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Unreported miscarriages may become illegal

Bill requires any woman who experiences "fetal death" without a doctor's assistance to report this to the local law-enforcement agency within twelve hours of the miscarriage. Failure to do so is punishable as a Class 1 Misdemeanor.

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your body, your life 08.Jan.2005 18:40

empire slayer

they can pass all the bills they want. it is your body, and your life. it is unfortunate that americans have become such sheep that many will actually comply with such an outrageous law. i guess we get what we deserve.

pay attention, but don't overreact 08.Jan.2005 18:47


The wording on the bill is supposed to change. So pay attention to make sure that happens. As someone who lived in VA I can tell you there are no shortage of legislators there that would be happy for women to barefoot and pregnant and servants to their husbands. However, we must not also overlook that they, like most politicians, are incompetent, at least at writing laws (and often times in many other areas). So it's good to see people have caught this and made an issue of it so that the "fetal death" wording doesn't make it into law. But I would keep a close eye on whatever replaces it.

The next step 08.Jan.2005 22:07


If this makes it into law, the obvious next step in order to insure compliance will be a requirement that all pregnancies be registered. That way, they can not only enforce reporting of miscarriages, but target every mother-to-be for "pro-life" brainwashing of the same sort they now employ with those seeking information on abortion or birth control. I guess that following that they could appoint "minders" to insure that every expectant mother carries her baby to term, as was done in Rumania under the Couscescus. Wait a minute ... wasn't that one of the things that we were told made the Couscescu regime so evil and oppressive? Guess "public sentiment" has changed, in the same way it has apparently changed regarding everything from the Geneva Conventions to the Nuremburg Principles. Just another illustration of how easily (mis)led is this country called America. Really makes one wonder if it's worth the effort to even try to fix this broken travesty of a "society", and, if it is, could such repairs even be acomplished without a full blown civil war. We're quickly getting there, and the problem is that it's the right wing zealots who have all the firepower, while a majority of their erstwhile opponents worship non-violence and gun control.

just a minute 08.Jan.2005 22:32


certainly if they really want to be sure -- people would have to register prior to having sex, oh wait a minute -- that's what a marriage license is isn't it?
THen again, women could just register everytime they menstrate and we could set up government offices to keep track of each woman --- if she was late well, the police could round her up.
How does this Cosgrove guy think he can get away with even bringing this up? What has happened to America?

mom, it's been done 09.Jan.2005 09:08


This actually was the case in Ceaucescu's Romania. They enforced strict breeding laws and since they didn't have any social services to take care of the by-product (teens' unwanted babies), the tots ended up in those horrible orphanages that the media made such a fuss over (without of course mentioning how the kids got there).

You forgot Poland 10.Jan.2005 11:51

Red neck

While the media was making such a brilliant propaganda fuss out of those horrible orphanages in Romania in the early 90's. (Romanians really hate this subject since it's all most of the world knows about Romania. "What about those poor orphans?") Lech Walesa and his Solidarity led Government besides destroying the economy (Poland still hasn't recovered) in the name of 'free market reform' was imposing strict abortion laws (practical ban)in Poland. The 20% unemployment Poland now has creates a lot of unwanted children.

"Trapped between a communist past and a nascent free market that has yet to work, Romanians are hurting. Most say they were better off under communism. The nation's most vulnerable -- including families with mentally disabled children -- are literally being left out in the cold."

"Three out of four Romanians reported that their quality of life was worse than during communism. The same number said their standard of living was worse than the previous year. According to the 2000 United Nations Development Report for Romania, extreme poverty such as homelessness, malnutrition and poor health affects more than 23 percent of Romanians -- more than 5 million people in this country of 22.5 million."
Think Lech not Nicolae.
Think Lech not Nicolae.

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