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green power in PDX

I just found out what you most likely already know. Portland General Electric offers green power options, such as wind power and salmon restoration options for your electric bill.
Nothing too earth shattering, it costs about three or four bucks extra per month, and they use the cash to build wind farms (totally non-polluting) and other green power sources. There is also an option where they take some of your bill and use it for salmon restoration projects.

Hell, I can afford a couple extra bucks a month. So can most of you.

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how green is green? 10.Jan.2005 11:55

White Lilac

I've thought about switching for nearly 2 years now but am trying to find out more info about how the electricity is supplied and who controls it before I give away even a few extra dollars a month. PGE does not make the power itself, but buys green power from Green Mountain Energy, a company that has been notorious in the past ... see  http://boycottgreenmountain.com , a website that unfortunately is now out of date. Does anyone have more info about them? I don't want to contribute to something like Medicine Lake (geothermal energy from a sacred native american site) or put any more money in the hands of republican oil execs.

More options for green power. 10.Jan.2005 12:04

Teddy's Friend

True, true, you can sign up for green power at home through both PGE or Pacific Power. Or as another option, you can shop for green outside of your utility by getting something called a green tag (the "green" part of green power). There's a non profit in Portland selling these over the web at  http://greentagsusa.org. The money supports regional wind and solar energy, they have better rates and purchases can be made as a tax deduction.

Thanks for the Green Mountain info 10.Jan.2005 13:16

Norris scrub@corrupt.net

Wow, good stuff to know about Green Mountain Energy. It's too bad the boycottgreenmountain.com site is so out of date, but GM's own website makes a current and enjoyable read of a full management roster of former oil execs and private utility bigshots:  http://www.greenmountain.com/about/leadership/management_team.jsp

Another worthy place to put your money is the Central Portland PUD campaign, which is working to bring public power to Portland, starting with a small area in inner east which could be expanded once we have a foothold. Having direct local control over our power would mean we could pursue energy conservation & efficiency and invest directly in renewable technologies installed right here in the area, much more aggressively than any private utility merely carrying out the bare minimum required by the Oregon Public Utility Commission. This could serve as an important building block in creating a truly sustainable, thriving local economy.

Details on the campaign are available at  http://cppud.org

Another PUD volunteer and I participated in an Indymedia web radio interview last week:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/01/307380.shtml