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AUDIO FILE: Protesting Racism In South West Portland

The Portland community responded enthusiastically today, Saturday, January 8, 2005, against white power organizing in the Southwest Portland Gabriel Park neighborhood.
One gathering, at the park itself, prepared to directly confront the Tualatin Valley Skins who had announced in December that they would be at the park on this date in order to distribute literature. The white power recruiting drive, failed to materialize. This gathering drew in about 350 people, and finished off with a rally which perservered despite occasional rain and hail showers.
Another group met at the Multnomah Center, about a mile away from Gabriel Park. This Unity Rally, as it was called, drew a crowd in excess of a 1000 people, I would estimate. The main hall where the speakers and music were located overflowed even before the event began. An gymnasium adjacent to the hall also was filled to capacity, and people were standing, walking, milling around seeking to find a place from which to participate in the event. I'm certain a fair amount of people left, and perhaps many others had such difficulty parking that they too were unable to attend.
The Multnomah Center event featured numerous speakers, including the new mayor Tom Potter and County Commissioner Serena Cruz, ministers and members of minority communities, as well as a few musical interludes. Each event provided people the opportunity to protest racism and hate in a manner more in harmony with their own temperament and philosophy. Both sought to defend the neighborhood from invasion and spoke out for diversity of culture, race and religion. Whether in your face, or at a rally celebrating diversity with strong words and music, the community gathered together in their different ways and stood vocal and defiant against racism and hatred.

I've provided a few pictures, from both gatherings, and include an audio file of about 14 minutes from the the end of the Gabriel Park rally. Hopefully, I can post up some audio of the Multnomah Center event in the near future.

Gabriel Park Audio

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Where were they 09.Jan.2005 15:03

person who went there

There was no skin heads at the protest. I have heard this over police radio and over the people who were watching the park. I didnt see any skin heads myself and it was said that it was a giant hoax. It was either we won, they didn't organize it well, or they had thought of a good strategy. It was expensive on both our part and their part. Does anyone know what happened? Did they ever show? Why did they not show?

What if-- 09.Jan.2005 15:12

thanks for the coverage

Thanks for the coverage. It sure would have been great to have all those folks at the park, especially the elected officials. We made a great show which had the desired effect: to let Nazis know that the overwhelming majority of the public opposes their ideas. Yet how much more effective if the park had been filled to capacity with those who embrace diversity.

We stuck it out and WON! 09.Jan.2005 16:46

Mike DeBenedetti misfits_punkr@hotmail.com

For the longest time, i was anticipating a long, drawn out rally with the TVS and eventually some kind of police incident that stirred the pot and broke it up. This was an amazing way for the community to pull together to make sure we keep the spread of violence and hate out of our community! I helped organize this, and when i look to see 300+ people there, i knew every second was more then worth it. There was no kind of high that could fill my body more then the satisfactory feeling of knowing that not only does your community care, it will also stand up with a voice so loud it would drown out my voice, even when i was screaming in a megaphone! Thanks Guys and Dolls for everything, see you J20!
Mike DeBenedetti  misfits_punkr@hotmail.com

I want to know who wrote the Gabriel Park coverage now on IMCpdx front page 09.Jan.2005 17:01

glen theKnownUniverse@yahoo.com

The wordsmithing is both subtle and brilliant. ... speaking as a two term chair of MENSA Saettle ...
And remember children...
... and speaking as a Queer ...
Adolph Hitler was a Queer
Wants to screw some skinhead rear
... AND don't take my word for the latter; rather read ~THE HIDDEN HITLER~ by Lothar Machtan, professor of modern history, University of Bremen, published 2001 by Perseus Book Group <www.basicbooks.com>.

