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Born In Flames Conference Planning Meeting

Open planning meeting tonight for a 3-day conference addressing sexual assault from a radical perspective.
7pm 2825 NE Dekum (1/2 block up from 27th and NE Dekum)
Two years ago, a new surge of community organizing in
Portland rose to confront sexist behavior and issues
surrounding sexual assault. Meetings, debates,
actions, grass roots organizing, and collectives
formed to create discussion about these sensitive
topics, and support survivors of sexual assault while
holding perpetrators accountable. The energy and work
of dedicated people continues to create safer spaces
for survivors and communities to comfortably and
safely attend and participate in public events, shows
and daily activities. Safer spaces are vital to
survivors' lives and healthy communities.

However, there is still a long way to go. A great need
still exists in the entire progressive community for
dialogue and action regarding issues of sexual
assault. With all this energy culminating and visions
forming for the road ahead a conference was born. We
are a group of people from various
left/radical/activist communities that are putting
together a 3-day conference called Born In Flames. The
Born in Flames Conference will provide a time and
place to share ideas, experience and education, and to
raise awareness through workshops, discussions and
speakers. This conference aims to empower and
emphasize the voices of survivors and their allies
within a safer space.


Our statement of purpose is as follows:
Born In Flames is a 3-day conference addressing sexual
assault from a radical perspective and addressing the
unique needs our communities have. We will focus on
education, support and accountability. We would like
people from all over to come and share their ideas and
experiences. Also, we are looking for volunteers,
workshop facilitators and donations.

The opening day will focus on community and personal
education, with a goal of empowering participants with
tools and knowledge that will useful for the remainder
of the conference. Workshops with break down myths
and develop a broad understanding of sexual assault,
as well as how it can effect people in different ways.

The second day will focus on support. Workshops and
discussions will be geared towards providing
information, tools and resources for survivors to
become public as well as where and how to find outside
support. This day will also present skills to create a
whole community more supportive of survivors.

The final day of workshops we hope to hash out a
common understanding of accountability in our
communities, and to develop an understanding around
this idea but know there can never be one set
definition. We will look at past examples and work
toward new sustainable, creative solutions.

We need workshop coordinators, keynote speakers, your
input, your ideas, donations, volunteers, and

Please get in touch  borninflamesconference@yahoo.com

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