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We need to find out where/when they are meeting....
Well, this last weekend went smoothly...only two people who identified themselves as nazis, no arrests, and no one got hurt...there were a few people taking pictures at the park that kinda looked out of place...but then again our line of work does indeed breed paranoia!!! people need to dedicate time go undercover...search the internet...keep your fkn eyes and ears open...it's been ten years since we had to rise up and start fighting these fuckers wherever they may be....looks like this may be the start of another ugly and unfortuanately lengthy battle against organized fascism.....damn...just when i thought i was retired!!!!

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From the TVS website 11.Jan.2005 09:12


Gabriel Park
SW 45 & Vermont:
Portland, Oregon.

event Date moved up
because this site was
down thanks to the kikes

Jan 15, 2005: 12N to 1:00 PM

distribute 10,000 flyers in the
most Kike infested areas.

The event continues to grow!
we have many White Power patriot groups pledging people & support.

*********************************Press Release********************************

Final Warning to whitey:
Expect plenty of filthy commie protesters, pigs and jewsmedia in the park .
The ARA scum and "anti-racist" protesters say they are ready for war.
Be prepared to defend yourself: but please don't bring weapons!

Don't attend the contest if you are wanted by ZOG!

corny... 11.Jan.2005 16:59


"looks like this may be the start of another ugly and unfortuanately lengthy battle against organized fascism.....damn...just when i thought i was retired!!!!"

No, it not. I just a handfull of bored kids from the burbs. Your not some anti-facist
superhero that gets to fight the neo-reich. Instead of chasing five kids from tigard
around from park to park why don't you do something to REALLY make a change.

to corny 11.Jan.2005 20:31

pdx native

Obviously you weren't here 10 years ago when Portland had a serious problem with white supremacy groups.

Go back to where you came from, Oregon's over her trustafarian quota anyhow.

My favorite productive irony: 12.Jan.2005 13:57


shut up and cooperate!

look, direct confrontation to nazis, hate groups, fascists etc needs to be coupled with real action in the schools, parks (skate-, trailer-, and the grassy public ones), streets, homes, hoods, etc. why do people continue to think we cant do both direct confrontation and direct institutional change. I assume B. is suggesting anti-racists/fascists direct their energies at chalenging institutional rascism/its roots etc.

I hope there will be at least a 1/10 the people this saturday as last saturday. . . And hey, lets talk to each other this time, if you see someone standing around engage them. Worst case they dont know about TVS and you get to inform them.

See you saturday.

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