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riot-folk tour last night

Last night I went to the riot-folk show at Liberty Hall, here are a couple words and some samples about how great it was!
Anna Roland:  This Democracy
Anna Roland: This Democracy
Ethan Miller:  Declaration of War
Ethan Miller: Declaration of War
Ryan Harvey:  Peace, Justice, and Anarchy
Ryan Harvey: Peace, Justice, and Anarchy
Tom Frampton:  A Song of Unapologetic Optimism
Tom Frampton: A Song of Unapologetic Optimism
I showed up at Liberty Hall apparently after all the local music had played. There were a pair of musicians playing, that I dont think were part of the riot-folk tour, and everyone was sitting down listening to this amazing woman sing songs. I didnt catch who it was.

After she played the riotfolkers started playing. It was amazing. Ryan Harvey went first, started off with a poem, and then went into a very powerful song, about empire. He didnt plug into anything, sang straight from the heart with nothing amplifying his voice...very amazing. He played that one song and then stopped, and I thought that was all he was going to do, that made me sad.

After him, an amazing riot-folker, Brenna, played a song which was also very good. I think she played a song called 'implicit' but that might've come later. Then Ethan and Kate got up to play one of their songs, I think they started with 'declaration of war', but I am not sure. IT was traditional folk music, which I am not really into, but when they say that it isnt a peace, it is a declaration of war, something swells up inside of you that is unexplainable and amazing. Then Anna played a song. I forget what song it was, it might have been the 'consumerism' song, as I know she played that, but I could be wrong.

Then they restarted and Ryan played again. IT was a great way to see it, no hierarchical decision of who will play first or last, just everyone going in rounds playing one song each. They did three or four rounds, and it was just great.

The last song, by Ethan and Kate, was so moving I almost cried. It was a sing along tune, saved especially for the end. Kate got the crowd into the singing part before the song started and then the two of them just sang the most beautiful song I have ever heard. At the end the crowd did their sing along part and I swear, whatever they do it is amazing. They got this crowd of people to hum the tune of hope after they had sung the words for it. Kate looked so happy at the end when the crowd kept the singalong part going for a moment, and that was when you cry.

It was the type of cry that is hopeful, that although this world is so fucked up, there is still beauty there and we can find it. And one day we wont even need the music to guide us to that place. One day that hope will be implicit and natural and on that day we will be free.

So, I have written a few more words that I thought I was going to, I guess I was overcome with the emotion that this show instilled in me. I got every cd that I could from them. Too bad Brenna didnt have any music, becuase she was just so amazing.

Anyway, I had planned on going to the Liberty Hall show because I have to work on Monday when they play the show at the IWW Hall, at 6th and E Burnside. But tonight I called off of work so I could go to that show, becuase anyone that misses these people while they are here are missing something that is so incredible words dont do it justice.

I dont think they will mind, but I am going to upload some of the music that I got last night so other folks can hear it and maybe they will go tomorrow too! (Since Brenna didnt have music available and I completely fell in love with the Tom Frampton/Ryan Harvey Split cd that they have, I am uploading a TOm Frampton track, even though he isnt there...)

homepage: homepage: http://www.riotfolk.org

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more 10.Jan.2005 05:04

btp volunteer

The opening band, You're Fucking Fired started things off with a bang and statements about personal growth that were awe-inspiring throughout their set, and got the crowd up and moving around. After that, Please Step Out of the Vehicle played a mixture of tunes, some soothing and painful tunes that woke up my spirit to what it feels like to miss your loved ones, and reminded me of musicians that got their start in Seattle. Travis offered the sales from their cd and 7" green vinyl up for pdxbtp... artwork on the cloth covers by Alex Lilly -

After that we heard some spoken word from Contajus, the awesome MC, and then Riot Cop went on. This is the first time in years that Riot Cop has played at Liberty Hall. They got everyone up and moshing thoughout their entire set, educating us about Ashcroft's crimes against humanity and treating us to their latest new song, created just for this event, called Books To Crooks!

After that the Bastards played, with their eclectic combination of funky bluesie stuff and punk-sounds.

Brittany McNair went on next, the one with the awesome voice that this writer described, even with a cough her voice sent chills up my spine and calmed me down after the loud bands had got me up and dancing.

Then for the last couple hours, the Riot Folk performers took us from sorrow to rage and back again, playing our emotions at the late hour they started at, and Ethan and Kate captivated me with their messages; The first one was about anti-racism. It was being sang to pale-skinned folks who mistakenly think that racism is a state of mind. It was being sung to all who believe that racism isn't something that affects them personally, because they aren't perpetuating it, since they themselves are "colorblind". It pointed out that pale-skinned folks are privileged by the sheer color of our skin, and therefore can think racism isn't a problem because it doesn't affect us personally. This song points out that because we are put in a position of privilege from birth, we have a responsibility to work to end racism every day, in every manifestation that it is ingrained into this culture's educational, economic, and social systems. Racial prejudice is not just a state of mind. It's the basis for the founding of this country, and it has been perpetuated through every generation. It's an integral part of the socio-politico-economic structure here in Amerikkka that needs to be fought hard; it isn't going to just go away, regardless of whether civil rights legislation gets passed or not. Several points were made in this song and I'm going to try and get one of these at the Back2Back tonight (616 E. Burnside)

And I must agree, that while their first song filled me with another emotion I can't describe, as the refrain, "shame hangs it's head, guilt runs away..." the last one that brought me to tears, the last one about our fear being our hope, hope that future generations will know a world that is better than this one... fear that they won't.

It was awesome to see the turnout and the support that was shown for portland books to prisoners - thanks for all your support everyone who attended and helped out at this benefit, and we really appreciate all the performers who came and tried to inspire us to work hard for political and social and inner change... It's going to take everything we've got for a long time.

Cool tuens! 10.Jan.2005 05:50


These guy rock!
Musta been a great show!

what i the only one who heard he was called out on sexual asault? 10.Jan.2005 17:36


In response to what the btp volunteer wrote.

I was there when the drummer for the one band gave his "awe inspiring" statement - but i thought he said he was in an abusive relationship where he was perpetuating the absuse and that his ex-partner called him out on sexual assult. Whereas i think it's great he's pulic about it - i don't find it inspring. I was also confused that at the end of his statment everybody clapped. I felt a little confused and not sure i wanted to stay for the rest of the show - i mean really, was i the only person who heard him say he had sexual assaulted someone?! I guess i just wanted more communication about it and maybe a statment from btp and liberty hall about letting this band play. any thoughts from those collectives?

great show! 13.Jan.2005 14:05


i'm glad we were able to play this show. alex pointed out to me that riot cop and my old band were among the very first bands to play liberty hall. it was nice to be back. i really enjoyed the bastards set and was happy to see riot cop in top form. an un-named punk at this show called me a poser! what am i posing as? some guy in a band playing a benifit show? its easy for punks to be all spikey and crazy in portland on the left coast, when i was all spikey growing up in texASS i got the shit beat out of me regularly by rednecks and lowrider dudes. its funny that some kid who obviously spent an hour trying to look like a dead junkie who couldn't hold up his guitar from 30 years ago has a problem with me. WHY CAN'T WE BE FRIENDS??? well thats enough bs from me. see everyone back at liberty hall for THIS BIKE IS A PIPE BOMB!


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