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Actual Astrology For Jan. 8-14

These predictions, based on Actual Astrology, are rather like a weather report. They relate how things will be based on the information recorded by the inventors of this art. No matter what your sun sign, these are the things that will be. Yours is the obligation to figure out what you're going to do in light of them.
January: the Month in Review

This month is the last before Jupiter, ruler of luck and expansion, turns retrograde for four months. Retrograde is when a planet, due to the relative positions in our respective orbits, appears to go backward. While this is an optical illusion, the effects are no illusion. When a planet goes retrograde, those things that planet rules are less accessible. So this is the time to take all those actions that require extra luck. Push to rise up and out of the rut in which you find yourself. The extra effort this requires won't be easy, due to Saturn's retrograde, but in six weeks, things will be so different astrologically that it won't even be possible. Force yourself to do what you must and don't stop just because you step on somebody's toes. Clarify to those you must that, starting now, you are making an all-out effort to work toward your goals and will consider any interference, even disguised as helpful or sound advice, as sabotage. Remember too that those times that are the luckiest and best for you don't always find you feeling your luckiest or best.

All times are given in Pacific Standard Time

Saturday January 8th

Scorpio moon goes Void of Course (see note below) at 1:01 AM entering the 12th House of Mysteries, Secrets and Lies at 1:28 AM and Sagittarius at 4:22 PM. Mercury enters Sagittarius at 1:05 PM.

Moon sextiles Jupiter 1:01 AM
Moon conjuncts Pluto 9:08 AM
Moon conjuncts Mercury 5:52 PM
Moon conjuncts Venus 7:05 PM

Full reverse. From holding back yesterday, press that luck today, to the hilt if necessary. Have thought it out.

This isn't all that lucky, although luck is definitely a player in your plans but people, sociability, wit and willingness to act on what you recognize as an opportunity are the order of the day. There is literally no end to the advantages you can win with people but you have to make the effort. Your plans will be served by a strategically placed party. Tonight is definitely the night, and not to invite those usual and comfortable friends. Rather, look to those who are not yet friends but in a position to do you some real good. You don't have to invest a lot of money to make a great party, just love.

Sunday, January 9th

Sagittarius moon
Moon sextiles Uranus 2:57 AM

Rest if you want to, but it's better to shower energy on those you love. In either case, recharge.

Just like last week, this is the official day of rest and it's going to feel like rest is what you really need and that's true, but what those around you really need is you and this is one of the rare opportunities this month to show that much needed love in the most efficient manner. Usually the word efficient and love don't seem to mix. But we all need love and there are times when we are simply more receptive to it. Today is a day you can get across with a smile what on another day might take an hour of heartfelt conversation. To make everything more magical, be more active.

Monday, January 10th

Sagittarius moon wanes to new and enters the 1st House (Personality) at 4:05 AM, going Void at 10:01 AM.
Sun squares Jupiter 12:31 AM
Sun conjuncts Moon 4:05 AM
Moon opposes Saturn 10:01 AM

FULL STOP. This is a dangerous day, too much work for even the ambitious. This is a magic time but, at this very moment, the magic is that odd sort that lets you see that what you depend on will not last.

This unlucky and difficult day has some real advantages and the foremost of these is the dreadful awareness that all things pass. That includes good things; that includes things like jobs and income and other vital concerns. Use your magic now not to preserve but to change. The dangers that you sense under the influence of these aspects are not the dangers that are currently taking place but what is to come and come real soon, like next month. So wake up and get active for your own sake. What you are going toward must necessarily replace what you have. Be smart. Pray.

Tuesday, January 11th

Sagittarius moon enters Capricorn at 1:17 AM, and goes Void at 11:52 PM until entering Aquarius on Wednesday at 8:32 AM.
Moon sextiles Mars 1:52 PM
Moon conjuncts Neptune 5:35 PM
Moon trines Jupiter 11:52 PM

Today's still dangerous if only because people haven't caught up with the times which are once again lucky.

Having made your best magic last night to make the best of specifically the next 3 weeks, shake off any emotional residue from the new moon and start the last big push of the year today. Astrologically speaking, the year changes next month, not this. The atmosphere will change as well. You have, no doubt, already felt the energy shift. This is still, astrologically speaking, a Leo year, full of aggression, broad feelings and creative energy. But that has not actually been the case since late last summer because that is actually when the year shifted. That change will become ever more apparent.

