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I have 10 Bush Inauguration tickets. Seeking 9 activists to go to D.C

I live in Seattle and have 9 extra tickets to the January 20th Inauguration ceremony in Washington D.C. I will be flying from Seattle to attend. I am seeking other like-minded activists to help me protest from the inside...We have to plan together as the list of items that the Bush Administration does not allow inside the event, like placards, signs, etc...is growing...I an paying my own airfare, you do the same...We can split the hotel...

homepage: homepage: http://www.mvp-seattle.org

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duh... 09.Jan.2005 20:38

not the smartest thing in the world

Do any FBI agents, GOP sheep dippers, or COINTELPRO black ops types want to join me to go meet the president and turn me in before I can disrupt the activities?

Just email me and I'll trust you to be who you say you are..

Yeah, dumb, but here is some advice 10.Jan.2005 00:03

troll cop

Yeah, you may be infiltrated, but if as many people try what you are trying, there is a good chance there just won't be enough undercover assets to bother.

Here is my advice, take it at face value (I am a cop, which should make you suspicious of my advice despite my claims that I am a good guy).

1) cut your hair short, wear Beaverton clothing or suits, take out the piercings. This worked for one guy (do an indymedia search) at the Bush visit here in Portland. He was able to walk through police lines, walk into the justice center and walk really close to the action. No cop tried to stop him.

2) Carry signs on cloth, not paper. This lets you fold them up in a coat pocket without wrinkleing the type. Carry a cane to act as a horizontal support for the sign (they sell foldable canes at places like Eckards, easy to hide).

3) Split the hell up. Cops watch for groups with nervous twitches, or individuals with "hard eyes" when protecting dignitaries. Look relaxes, try to enjoy the surroundings (if you pretend, you will have hard eyes, if you actually try to enjoy it, even if it is to laugh, you will slip beneath notice, If you are in a group, you will feed nerves to each other).

4) watch your small items. It is often the small things that give an infiltrator away. A suit-wearing person with a hemp purse is a dead giveaway. Business clothing with a military surplus jacket. Wearing doc martin's with your dockers. You get the idea; just to to the goodwill bins and get a complete wardrobe, from head to toe. Think of it like entering a bio lab, pretend you are naked and get every single item you need (purse, briefcase, COLD COAT LIKE OVERCOAT, pleated dockers, loafers, polo shirt, etc) at the bins.

5) don't carry your blac block gear. That stuff is useful, but if you want to get CLOSE, you are just going to have to deal with the pepperspray. It sucks, but that gas mask will get you picked off a mile from the action (hint: I think Blumenthal's uniform shop in SE portland sells individual pepper spray wipes, like diaper wipes. Stick no more than two in your pocket and you should sneak through security easily enough).

6) carry fake LOCAL ID. Press credentials for fake papers are good (give them a common, but not real, name. Something like "Gresham Post" or "Hillboro Sentinel-Dispatch" works best. "Daily Worker" and "Fuck the Man Weekly" are bad options). With press cards you MUST carry a "reporter's notebook" and a pen, or they will not believe you. Just keep them in your pocket on the offchance you are asked.

7) last but not least: FRS radios are cheap. They are also MONITORED on EVERY channel. Either come up with codes for everything, or use cell phones (still monitored, but there is a delay that kills real time monitoring because they have to be decoded. Text messaging is even better, it takes a LOT more time to get to field agents).

Good luck, and remember that there are some, few, people on the indside pulling for you.

Viva Quakers and their facination with trains.

suspicious minds 10.Jan.2005 21:21


I knew this guy wasn't "on the level" when his jpeg ended up 90 degrees off. ha ha!