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Wu and Wyden

Can somebody tell me how they voted yesterday in the Ohio certification debate?

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remove Wyden! 07.Jan.2005 13:57

water squirel

If Barbara Box ran in Oregon I would vote for her. Actually if she ran for Prime Minister of Cascadia I would vote for her.

Dear Ron Wyden,

Barbara Boxer is more of a Cascadian than you. She is AWESOME! Bring the Boxer Rebellion to all of Cascadia!

Constituent - 07.Jan.2005 13:57


Wyden voted against the objection. (Every senator, except the 25 that were absent, did vote against it, except Sen. Boxer.)

I don't KNOW how Wu voted, but I'm confident he either didn't vote or voted against upholding the objection. Of the 31 House members that voted for it, I think most of them are members of the Black Caucus.

Wu Pissed On The Constitution 07.Jan.2005 14:34

Den Mark, Vancouver

Wu voted "Nay". He liked the election in Ohio, apparently. He saw nothing wrong with it, apparently. He buys the argument that there's no such thing as a perfect election, as the rep from Missouri said yesterday. To Wu, Ohio was just a little bit imperfect, acceptably imperfect. Now he can fall asleep again & continue to accomplish nothing.

Wu & Wyden - Cascadian Cowards 07.Jan.2005 14:50


[Anyone for Argentinian-style "neighborhood assemblies" so we can finally start governing ourselves??? Check it out: ( http://www.anarchogeek.com/archives/000002.html)]

In short, Wu & Wyden put their tails between their legs and ran with the (even for jaded eyes) absolutely stunning "Democratic" majority into the welcoming arms of their power-mad handlers.

IMHO, those who voted for the below votes should be lionized; those who voted against really shouldn't be where they are, as it's obvious they're hopelessly in the pockets of the said handlers.

Check it out for yourself; the votes below were whether or not to sustain Conyers' et al objection to the Ohio electoral votes, given the overwhelming evidence of massive vote fraud in that state. Those voting in favor voted to sustain that objection. (Of interest are the relatively large number of "not voting" members....)

HOUSE ROLL CALL VOTE #7 - Jan. 6, 2005

SENATE ROLL CALL VOTE #1 - Jan. 5, 2005
"Good job, pseudo-Democrats! You have served us well!"


JD WALSH tendjoe@aol.com

Open letter to Sen. Boxer

Many years ago, I remember standing outside the Hotel Coronado, in California waiting for the admirals to come out from a celebration for the new CNO of the Navy. Our greeting was a protest to the war in Vietnam, it was 1969 and this was not any ordinary protest; this was over one hundred active military men and women who knew that our careers in the Navy would be over this night. When one of the Admiral's wives yelled at us to get a job and love America, we all held up our ID cards to show we were on active duty and started to call out our duty stations, the confused woman did not know what to say or do. You achieved that same reaction from the republicans when you stood up for the voters in Ohio and the rest of us in America. From a Vietnam Vet, grandfather, father, husband, and a fighting American-------THANK YOU!

re: Wu & Wyden - Cascadian Cowards 07.Jan.2005 18:43

a feathered fish

Wu & Wyden are not Cascadian. Sure they think they hail from Cascadia, but Cascadians not only love our Mother Earth but would do everything reasonable to protect and maintain the basic civil rights of everyone. I do not think we should wait for their terms in offices are up for re-elections. I think we need to find a way to recall them or publically disassociated ourselves from them. They should be shunned by all. They are a blemish to who we are. When you see them imagine a swollen pus-filled boil that is about to burst and at any second you could be covered by its pus. When you see them turn your back. When they offer their hand in greeting pull yours away. If you are with a friend either ignore Wyden and Wu or mention them in loud conversation as "betrayers". They are the type of people in 1930s Germany that supported the Nazis because they did not have the courage to speak up. They are the type that watched the Jews, Gypsies and all other "enemies of the state" be hauled off to the camps.

Well, now the choice is very clear isn't it? 07.Jan.2005 19:01


It's easy to bitch about Wu and Wyden, but who would you like to see replace them? Got any candidates in mind? Midterm elections are in 2 years, people, and talk's cheap. Go find someone within the Oregon Democratic Party that can take on Wu, and it'll be a cakewalk.

re: Well, now the choice is very clear isn't it? 07.Jan.2005 21:45


at least we know the republicans fuck us over. Politicans like Wyden take our money and lie then fuck us over. No matter who it is I am voting Green! And I suggest we all do.

why "find" a democrat stooge next? 08.Jan.2005 08:58


Voting for either of the partys is flat out stupid. They do not represent us and will, not in the the future, do anything to help our situations. The wholescale gutting of our rights and social programs will continue as long as they are the "only" choices. So, how does a group of rag tag, like thinking leftists effect change in this county? The task is overwhelming. Too much is controlled by the republicrat corporate stooges. We are only left with websites that talk to the choir. They won't even engage a third party in a debate or in the media, outsiders are simply ignored and soon go away.

We are screwed.

I'll tell you why 08.Jan.2005 19:00


We saw what happened last time when a Green ran against a Rep and a Dem for the same seat. She got flattened. This is what I suggest, since people are cowards about new ideas: Run Greens for State Senate and House. Those who get in will have a chance to work and prove themselves and get "name recognition" which is INDISPENSIBLE when running for US Congress.

Reason I suggest finding a new Dem to run for Wu's seat is simple. Here, pull up a chair, this is going to take a minute.

1. The balance in Congress has been sliding to the right for the last 8 years. Dems lost more seats than ever this year. Now, I'm not a fan of the Dems themselves, but they ARE the main opposition party against the Repubs and while we grow the third, fourth, etc parties we need to hold the Repubs back in any way we can. Taking back at least one house of Congress is a way we can do this, and so we need to NOT lose any more Dem seats. That said, Wu has been a mixed bag, when it comes to local issues, he's bang on and very responsive, when it comes to these big national issues, he's not vocal at all. Which is my particular issue with him. However, flawed though he is, I don't want Goli Ameri or some other Repub to take his seat in 2006, I'd rather see a DIFFERENT Democrat do that, because it will be one more seat the Repubs DON'T have, and it takes a lot of cash, canvassers and name recognition to mount a campaign that can stand up districtwide against a well-funded Repub candidate. Greens do NOT have that kind of resource yet, Dems DO.

2. There is another reason to knock the Repubs back into the minority. Under the rules, the Majority party chooses ALL the committee chairs. The committee chairs have agenda and veto power, which means that bills can die in committee simply because the author is one party and the chair is the other party. Many bills never make it to the floor because of partisan interference. And many Democrat-sponsored bills have been held up that NEED hearing, debating, and consideration on the floor. Getting a Dem majority back means the Dems pick the committee chairs, and things like the Department of Peace legislation can get onto the floor for a vote at last. The majority party ALSO has the authority to choose the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader in the Senate. These guys boss around everyone else. And as we've seen, the Republican bosses are ASSHOLES.

more of the same garbage 09.Jan.2005 08:54


Electing a Democrat has never solved any issues in the past and there is no reason to think it will in the future. Once elected, as Clinton proved, they show they cannot be trusted to push the country to the left. All you will get from them is empty speeches. Voting in mass for a third party, on the other hand, MAY force them to actually take a left stance and follow through if they expect to get some of the those voters back. If a third party actually won 10% of the vote and it came from the Dem's "base" they would certainly shift attitudes and pander to us as the Reps have done which the Godwhacks. 10% is all it would take to get the ball rolling. For christ's sake! We didn't even have an anti-war candidiate running! What the heck does that tell you? WAKE UP!

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