Wednesday, January 12th

Capricorn moon enters the 2nd House (Earned Money) at 6:45 AM and enters Aquarius at 8:32 AM.
Moon sextiles Pluto 7:47 AM
Venus sextiles Uranus 10:02 PM

Let it ride. Keep the pressure on what you've been doing and, as much as possible, have planned for this.

Wake up early and be ready to push hard. While there may seem to be little, and not so little, difficulties in your way, this is an extremely lucky time and the more you've rallied your energies for it, the more you will get out of it. In the year ahead, details and punctiliousness will be more important. The best advantage is made out of the day by getting as much done as you can during the day, as tomorrow will be so complicated astrologically that there won't be enough time left over to effectively push plans. So push now and expect tomorrow to hold this ground you are now gaining.

Thursday, January 13th

Aquarius moon goes Void at 5:59 PM.
Mercury sextiles Uranus 12:35 AM
Moon conjuncts Uranus 2:10 AM
Moon sextiles Mercury 2:20 AM
Moon sextiles Venus 2:33 AM
Sun opposes Saturn 3:09 PM
Moon squares Mars 4:59 PM
Mercury conjuncts Venus 6:33 PM

This is a very busy day astrologically and to keep pace with it, you will be able to do little else. Don't try.

This is a difficult day, as in challenging. To manage all the mood swings of those around you, you are going to have to be extremely flexible, as in a whole lot more flexible than usual. It will be important to bear in mind that there should be no competitors for love but indeed there are. Don't engage in such competitions now. As mentioned, the place to focus your energy is in maintaining advantages gained yesterday and the greatest threat to those gains is anger, which will come very easily and with a great deal more force than expected. Pound your fist in anger today and you'll wind up apologizing for breaking someone's table as well as heart.

Friday, January 14th

Aquarius moon enters Pisces at 6:50 AM and the 3rd House (Everyday Matters) at 12:25 PM.
Moon squares Pluto 9:42 AM
Moon trines Saturn 10:45 AM
Sun sextiles Moon 12:25 PM

Try. Your week shouldn't have been too disrupted by yesterday but make a valiant effort now for more.

Now again, the forces favor real aggression on those real goals, very different from yesterday's temptations to expend aggression on the dim and undisciplined who were just getting in your way. Work comes more easily but you have to focus to get the results. Today's easier. Don't rest. As the day wears on, there will be seen among the better folks a decided upturn in spirits. It's worth watching for, as it is an indicator to you of who those good folks are. These people may not be those you expect. Therefore, it's best to watch now to see who responds well. It's the only way to be sure.


* To make an 8,000 - 10,000 year long story short, Actual Astrology is the kind practiced by those great little guys who invented astrology. To the people of Sumeria and, for all we know, before, the study of the movements of the astral bodies and their relationships to earthly events was ever of extreme importance. They documented both. Their astrological reports recording planetary and star positions included observations of the weather, market prices, political change, royal disposition, water levels, birth defects, the appearance of strange animals, the flights of birds, the dreams of common people and the behavior of livestock. These people, founders of civilization, and those who followed, Akkadians, Assyrians, and Babylonians treated this study as a state project. In time, it became both the science and religion of these peoples. Thousands of people, over thousands of years, observed and recorded, considered and calculated, creating the only database of this kind. For 2000 years after the fall of Babylon, astronomy fell to not thousands of people, but three - Hipparchus, Ptolemy and Copernicus - and they didn't bother to note concurrent events. Western astrology today is built on formulas and fallacies designed by Greeks who couldn't read cuneiform.

IMPORTANT. When the Moon goes Void, or Void of Course, it means the moon has made its last significant aspect in a sign and will be considered Void or Void of Course until it changes signs. It is commonly held that things begun when the moon is Void will come to nothing. These times are, however, usually excellent for taking care of old business.

Notice that some of the astrological information here, like the time of exact planetary aspects, is very similar to what you will find in other sources you may study. However, the timing of Moon Voids and the house and sign changes of the astrological bodies are among the original calculations that will not agree with other sources. It is my belief that the information given here, based on the oldest and most accurate systems of astrology, is more reliable than what you will find elsewhere.

