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9/11 Accountability: Tenet Shoots Slam Dunk

If you missed the CIA report, you know the one that Porter Goss tried to coverup? Unfortunately, this isn't an airball for Tenet. According to the report, Tenet and others should be held accountable for the failures on 9/11. Then again, that same CIA said Al-qaeda is out to get us. So if Tenet shouldn't be held accountable, then it's time to stop worrying about Al-qaeda...or does he have to give his medal of freedom back?
CIA Internal Investigation Concluded

A classified internal investigation by the Central Intelligence Agency reportedly concludes officials who served at the highest levels of the agency should be held accountable for the nine-eleven attacks against the US. According to officials those most sharply criticized in the report include George Tenet, the former intelligence chief, and James Pavitt, the former deputy director of operations. Both stepped down from their posts last summer.


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Let's get a scapegoat 10.Jan.2005 21:54


The 9/11 investigation was a joke, a cruel one. It was intended for the masses of people who get political for two months every four years. The uneducated masses or more interested in the Brad/Jennifer seperation than the Ohio vote.
Cheney is the author of 9/11. He was appointed by Bush to head the terrorism task force in June, 2001 by executive order. He did a great job. On 9/11 there were war games planned to disrupt detection of the airliners and for the first time planes were not intercepted in 4-5 minutes of a potential problem.
This was not an unlucky coincidence. The odds of a camera not photographing the Pentagon attack are slim to none. 9/11 was not about people doing a bad job, but people doing a good job. The media has not covered the 9/11 attack in any depth. Accum's Razor leads one to think 9/11 and all the mistakes in Iraq are planned. Too much has happened in 4 years to be explained any more simply than Cheney! It's Cheney!

But. 11.Jan.2005 03:18


You have to love the hypocrisy. They can't even get their stories straight for the masses. One day Tenet is getting the same honor as MLK, the next minute the CIA points the finger at him. It would be interesting to know if this report has been revised.