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Inaguration day vigil

Tell Kulongowski we want our troops home NOW
OK folks- time to get out of bed early. Take the day off work and stand up for peace and justice Thursday, January 20 in Terry Shrunk Plaza.

The event will run 8:00am-6:30pm It's being put on by Peace and Justice Works...
It's Inaguration day- If you cant make it to DC to properly celabrate it come down to Terry Shrunk Plaza, SW 3rd and Madison, in Downtown Portland.

Staying home and keeping quiet is implied consent to the war on iraq and another four years of gross negligence and mismanagement by our federal government.

Drums at 9:00am, speakers from Military Families Speak out and others personally touched by the man-made disaster in Iraq.

It's going to be a mellow, "family friendly" event So bundle up for the weather bring the kids and grandparents. Bring everyone you know.

Let Gov. Kulongowski know we want out Oregon National Guard home NOW!

I belive we will have live music as well.

Rain or shine, the world needs you!


or type peace and justice works into google to get there on the web.

We need everyone, rain or shine. Show the world we care.

Remember- Your silence is your consent to the Bush agenda. Stand up and be counted as a decent human being.

see ya all there!

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