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F-911 Wins People’s Choice Awards

Michael Moore Just finished his acceptance speech at the People's Choice Awards, in which he dedicated the award to the Men and Women fighting in Iraq. He said we all live in a great country and we all love our country, and that it didn't matter if you were Republicans, Democrats or independents, that we were all Americans.
So, F-911 wins the People's Choice Awards, So what does that really mean? I thought the people's choice was made with box office numbers? (hence, people's choice... ) Anyway, Michael looked great, clean cut, nice suit and tie.

1 Shrek 2 DW $441,226,247
2 Spider-Man 2 Sony $373,585,825
3 The Passion of the Christ NM $370,274,604
4 The Incredibles BV $254,809,000
5 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban WB $249,541,069
6 Meet the Fockers Uni. $204,263,000
7 The Day After Tomorrow Fox $186,740,799
8 The Bourne Supremacy Uni. $176,236,842
9 Shark Tale DW $160,861,908
10 National Treasure BV $160,743,000
11 The Polar Express WB $158,623,000
12 I, Robot Fox $144,801,023
13 Troy WB $133,378,256 3,411 $46,865,412
14 50 First Dates Sony $120,908,074
15 Van Helsing Uni. $120,177,084
16 Fahrenheit 9/11 Lions $119,194,771

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F911 10.Jan.2005 07:22


People's Choice is decided by vote from the public. Michael Moore had been running a campaign asking for votes to win the award from "the people". You went to a web site and voted.

I went to the web site when I received Mike's email asking for support and voted for a competitor. Moore completely lost my support in the last campaign with his political moneymaking stunts.