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Urgent SHAC Alert

Tragedy Central: In the course of this campaign we have run up against the biggest and the most well protected companies in the world. From the 200 billion dollar a year pharmaceutical industry, the world biggest financial firms, to the largest insurance broker on the planet and the UK and US governments no less. Now present before our eyes is what can only be seen as Huntingdon's most desperate last bid for corporate survival. Hidden behind another name is the emerging clinical division to the lab. As the clinical laboratory arm to Huntingdon Life Sciences, Centralabs actively recruits much needed business to the lab in areas it could not previously compete for. Centralabs is one and the same with Huntingdon. Huntingdon's survival largely depends on the success of the sales of their new clinical division.

This week we track down the secret asset to HLS's survival and give them a proper SHAC-style welcome to the campaign. Trying to sell the dark services of HLS we must compassionately root out their marketing ploy.

PLEASE - take 20 minutes this week for all those animals suffering in vivisection labs and help us expose Centralabs as the rather sinister new front to Huntingdon. Write, email, call, fax, and PROTEST HLS as it begs for business scraps at this week's major conference in Las Vegas. IF everyone reading this email just spent twenty minutes, our collective voice will be deafening. Visit the URLs below for phone numbers and addresses.

homepage: http://www.shacamerica.net
Crimes Committed by Pharma-Cartel

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