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j8-05 Anti-Nazi Rally Breaking New & Reportback

About 350 people showed up today, Saturday, Jan 8, 2005 at the anti-nazi rally in SW Portland. Many of them weren't us normal, 'affectionately known' <protest warriors>. One person interviewed by an Indymedia Radio reporter at the rally said he was there because he felt the lack of people standing up and speaking out in 1920's & 30's Germany helped make the german holocaust possible.
Nazi's had reportedly shown up at Gabriel Park in a gold Lincoln and left, swastikas and all. One person mentioned they had guns on them, but that report has not yet been substantiated. This is a callout for reportbacks from people who were at Gabriel Park or the Unity Rally. Below is breaking news <so there>:

breaking news - January 8

2:36PM PST:
Call in report: "I just ran my fucking ass off over here to the community center to "confront" the nazi fascists, but they ran off." No sense of common courtesy. The cops left momentarily, then returned en masse in front of the community center.

2:36PM PST:
Amazing police showing today. Not only had rapid response team but had the black ice cream truck out. Reporter's impression was that the wagon was to hold anti-fascists, not the nazi brethren. Reporter headed to Calendula for some vegan anti-fascist fare.

2:24PM PST:
Gabriel park: call in. Nazi's just showed up, being chased by anti-fascists.

2:16PM PST:
Report from Gabriel park: Nazi's apparently arrived in a gold lincoln and turned tail when they saw the fairly large number, broad spectrum of people that showed up.

1:38PM PST:
About 350 anti-nazi partisans @ Gabriel Park. No self-identified nazis in sight yet. About 30 cops on horse and on foot patrolling the area.

10:51AM PST:
Skinhead Protest is LIVE on PDX IMC Web Radio. AIM: portlandimcradio TUNE IN!

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pictures? 08.Jan.2005 15:29


lets get some pictures of the demo up in here! (maybe head shots of the nazis...)

conflicted 08.Jan.2005 16:00


im left feeling a little down, not knowing whether nazis showed and played it cool, blended and did their thing while we all still stood around talking about confronting them directly. What happened to shadowing the nazis and collecting their literature? I saw a group of maybe 8 punkers look at a piece of printer paper and take off into the woods toward multnomah. did anyone find any propaganda on their doorstep after the rally? or was the several hundred person presence all it took? and what is the PPD semi all about? sigh. certainly i was not alone in observing the disparity between those chanting to end white supremecy and those living to end white supremacy. Gasoline @ $2/gallon is a product of global white supremecy.

On a better note, i was really glad to hear the Unity Rally was packed and to see such a big turnout at Gabriel. Also glad to hear some amplified honesty about American racism, genocide, capitalism, and fascism.

Thanks to everyone who put this together. Lets meet the nazi message in the schools, skateparks, and shows as well as in the parks and our neighborhoods. what is the status of nazis in the rest of PDX? Were smarter and have more allies and better ins than these idiots so lets use what weve got. Lets build things that empower us to resist.

happy and sad, or maybe just hungry and tired from biking up and down hills,

no surprize 08.Jan.2005 16:10


Kind of figured they'd chicken out. A license plate number would be helpful. Those guys will show up again, but they might choose to be a bit moe discreet next time in order to avoid the heat. Why did they choose Gabriel Park when they call themselves the tualitan valley skins? Seems like they'd have more success in the heart of the valley.

Important 08.Jan.2005 16:19

Den Mark, Vancouver

The protest did little to impress semi-sentient nazis, of course, but the protest was critically important to show each other, & the community, that we will defend. The disease which is nazism can infect every community in every section of nation & world. The protest was good. I was proud to join it. We WILL defend!

Where was Kruger? 08.Jan.2005 18:08

curious George

Just curious: Where was Lieutenant Mark Kruger this fine and sunny day? Anybody catch a glimpse of him?
Which of his teams was he running with today, the boys in black armor, or the black shirts??

He needs an ass-whoopin' til his rear is as black as the rest of his fascist outfits.

Great Showing 08.Jan.2005 18:10

a friend

So much for all the folks who thought meeting the Nazis would turn violent. Instead, it was a wonderful strong showing of support, exactly what is called for when Nazis turn out.

For those who felt let down by not seeing them, I say that it's often hard to judge the full effect of your actions. Take some time. Just because youa didn't see them doesn't mean they weren't there--or that they didn't see us. Regardless of their self-delusions, they must know that the vast majority of our society is disgusted by their ideas. I'm sure our presence had an effect

We must find out what they did today 08.Jan.2005 18:28

No-Doz Bukowski

Okay, so I just got back from Gabriel Park. The only visible skinheads who showed up at Gabriel were two teenagers in full regalia, who were very quickly chased off and left in a taxi. Some cats followed them all the way back to their home in Vancouver, and the place they returned to appeared to be their home and not any sort of center of racist activity.

