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Fox News covers PJTTF renewal

Faux "News" (unfair and imbalanced yet again) lies twice in an article about the Portland and the upcoming vote to renew participation in the JTTF.
Please do read the Faux article, and see if you can spot the two lies.

Then, check out some local coverage of the Faux coverage. Randy Leonard has left a comment at the bottom of the article to confirm one of Faux's (apparently deliberate) lies.

Whatever the reason for Faux's factual misrepresentations, I think it would be great if we all sent letters of support to Leonard and Adams for demanding proper oversight, and letters to Sten and Potter to let them know that a "no" vote has our support. And polite letters to Saltzman letting him know that (contrary to his claim in the article) he, not the rest of the crew, is the one missing the big picture. We do have a chance to defeat the JTTF this year.


Mayor-Elect Tom Potter 503-823-4120  alowthian@ci.portland,or.us
1221 SW 4th Ave, Room 340
Portland, Oregon 97204

Commissioner Randy Leonard 503-823-4682  rleonard@ci.portland.or.us
1221 SW 4th Ave, Room 210
Portland, OR 97204

Commissioner Dan Saltzman 503-823-4151  dsaltzman@ci.portland.or.us
1221 SW 4th Ave, Room 230
Portland, OR 97204

Commissioner Erik Sten 503-823-3589  erik@ci.portland.or.us
1221 SW 4th Ave, Room 240
Portland, OR 97204

Commissioner-Elect Sam Adams 503-823-3008  sam@samforpdx.com
1221 SW 4th Ave, Room 220
Portland, Oregon 97204

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bleh 10.Jan.2005 01:04


How about you just tell us what those two lies are?

More than two. 10.Jan.2005 10:22

Fuck the Corporate Media

The two lies referred to by this poster, I think, are: 1. The PJTTF has little to do with September 11, and has in fact been violating our civil liberties since before September 11.
2. Randy Leonard never uttered the quote that is attributed to him. (He never said the PJTTF has trampled Muslim's rights.)
Another lie is the assertion that Brandon Mayfield was "mistakenly" held on trumped up charges. That was clearly not a mistake.

I would like that add that, if he did not say so, then he should have. Randy should not only have pointed to harassment of the Islamic community in Portland, but also the harassment and illegal spying on all political activists in the city.

Anyway, as this post shows, the corporate media can be either subtle or blatant, but the truth is always distored.

Murdoch's Right Wing News Corp. Buy Out 10.Jan.2005 14:36

reposting from newswire


Murdoch's final push to become the purveyor of pentagon fascist propaganda peddling.
Rupert Murdoch is expected to announce Monday he will buy-out the shareholders of his Fox properties for about $7 billion. Executives involved in the deal said Murdoch is consolidating his global media empire in the United States. The deal would solidify Murdoch's control over some of the nation's most valuable media assets such as the Fox broadcast network and the DirecTV satellite service. Murdoch's News Corporation owns newspapers, TV, film and satellite assets around the globe. The right-wing media mogul's purchase of the remaining 20 percent of the Fox Entertainment Group gives him greater leverage to make more media acquisitions.


bleh 10.Jan.2005 20:41


because because because becaaaaauuuuuuuse because of the wonderful fun to find them was! get off yer lazy bum, bleh, you bumblehn fool! ;)

wasn't mayfield under 'house arrest' for longer than 2 weeks? 11.Jan.2005 00:02


I swore he was 'under house arrest' or actually detained for much longer than 2 weeks. I thought it was more like a month?

Me? Lazy? 11.Jan.2005 02:54


Lazy? I could say the same for this lousy reporting. You think posting a few links actual news reporting?

yessir 11.Jan.2005 21:31


Its a call to action not reporting and if yer too lazy to read the links and think a bit then yeh yer lazy. Do ya think the JTTF sux and are ya gonna' tell the people who vote on it? Yer lazy. Its called a mirror. Look in it. :)

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