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Local News Lies about PJTTF Renewal

Faux "News" (unfair and imbalanced yet again) lies twice in an article about the Portland and the upcoming vote to renew participation in the JTTF. Please do read the Faux article, and see if you can spot the two lies. Then, check out some local coverage of the Faux coverage. Randy Leonard has left a comment at the bottom of the article to confirm one of Faux's (apparently deliberate) lies.

Whatever the reason for Faux's factual misrepresentations, I think it would be great if we all sent letters of support to Leonard and Adams for demanding proper oversight, and letters to Sten and Potter to let them know that a "no" vote has our support. And polite letters to Saltzman letting him know that (contrary to his claim in the article) he, not the rest of the crew, is the one missing the big picture. We do have a chance to defeat the JTTF this year.

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