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WOW 07.Jan.2005 21:41

Beachcat22 beachcat22@yahoo.co,

Hello!My cat died and I lost a Job

Meat-Puppets of the Stars 08.Jan.2005 01:36

the astronomy domain

Astrology, in its traditional form, is a type of divination based on the theory that the positions and movements of celestial bodies (stars, planets, sun, and moon) at the time of birth profoundly influence a person's life. In its psychological form, astrology is a type of New Age therapy used for self-understanding and personality analysis (astrotherapy).

Ivan Kelly, who has written many articles critical of astrology, thinks that astrology

has no relevance to understanding ourselves, or our place in the cosmos. Modern advocates of astrology cannot account for the underlying basis of astrological associations with terrestrial affairs, have no plausible explanation for its claims, and have not contributed anything of cognitive value to any field of the social sciences.


say something!!??? 08.Jan.2005 02:01


Just say something!!!!! Tell it like it is!!!??? Don't give me crap!!!!

The amusing thing about astrology 08.Jan.2005 09:44


The amusing thing about astrology is that if I pick a horoscope out at random, read it, and reflect on it, I typically find that it has approximately as much to offer me as if I had gone to the one corresponding to my sun sign and done that.

If memory serves correctly, professional musician and skeptic James Randi started out his work life as a newspaper astrologer. His method of work was to cut up hundreds of old horoscopes from old newspapers, put them in a big jar, and compose new columns by drawing at random from the jar. He became very successful, with loyal fans writing letters gushing with praise as to how uncannily accurate he was.

This suggests that each horoscope is written in sufficiently vague and universal terms that the great majority of people can read something of themselves into it, and that astrology "works" by people having an _a priori_ belief in it which is subsequently reinforced by their ability to see something of themselves in each successive horoscope.

Upon making this arrangement to believers of astrology, I've had a minority of them (most get defensive) say, in effect, "So what? I get a beneficial sense of inner peace and meaning out of the process, making it valuable to me." Which may, in fact, be the case. It's an untestable proposition -- only that individual really knows what his or her inner feelings are.

It does, however, make astrology a spiritual belief system rather than a science.


Yo kidz: 08.Jan.2005 12:24


If readers are looking for astrology, there is no shortage of it online. PLEASE COMPOST.

Astrology and the elite 08.Jan.2005 13:33


Here is a way in which astrology could be relevant to earthly matters. Freemasons are well-known to plan events like the laying of building cornerstones according to astrology. Their motto "as above, so below" means exactly that -- earthly affairs should reflect the events in the heavens. This symbolizes the connection between the spiritual world and the material world. Even though it sounds loopy, Ronald Reagan was known to plan events accouring to astrology. In that way, through human beleif and intent, the stars and planets have an impact on our lives.

The truth is there, but not in the stars 08.Jan.2005 14:45


There is much truth to see if you can stand to look. You have to be willing to be wide awake and observant to survive what is headed toward us. You have to be organized. This is not the time to stay in bed and dream. You have to be willing to take action no matter how much you feel you will lose. You have to be a person who is respectful to others but aware of what humans can be like during a cultural meltdown. Rather than looking at the stars, you should be focused on the a number events that have just taken place in the last year.

I used to study astrology. I was part of a weekly study group. I looked at my "stars" and "transists" and "progressions". I had to learn an extremely elitist language to learn the symbology. I had a hard time with the fact that you had to have lots of money to access the righteous astrologers. And, if I complained that the reading had nothing to do with my life, then I was told that I was not conscious enough, nor was I "open" to change. One form of astrolgy from India was very sexist and told me to give it up, my life would always be disaster. I spent so much time looking at the "stars" for truth I became overwhelmed by the crisis in my life. I was unable to take action to protect myself. Nothing I learned, no matter how intensely I looked, help me deal with what life had to deal me. It was not until I woke up one morning and realized that there was another way of keeping myself safe. That included acting in a fashion that was clued into the moment no matter how painful the present moment was, and studying the past.

The present moment search includes using the internet, reading diverse literature and listening to music. I watch a few videos and films but for the most part they are becoming a stimulant and diversion to knock us off balance so we won't see how much we are losing in our lives.