503 287 3473
Adolph Hitler was a Queer . . .
Adolph Hitler was a Queer . . .
 . . . Wants to screw your skinhead rear !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
. . . Wants to screw your skinhead rear !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well, 09.Jan.2005 20:05

-someone there-

There were two nazis at the very end. They were driving around the protest and were pulled over by police for reasons unknown- then their car was impounded because they had no insurance. Then, being the smart people they are, they walked RIGHT INTO the community center to call a taxi. Upon reaching the steps of the center, to wait for their taxi, remaining protesters noticed the large swastikas and other white-power regalia on thier persons, and surrounded them.
Police drove up onto the sidewalk anticipating violence. A nearby group of punks and skins (there were many many skinheads there. Skinheads are not automaticaly racist) advanced, enlarging the presence of protesters.
One of the nazis was visibly quite scared, the other was nervous but aggresive. Upon recieving jeers and intimidation in general from the crowd the nazis were beckoned into the safety of the police's loving arms. The more scared of the two went down to the police- the other remained skeptical, and may have thought that his companion was being arrested, (as it at first might have seemed) prefering to stand inbetween the police and the angry protesters. Finaly, once the taxi arived, the police gave a collective sigh of relief, the more angry nazi paused to give a full salute, and the protesters returned his farewell in kind with raised fingers and verbal threats.
It should be noted that the driver of the taxi appeared to be, from afar, a middle eastern man with quite tan skin. Several angry freedom fighters yelled at the driver not to give the nazis a ride, to little avail.

It is not known for sure weather the nazis were indeed members of the TVS, but it is hard to imagine otherwise- in any case their appearance was quick and unimpressive.
Most of the crowd felt satisfied that they had indeed helped to protect their community- some felt the non-violent confrontation was best because it in no way glorified the nazis. Others felt a good, if not hasty, beating was in order to assure that they and their kind would not return. In any case it would seem that their activities had been widely disrupted- as many, if not all of us, had set out to do.

they're coming back! 09.Jan.2005 20:30

nate nate@deadmusic.net

reportedly, 9 skin heads showed up in a gold lincoln, but saw the excellent turnout and drove off.

also, the leader of the TVS reported that they would actually be doing their rally NEXT SATURDAY instead of this last saturday, because their web site got shut down and he wanted to put their new address on the fliers. Thanks for all the support everyone, but PLEASE SHOW UP THIS SATURDAY AT GABRIEL PARK, 1:00 PM! This is where it really counts!! Supposedly, they're actually going to show up this time, along with 8 representatives from other racist groups and their followers as well! Please show up again in support for peace!


get em. 10.Jan.2005 06:39

community member

Here's one of their group photos. I think the server that hosted thier site pulled it because they're a nazi server (as indicated by some of the other nazi sites they more activly monitor and host,) and didn't like a bunch of thier groups photos bieng snatched off the web. A jewish advocacy group was quick to snatch up thier site name, and turn it into a jewish advocacy website, kudos. So, all around the boneheads got the smackdown.

Thanks everyone! 10.Jan.2005 13:32

Working Class Mama

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to put this on(with less than a week and a half!). The nazi event was totally disrupted. They are claiming that the reason they didn't show is because their website was down(big thanks to whoever did that!!!). However contrary to this claim, they pulled into the parking lot in their truck full of propaganda, saw that we were foe not friend, saw the security team rushing in their direction, and took off out of there. Then again another car load pulled in, made the mistake of parking, got out of the car, saw security heading their direction, and then realized they were not among friends. They ran back to their car and took off. Later after the rally 2 of them were unfortunate enough to have car trouble and were also chased off. So it strongly appears as though they were successfully stopped thanks to a diversity of tactics.
It was great working in the Ad Hoc Coalition. It was a refreshingly diverse group. Our politics may differ wildly but we were able to work together surprisingly well. I think some very valuable alliances have been made. It's sort of funny, this event has brought us all together and made us stronger(very nice to see after so much feuding this year). Yet another manner in which the nazi's event failed.
If someone has a copy of the final draft of the endorsement list, that would be really cool if someone could post that.

Come next weekend! 10.Jan.2005 20:10


It's next Saturday - 1/15.  http://www.nukeisrael.com/index.htm

HEY PEOPLE!!! 11.Jan.2005 12:46


ill be there with as many people as possible, itd be great if everyone did their part and told as many people as possible before the event, pass out flyers, word of mouth, talk to college students, family members, anyone who cares about unity. we will prevail

Are people going back to the Front? 12.Jan.2005 08:53

Da Ponx

Hey are a lot of people going back to Gabriel Park on saturday the 14th to really get into it. I wanna go but i dont want to be the only guy there and get gang banged by a bunch of white power fuckers

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