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Protesting Racism In South West Portland

The Portland community responded enthusiastically today, Saturday, January 8, 2005, against white power organizing in the Southwest Portland Gabriel Park neighborhood. One gathering, at the park itself, prepared to directly confront the Tualatin Valley Skins who had announced in December that they would be at the park on this date in order to distribute literature. The white power recruiting drive, failed to materialize. This gathering drew in about 350 people, and finished off with a rally which perservered despite occasional rain and hail showers.

Another group met at the Multnomah Center, about a mile away from Gabriel Park. This Unity Rally, as it was called, drew a crowd in excess of a 1000 people, I would estimate. The Multnomah Center event featured numerous speakers, including the new mayor Tom Potter and County Commissioner Serena Cruz, ministers and members of minority communities, as well as a few musical interludes. Each event provided people the opportunity to protest racism and hate in a manner more in harmony with their own temperament and philosophy. Both sought to defend the neighborhood from invasion and spoke out for diversity of culture, race and religion. Whether in your face, or at a rally celebrating diversity with strong words and music, the community gathered together in their different ways and stood vocal and defiant against racism and hatred.

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