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Scum Skinz will try again next week

Oregonian and KGW quoting head TuVall peckerwood as to the fact that said scum will come out from under their rocks and actually show up next week at Gabriel Park.

I don't think they will show up then either. They are cowards.
Jim Ramm, who heads Tualatin Valley Skins and who had called for the anti-Jewish leafleting drive from Gabriel Park on Saturday, apparently stayed home.

"The event was postponed until next week," Ramm said via telephone. He said the delay was necessary because an Internet server firm shut down his site and he wants a new Internet address to put on pamphlets.

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lets take this to Jim Ramm's neighborhood 09.Jan.2005 19:13


I would suggest that there be a gathering in Jim Ramm's neighborhood or the place he works at to inform people in the area of social injustice and bigotry.

"punker hill" 09.Jan.2005 19:57

nate nate@deadmusic.net

"At one point, about 10 self-described punkers, anarchists and "underground workers" stood atop the highest hill in the park, where they planted a red and black flag."

Haha, I was on that hill.