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KBOO morning news story list 1/8/04

We try to post the story list here, so you can see at a glance the stories that we covered, and let us know what we missed! Also, it would be awesome if people just gave more feedback about our news. it can't hurt to ask...
today's editor was becca.

morning news for friday the 7th:

$6 premium kept
aclu chpater condemns force during pres's visit
lynne stewart trial
white house refuses to provide more documents
gonzales defends terror suspect advice
bush to push for asbestos litigation reform
rocky flats legislation
senatorial objection to ohio vote
contract with airline's machinists may be terminated
two charges dropped against abu ghraib abuse leader
iraq extends state of emregency
seven us troops killed in baghdad
army reserve hanstrung by its policies
military doctors
palestinian candidate ejected
appeal by pretty woman star perplexes palestinians
special visas for salvadoran immigrants
north korea war preparations
briton offered to sell missiles
tsunami meeting
us support for indonesia's army
rare zimbabwe ruling party demo

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