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Riot-Folk! Making Folk a Threat Again...

Last night I went to the riot-folk show at Liberty Hall, here are a couple words and some samples about how great it was! Ryan Harvey went first, started off with a poem, and then went into a very powerful song, about empire. He didnt plug into anything, sang straight from the heart with nothing amplifying his voice...very amazing. After him, an amazing riot-folker, Brenna, played a song which was also very good. I think she played a song called 'implicit' but that might've come later. Then Ethan and Kate got up to play one of their songs, I think they started with 'declaration of war', but I am not sure. IT was traditional folk music, which I am not really into, but when they say that it isnt a peace, it is a declaration of war, something swells up inside of you that is unexplainable and amazing. Then Anna played a song. IT was a great way to see it, no hierarchical decision of who will play first or last.

Another report:The opening band started things off with a bang and statements about personal growth that were awe-inspiring throughout their set, Please Step Out of the Vehicle played a mixture of tunes, some soothing and painful... After that we heard some spoken word from Contajus, the awesome MC, and then Riot Cop went on. This is the first time in years that Riot Cop has played at Liberty Hall. After that the Bastards played, Brittany McNair went on next. Then the Riot Folk performers took us from sorrow to rage and back again, and Ethan and Kate captivated me with their messages; The first one was about anti-racism. It was being sang to pale-skinned folks who mistakenly think that racism is a state of mind.

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