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Racist Skinheads Ran Away When They Saw The Large Crowd of Anti-Fascists

A called to pdx indymedia radio reported that around 8 racist skinheads showed up at Gabriel Park in a gold Lincoln. Apparently they saw the crowd of 350 people and left.
That's right a gold Lincoln.

35 cops - some on horses are patrolling the crowd. No calls reporting police misconduct came into pdx indymedia radio while I was listening.

It looks like this anti-fascist counter-demonstration was a complete success. Congrats Portland anti-fascists!

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gold lincoln 10.Jan.2005 00:46

not sayin'

shit, get the license plate! With as many cops as read this board, one of them must be willing to run the plate. And any cop that would run the plate is the cop least likely to be assigned to that demostration.

So, yeah, post details next time and lets hope for the best.