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KBOO Morning News Story List 1/10/05

I'm trying to post a list of the KBOO stories to raise awareness about the morning news, and make sure that all you activists are letting us know if we miss any stories... plus, it's an easy way to see if there are any stories out there that you hadn't heard about...
chris andreae pulled the internet stories. patrik angstrom poore produced the news. sue ryan engineered. blaine palmer anchored.

1. Tobacco control lacking (ONS, rerun)

2. Aloha officer told his soldiers to lie

3. Lane county commissioner Sorenson will challenge Kulongoski for Gov

4. Sunday Unity rallies (M. Widman)

5. Klansman arrested in 1964 slayings

6. Native Fishing rights regained (rerun, FSRN)

7. CA prison reorganization (rerun, CA report)

8. Gonzales hearing (rerun, FSRN)

9. Robt. Zoellick to be Rice's Deputy Secty. of State

10. John Bolton, Security official leaves Bush administration

11. Reproductive rights activists challenge FDA (rerun, FSRN)

12. Mumia commentary on reproductive rights (FSRN)

13. Ford sells Hydrogen Minibusses to Florida

14. GM unveils Hydrogen car

15. GM promises to lay off 7% of its workers this year

16. US takes responsibility for misdirected bomb

17. Abbas victorious in Palestinian election

18. Nobody cares about Richard Gere in Palestine (rerun, wire copy)

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