The only other suspicious nazi-esque characters present were two men in their 30s who were skulking around in the bushes and trees on a hill overlooking the South(?) side of the park. We found them up there, hiding in camouflage gear and big sunglasses, watching the protest through binoculars. They were definitely undesirable people who were hostile to our rally, but when confronted they claimed not to be supportive of the Aryan Nations/Volksfront/TVS. They said they were just there to make sure nothing got out of hand, and one of them claimed he had fought skinheads many times in the past. Struck me as Soldier of Fortune Magazine types - one had shoulder-length brown hair in a ponytal under a baseball cap and wraparound Oakley sunglasses, the other had a shaved head. They were both wearing jungle camo print fatigue pants and khaki sweatshirts under big grey-green flak jackets, like a uniform. They called us Communists, if that gives you any idea. Moustache Guy also bragged about his website - he said he had "Gigabytes" on his "network" that would show us all what's really going on in the world. Later on, after most of the crowd dispersed, those same two guys drove by the Community Center and flipped us off, then drove by again a few minutes later. Moustache Guy waved a red and black flag out of his window and said, "We got your commie flag, you fucking commies," before driving away again. I'm curious about those guys, but they didn't strike me as Nazi/Skinhead types. Moreso survivalist/militiaman types who hang out at Andy & Bax and play paintball on the weekends.

There were a few other people who drove by and flashed the finger or sieg-heiled out their windows. We also spotted a few paranoid types loitering around who looked like they might be TVS in civillian clothes, but how would we know? At any rate, they didn't seem to be causing any trouble.

It seems like on of two things happened:

1. There were so many of us there that the TVS decided to call it a day and didn't hold their rally at all, or

2. They relocated to a different meeting spot, and carried on their leafletting/recruitment drive somewhere else.

We need to find out if there was any sign of them elsewhere in town. If it turns out that they relocated and had their rally anyway, then what's called for in the future is more tactical organization on our parts. We could have had patrols covering the neighborhood with walkie-talkies, for example.

Anyway, we'll see what comes out in the next 24 hours. If this is the first step in a mainstreaming of skinheadism in Portland, then we've got some work ahead of us before we're ready to stop it.

5000. - N.

Anyone have pics of the little punks? 08.Jan.2005 19:27


Their parents should know how they spend their weekends! Good on you protesters for running them off!

This is interesting 08.Jan.2005 19:30


I saw this ad today on www.pdxforsale.com
Considering the location, the email address, and the idiocy of the post, I am making an assumption this could be one of our guys. Although, I could be wrong. Send him an email and ask if you like, I did.
Here is the post.

another satified gun buyer
Posted 33 minutes ago by mr fANTASTIC < WHITEYTIGHTY@yahoo.com>
Located in TUALATIN

Cocktailer made me a verry good deel on weapons for a rally my group is planing. Buy from this guy

Wow, if I am right, it appears they might need some ammo to take out the hundreds of protesters who refuse to tolerate these scmucks. Again, I could be wrong, but it just seemed a bit fishy. Be careful folks, I bet some of these guys would have a better life in jail then out, and could probably care less about killing many of you.


moustache guy 08.Jan.2005 22:29


Did you happen to catch an address for the guy's website? I'm kind of curious.

Moustache Guy 10.Jan.2005 12:39

No-Doz Bukowski

I'm curious about Moustache Guy, too, but no. He didn't give any details, just made a lot of noise. Somebody was videotaping him - he stuck his finger in the camera and said "I'LL KILL A SKINHEAD!" like three times. Just some wild flake.

5000. - N.

right wing kooks in the woods..... 10.Jan.2005 14:38

that mf'er!!!!!

hey no doz!!!! i was one of the people that confronted these sketchy dudes in the woods....hindsight being what it is i think that these dudes were just rightwing kooks...i came to confront ingnorance not stupidity...please if you can get the pictures of sunglass/mustache man and his buddy and post them??....looks like we'll have to put in some work this next weekend if the oregonian article on sunday was correct and we can actually confront the nazi's this time....peace thanks to the 9-10 people that i met at the rally that were actually there to find the nazis and confront them and not stand around 100 cops and listen to someone talk about what we believe in...this isn't affirmation time.....

canister guy 10.Jan.2005 14:39


did anyone see a guy wandering around by the dog park (on 45th) carrying a large silver canister? It was about 3pm. He was with another guy and both looked very suspicious.