The study of history includes looking at ancient history as well as current history. This is not an easy task. Most of the history available to us right now has been cleansed of truth. The events have been changed to show fascists and mass killers as the hero's. Most of the actions that women have taken to keep cultures safe has been removed from history. The stories of children and elders as liberators have also been cleansed and removed. We are not to know that collective action not the feats of "heros" are what saved most cultures from massive evil and dictators.

I have learned that human and ecological systems operate in cycles. If one can discern what cycle we are in now, we will now what is ahead of us somewhat. There are always sub-cycles operating that cause the current conditons to be different that past cycles.

In the Now

My present observations tell me that we are all in great danger. We are being driven to be indebted to corporations in such a way that unless we become thier slaved, mercenaries and prostitutes, we will not be allowed to own or have anything in this life. Not property, not family, not safety, not health, not mindfulnees, not mental or spiritual capacity.

There is only one way out.

1. Disconnect as soon as you can. Take a new identity and a new life.
2. Surround yourself with others who are wide awake, cooperative and dependable
3. Find a community that has at it core self-sufficency and cooperativeness
4. Limit what you own, the less you own the more flexible you can be. What really counts is not your stuff but who is close to you.
5. Don't look back, you could be turned to salt!

Take a new name and a new life.

Do not count on having a way to own a home, go to school, train for a job, find a job that pays a decent living, have economic secuity or a life worth living in your old age. These are all the carrots being dangled in front of our noses. If we are good. If we are docile. If we are compliant. We are promised a life worth living. But that is a lie.


What signs are given to us that the cultural, economic and political systems are collapsing to ensnare millions?

Education and Jobs - Most well-paying jobs have been sent over seas. Well-paying jobs demand alliegance to a system that is inheritant evil. Outright education grants for low-income people are disappearing. All school loans now go through corporate hands. Sallie Mae the largest holder of school loans in the nation was privatized two months ago. The rules that used to apply, no longer apply. The corporation that holds those loans can call them in at any time and demand that people become conscripted to the military-industrial complex at anytime. Rules for hardship deferrment, lowered interest rates ect. No longer apply with the new Sallie Mae. Loans made by Sallie Mae can be sold to other banking interests at any time. The interest rate can go sky high at any time. Check it out!



California Attorney General office investigates Sallie Mae fraud -  http://money.cnn.com/2004/10/26/news/fortune500/sallie_mae/

PELL GRANT CUTS- an attack on working class education


Fannie Mae Problems - this according to Realty organization -  http://realtytimes.com/rtcpages/20041004_fannieturmoil.htm

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac failing thier mission by Ralph Nader -  http://www.commondreams.org/scriptfiles/views03/1101-06.htm

This really good article includes the year 2004 most under-rated stories includes a story about the problems of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac -  http://www.commondreams.org/views04/1221-31.htm

"The Enron and Worldcom scandals broke in the summer of 2001. Shortly thereafter, politicians and businessmen on Wall Street assured us that new regulations would make corporate scandals a thing of the past. Hah. Last week the SEC announced that the mortgage giant, Fannie Mae - - which, together with Freddie Mac, backs half of all the mortgages issued in the U.S. -- is involved in a new corporate scandal. Fannie Mae will have to recognize $9 billion in losses that they've hidden from the public since 2001. Yes, this accounting fraud, which rivals anything Worldcom or Enron did, has occurred in the last three years, in spite of a so-called crack-down on corporate crime. And it's received zero press coverage, except for a few small articles in the Wall Street Journal. For shame!"




Look here for a partial list:  http://www.ncpa.org/pd/private/priv6.html

The stars won't help you. Being wide awake and living a life of simplicity that is well-supported by cooperative, healthy community will help you. Happy 2005. It's time to get out of bed and get moving.

actually 08.Jan.2005 22:40


If you'll recall, mapping the courses of visible objects in the sky was, prior to our modern electronic age, the only way to track seasons and navigate over long distances. I'm not taking one position or the other as far as the validity of astrological predictions, but one doesn't have to think of it as some kind of mystical contact with the spirit world. Isn't it possible that going through a particular stage of life development at a particular time of year could have some affect on how one experiences things? I believe "Seasonal Affective Disorder," which means one's mood is disproportionately affected by factors like temperature and length of daylight at certain times of year, is a widely recognized psychological condition, no?

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