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Social Security Rolling Letter Campaign!

Portland's Rolling Letter Campaign To Save Social Security From Bush!
Social Security Now!

To join this group, just send an e-mail to;


We are making news!

Stop The Privatization Of Social Security! There is no crisis in Social Security!

Save Social Security from WALL STREET! Wall Street profiteers want to plunder the program for all it's worth! We must stop them!

Join the ROLLING LETTER CAMPAIGN!!! Collectively, our voice reaches millions!

Join us in an effort to flood the mainstream media with Letters To The Editor! Send in your letters that are in opposition to the privatization of Social Security!

We need you to condemn any House or Senate members that support the Bush plan to privatize and hand Social Security over to CORPORATE CONTROL!

Each weekday we target a single major national media outlet!


--Letters To The Editor--

Send your letters to:  editor@usatoday.com
(250 words or less, include name, address & day time phone number)

USA Today
7950 Jones Branch Drive, McLean, VA 22108
703-854-3100 (fax)
Email:  editor@usatoday.com
Attn: Mng. Editor
Web: www.usatoday.com

Send your letters to;  Letters@NYTimes.com
(250 words or less - include your name, address & day time phone number)

New York Times
229 W. 43rd Street, NY, NY 10036
212-556-3690 (fax)
Email:  Letters@NYTimes.com
New York Times Business Editor(Sunday Edition) -  sunbiz@nytimes.com
Attn: Mng. Editor

Send your letters to:  Letters@Time.com
(Note-Time Magazine wants your letters to be 150 words or less)

Time Magazine
1271 Avenue of the Americas, NY, NY 10020
212-522-9153 (fax)
Email:  Letters@Time.com
Attn: Mng. Editor

Send your letters to:  Letters@newsweek.com
(Make your letters 150 words or less, include name, address, & phone number)

251 W. 57th St., NY, NY 10019
212-445-5068 (fax)
Email:  Letters@newsweek.com
Attn: Mng. Editor

U.S. News and World Report
Send your letters to:  Letters@USNews.com
(Make your letter 150 words or less, include name, address & phone number)

1050 Thomas Davidson St., NW
Washington, DC 20007-3837
202-955-2049 (fax)
Email:  Letters@USNews.com
Attn: Mng. Editor
Web: www.usnews.com

Our Rolling Letter Campaign has reached millions so far! It works!

One of our letters was just published in USA Today on Friday January 7, by one of our members!


We have over 50 members so far, and when possible as a group we all target the same Newspaper, on the same day. We are running a national campaign in opposition to the Bush Regime plan to kill off Social Security. Our goal is to make this movement into a force that shapes public opinion against the plans of the Bush Regime.

We need your help to make this campaign grow!

--This is how our plan works--

As a group, on the same day, we all send letters to the same major media outlet!

We then move on and target a different editor on the following day with our letters.

We do not tell them (editors) we are part of a group.

USA Today receives 800 to a thousand letters a week from the public. If they receive 30 to 50 letters to the editor in a single day from people who oppose Social Security, it's a good chance that one of those letters gets published!

We targeted USA Today last week, and our members received confirmation that their letters may be published on Friday. One of them was! Our plan works!

It's a simple plan. It works. The message reaches millions of people in the process.

With your help, we can reach millions more! Join our effort to speak out against any plan to privatize Social Security! Say, NO TO THE PROFITEERS! Send your letters!


Send in those letters to oppose the scheme to steal Social Security! See above schedule. It only takes a moment to create your letter and send it off by e-mail!

Tell others about this campaign!

Our ROLLING LETTER CAMPAIGN works! With your letters being sent on the same day, to the same major media outlet, we can shape public opinion to oppose the Wall Street/Bush Regime plans to terminate Social Security!

Feel free to join Social Security Now, for updates on the ROLLING LETTER CAMPAIGN, and the latest news updates about those that are in opposition to CORPORATE CONTROL of Social Security.

Join the movement to keep Social Security from the profiteers!

Just send an e-mail to;

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sign of the fascist times 09.Jan.2005 03:08

a cascadian

I agree this should be a major issue, but I also believe this is a symptom of the whole problem. And ultimately we need to either remove the fascists outright or remove ourselves from the country to protect our families adn forests. I will push for the effort to stop the privatization of social security, but we do have to admit that we keep fighting these "little" battles here and there (be they "no child left behind", "tort reform", environmental attacks, anti-gay laws, protecting death with dignity.. and on and on). The whole system is corrupt and we will never have true social justice with these people and their big corporate funding in power. I personally would like to add this as another reason to create Cascadia either as a separate entity or the annexation of the rest of Cascadia to Canada. I really think we MUST start thinking what is better for our children and eco-systems. Is it better to remeain in a country where election fraud has been normalized and where corporations have all the rights and the people only have privileges? If we win one battle and lose the others can we survive? Is being Amerikan in name so much better than being a Cascadian free to determine the safety of our family, friends and forests?