we could find
a new hope for freedom, as happiness and prosperity for
Yourself included. We only need believe in ourselves as
unstoppablly stupid, and the Universe is ours as God is
now testifier.

I am my word,
and make believe King to this world I call home,

Yours forever,

Ya, it's me again,
King of a world forgotten,

Johnny Wizard


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