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Without reproductive rights, women are factory farmed

Woman can use herbs and Menstrual Extraction to control their own fertility safely at home (up to 7 weeks into pregnancy) without having to ask for permission or having to face a bunch of fundamentalist crazies when going to a clinic.

For more than twenty thousand years, women and men worshipped the Goddess. Women were revered, had reproductive rights and controlled the Doorway of Life. However, the uterus was appropriated beginning 5,000 years B.C during the rise of patriarchy, a male-supremacist social system.

For millennia patriarchal invaders murdered Goddess worshippers and installed violent male gods (The Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler).

After the rise of patriarchy, midwives continued to administer birth control and abortion herbs. However, women's' reproductive knowledge was once nearly lost forever.
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women pic
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