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Animal Control - Croatian Style

25 pets poisoned in Podrvnje
This was published in Novi list newspaper (this is the short version) on December 30, 2004.

25 pets poisoned in Podrvnje

25 cats and dogs were poisoned past month, the perpetrator is still unknown and veterinary analyses did not identify the poison

Animals were dying fast and in great pain. Pet owners buried most bodies in nearby forest.

Analyses showed that animals weren't poisoned with any common poison, that is, poison that can be bought in our drugstores. Furthermore, it is not a substance out of group of chemicals that our people mostly use for poisoning of mice, rats and other pests. It is an unknown substance which is either home-made or bought in some other country.

People of Podrvnje are afraid of epidemics because they don't know how many more dead bodies lie down throughout nearby forest. They say that they feel helpless because they live in a society where killing of animals is not punished, but they will not quit easily. They plan to do everything in their power to find the poisoner, or, for a start, at least scare him.

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