NAZIS AND GUNS IN THE PARK!!!!!! 10.Jan.2005 18:24


another satified gun buyer
Posted 33 minutes ago by mr fANTASTIC <  WHITEYTIGHTY@yahoo.com>
Located in TUALATIN

Cocktailer made me a verry good deel on weapons for a rally my group is planing. Buy from this guy
A few of us were walking through Gabriel Park on Saturday afternoon between the dog park and the small parking lot, when a group of teenagers came running out of the woods saying "There's Nazi's back there in the woods.". My entire side of my family was in concentration camps back in the 40's and fighting fascism is a lifelong mission for me. So we took off running down the trail leading back down to the tennis courts about 500 feet down the trail we stopped and asked the kids where they had seen the nazis last. They pointed to a spot off of the trail about 50 feet..We split up and looked for them. A comrade spotted one of the people in question and we contained them in a half perimeter and closed in. They came out of their hiding spot(roughly 100 yds.) back in the woods off of the trail and approached us. One of us started asking questions.
[disclaimer-the answers are matched to my and a comrade's recollection of the event"]
"Are you a nazi?" A. Moustache Guy "Do I look like a nazi? I hate white people than anything. I hate everyone equally." Baldy(with stocking cap)"Let me tell you a story from 10 years ago, My friend, who's half black was getting fucked with by some nazis and I beat the fuck out of them and took some knucks(brass knuckles) across the back of the head"
"Are you a fascist?" A. "No. I hate communists, socialists, nazis and pigs."
"Are you a member of Tualitin Valley Skins?" A. "Fuck, no."
"What crews do you run with?" 'Baldy' A."Southwest wasteoids. We just sit around and drink beer and fight."
"What are you doing here?" A. 'Moustache Man' "Making sure nobody gets out of hand"
"Why are you here?" A. 'Baldy' "I'm a christian and i'm here to defend the jews."
and then some
For a minute or two the tensions were really high. I 100% thought there was going to be a full on fucking brawl here. These two guys had weighted reinforced leather gloves, Steel toe boots and fucking shinguards on. These two guys were some THUG ASS white boys. The answers to our questions did not confirm or really hint at any nazi/nazi sympatethic behavior. We decided that the confrontation did not need to go any further and headed back to the tennis courts.
Now to speak off the top of my head.....
Now the stories come in of stealing the red/black flag and flipping us off..Of "88" buying guns for a rally..These guys were not cool. They were obviously up to something. What if they had a SKS, AK, or a AR15. What if they would have shot us in the woods? What if they would have opened fire on the assembly? Were they there to fight with us? Or were they there to fight us? If they were there to fight with us these two guys would be two righteous motherfuckers to have on our team...but, I'm not going to put much trust in them...
Non-sectarian defense/solidarity for other antifas only goes so far with me.

a few things 11.Jan.2005 05:20

northeast antifa

there's seems to be some confusion here. not every skinhead is a nazi. some can be baldies, or anti-racist skins, like SHARP SkinHeads Against Racism and Prejudice or RASH Red/Anarchist SkinHeads. Most skins are non- or not-so political, like trads (traditional boot boys) or ProAms (pro-American, patriotic, maybe right wing but not nazis, of course fence-walkers are often as racist as nazis are), etc. remember, neo-nazi skins are boneheads. don't get them confused with anti-racist skins. many anti-racist skins do lots of good antifa stuff. most skinheads (nazi, antifa or apolitical) have a certain style, wearing short black bomber jackets, blue jeans rolled at the cuff, boots (like Docs) and braces, or thin suspenders. but also remember that not all nazis are boneheads and many nazis try to look respectable.

Some things that scream nazi:

Look for tattoos of swastikas (duh), celtic crosses (crosshairs), maltese or iron crosses (like the german, iron cross), or something that seems way over the top. i actually had a run-in with a nazi so stupid he had a picture of hitler tattooed on his chest. another had the word RACIST tattooed on his forehead. never said they were bright...

the use of signs like the number 88 (as the last post showed...) which stands for Heil Hitler, HH, H being the eight letter of the alphabet. 88 is sometimes used as a greeting.

maybe portland needs an ara chapter (a shame, meaning it's a shame nazis are still crawling like maggots out of the wood work) or at least some unified antifa group.

many anti-racist action tactics can be used by even small groups of people. know where a nazi lives or works? out them to their neighbors, boss or coworkers by putting their name and picture on a flier and handing it out, but be sure you have the right person. this goes a long way to exposing nazis and making them keep their heads down, which helps to disrupt nazi organizing generally. also, send infiltrators to find out what they're up to, where their shows will be held, where they meet, etc. this is easy and can even be done successfully over email. and all this is perfectly legal as well. it doesn't get easier. check out  http://www.aranet.org for more info.

thanks to everyone who fights fascism, in whatever form.

your heart is a muscle the size of your fist. keep loving, keep fighting.
-- pello

Rescheduling... 11.Jan.2005 19:54


Hey all, the TVS have rescheduled for this weekend claiming that "the Jews" got their website yanked and therefore they lacked the necesary publicity for their event.


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